Chapter 243 Robbing his woman is just like chasing death

Bella entered the interrogation room.

Camila Verbeek seemed very calm, and she smiled, “It seems that you have jump over the first hurdle, otherwise, you wouldn’t have come to me.”

Bella sat down on the chair and said, “I heard you majored in psychology. Why did you change your career?”

“Due to interest. Are you satisfied with this answer?” Camila Verbeek said with a smile.

Bella looked at her and beat her hand rhythmically on the table. “Your sister is much older than you. When she left you alone, you were only seven years old? Do you remember things when you were seven?”

Camila Verbeek smashed the lamp on the ground and a loud sound produced.

Bella stopped and looked at Camila Verbeek in surprise.

“You want to hypnotize me?” Camila Verbeek wasn’t a child.

“We both are kindred spirits. I am just chatting casually. Tell me about your family?” Bella guessed.

“My mother was a doctor. My father was a teacher, and they both died in the house robbery. My sister and I were taken by my grandmother. The family conditions were not good, so my sister went out to work.” Camila Verbeek said lightly.

“Your parent’s killers had been caught,” Bella said definitely.

“A year after my sister went out to work. The two robbers were escaped and they had been killed in a car accident.” Camila Verbeek said coldly.

“So, that’s why you don’t believe in the police. You want to use your ability to avenge your sister?” Bella guessed.

Camila Verbeek smiled. “You’re fooling me.”

“Normal psychoanalysis, you know it.”

Camila Verbeek casually leaned on the chair, “then also let me analyze you. You… ”

Camila Verbeek looked at Bella up and down, and her eyes fell on Bella’s broken fingers.

Bella subconsciously hid her hand under the table.

“You have a loving man. Actually this man doesn’t love you. Your life is really painful.” Camila Verbeek guessed.

Bella smiled. “You have been forced by your uncle.”

Camila Verbeek looked at Bella in surprise, and her eyes were full of disbelief. “How do you see that? No one knew about it. Even my boyfriend doesn’t know about it. ”

“You cherish your sister’s feelings so much that you don’t get any comfort from other relatives. You studied psychology. Because of the heavy injury, you began to abandon yourself. Until you found your sister’s body and diary. After that, you started your yearlong deployment.” Bella guessed.

“Yes, I made some videos. How they can be scared to death if there were not guilty?” Camila Verbeek sneered and there was no regret in her eyes.

“Have you seen your sister’s life? She always hoped and wished that you stay fine. She called those people bad people. If your sister comes to know what you have done, what she will call you?” Bella asked.

“My sister will be proud of me.” Camila Verbeek wasn’t guilty.

“Even if your sister was mistreated, she still had a gentle and kind heart. She wants to use her meager strength to save the two children.”

“That’s why I hate them. My sister was such a kind-hearted person. Didn’t they have a little conscience? When she was alive, they injected her with a foaming agent. They just wanted my sister to die.” Camila Verbeek said hatefully.

“What they did was very wrong. However, do you think what you are doing is right? Your sister wrote that she wants you to visit your parent’s graves. She wants you to be very filial to your grandmother, and to help other children like you who have no parents. Isaac Lewis’s child, is seven years old this year, just as you were at that time.”

“Isaac Lewis deserves it. He is the one who injected the foaming agent into my sister.” Camila Verbeek was angry and emotional.

“What about the seven-year-old child?” Bella asked.

“He doesn’t deserve children.” Camila Verbeek said coldly.

“But he has a seven years old child. Isaac Lewis paid for his behavior.

Do you want to continue struggling in this mud and feel ashamed to your sister, or you want to confess it, at least feel you won’t feel guilty in your heart?

I know that you deliberately let Stephan Lewis go, because Stephan Lewis was good to your sister, and your sister also wrote in her diary that he is a good man.

It was just that he was under too much pressure and committed suicide, right?” Bella asked in a dignified way.

Camila Verbeek’s eyes were red. “Stephan Lewis likes my sister. He was the first one to find me to confess. I asked him to report it. He would not dare. He was a coward. Even if he had committed suicide, my sister would not forgive him.”

“Your sister will forgive him because she is kind.” Bella lowered her eyes and paused for three seconds. “Camila Verbeek, you are guilty of intentionally killing people by using terror video. What you just said can be used as evidence in the court. I believe the court can make a clear judgment.”

“Are you threatening me?” Camila Verbeek looked at Bella indefinitely.

“I’m telling you the truth. Since you’ve been plotting for a year, you will also take your boyfriend in hell. Every person who supported you will die.”

“Let them die.”

“Their thinking and mental control were very high. They can’t be scared to death by such videos, which showed that they were repentant for what they did to your sister, why you can’t…”

“They didn’t want to repent at all. I gave them medicine. That kind of powder enters the brain through the smell, and it will show a reaction in two hours. The forensic department can’t detect it at all.” Camila Verbeek said impulsively.

“Yes.” Bryan Damon was in the monitoring room and couldn’t stop himself from admiring Bella. He looked at Bella with his hands in his chest and appreciation. “I can’t imagine that she is not only beautiful but also very smart. She really has a strong grip to play psychologically. No wonder, she is too young and gets such a reputation. This woman played beautifully.”

James Grayson turned off the monitoring. It was a black screen.

Bryan Damon was annoyed, he looked at James Grayson. “What are you doing?”

“The case has been solved. Now, it’s our business. Don’t you think we should start now?” James Grayson said coldly.

“Let’s start, that Camila Verbeek said that the man that Bella loves doesn’t love her back, it must be David Wilson. A loving man. Ha ha ha.” Bryan Damon said these words that were full of provocation.

“You are thinking wrong. If there was love, they won’t get divorced.” He walked out coldly.

Bryan Damon was not happy to follow him. He imagined the scene when James Grayson will be knocked down by him. When he thought about it, his mood suddenly became good.

Half an hour later, an ambulance came and carried Bryan Damon on the stretcher to the hospital.

Bella came out of the interrogation room and saw that James Grayson was not there. She went back first and booked the train ticket to Abrinam city.

She was packing her luggage in the hotel.

“Knock Knock.” There was a knock at the door.

She saw from the cat’s eyes. It was James Grayson, she opened the door and looked at him.

James Grayson handed 99 roses to her, “People say, girls like roses.”

“Thank you.” Bella took it and put it on the table.

“I think it’s too unfair for you to be my kept woman. Bella, let’s have a formal relationship.” James Grayson said seriously.

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