Chapter 242 James Grayson, are you kidding me

“If he was just thirty, how old was David Wilson at that time?” Bella asked again and looked at James Grayson.

He looked at her deeply. “Don’t you think it’s inappropriate for you to show your concern for your ex-husband in front of me?”

“I am just asking.”

“If you just kept asking casually, it would mean you hadn’t left your ex-husband, yet. Don’t you think it would be better to not ask casually? Bella, am I too indulgent to you?” James Grayson’s last sentence was a bit serious.

Bella shut her mouth.

What is his relationship with her?

He really started interfering too much.

She walked into the interrogation room and took a look at the information, “Where were you on 12th April 2020?”

“Shooting, I’m a photographer. I take no leaves.” The photographer said in a forthright way.

“What film did you shoot?” Bella asked again.

“What film? Didn’t you already watch it? I shot in a very good special lens. It is very clear. Men and women both love to see.” The cameraman said indecently.

“I didn’t watch your special lens effects, but I saw you talking about going to the premiere of ‘Beauty Sea’.” The premiere time was June 2019. So, you didn’t shoot this video on the night of 12th April 2020 at all. Now tell me, what you were doing on 12th April!” Bella caught their lies.

The cameraman looked at Bella his eyes were twinkling, “I don’t know what you are saying.”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what I’m talking about. It’s very easy for the court to know what I’m talking about. Justice is a virtue. Filial piety is a duty. You are responsible for others. Will your old grandmother think you are right?” Bella asked, and looked at the photographer’s face.

There was a panic in his eyes. “Don’t tell my grandmother.”

“I won’t tell her, but you know how people spread false information, you the things that will reach to her would be even worse than the truth itself. Are you sure you want to be the mastermind of the murder? Maybe you can’t even do the duty of filial piety? Maybe after knowing all this, your grandmother refuses to see you at all.” Bella’s words hit the photographer’s heart.

“I really don’t know much.” The cameraman said.

“Then tell me what you know.”

“Dale Schneider and I are partners. He lures beautiful women to come here, and volunteers to shoot some videos. He sends those videos online to earn some money. Some of them are sold directly to Japanese film and television companies.

Last year, he brought a girl named Camila Verbeek.

He said the girl is very different. I took videos for them. I was only in charge of the shooting. All the others were handled by Dale.

One day, they asked me to make a thriller video, saying that there was a way to put it on the online video app. We started shooting, but it was too bloody, too violent, too real, and too erotic. The audit didn’t give it permission.

After that, Camila Verbeek and Dale disappeared, and I continued my work of shooting videos.

However, a night, on April 12, Dale contacted me and said that if anyone asks me, I have to say that we were filming on April 12. That’s it. I knew nothing else.” The cameraman said.

“Make sure what you say is true. We’ll let you go.” Bella walked out. James Grayson was already standing outside the door.

“I’m going to interrogate Camila Verbeek now,” Bella said to James Grayson.

“She may admit that the video’s time, but she may not admit the murder. I have read the diary of Laura Verbeek. She has written down all the things about Camila Verbeek. Please read it first.” James Grayson handed the diary to Bella.

Bella understood why he looked so tired. He probably stayed up last night to read it.

“Why didn’t you give it to me earlier?” Bella took the diary from his hand.

“It is somewhat serious, I didn’t want to let you feel bad, have a look and you will get to know.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

Bella opened it and turned its pages.

Just after a look, she felt uncomfortable. It seemed cloudy, just like the wet feeling after rain.

She slowly looked at James Grayson.

He seemed as caring as before, he still worries about her feelings.

Even when he was in danger, he did not forget to protect her well.

He was always making up for her. If David Wilson and her marriage was good, he wouldn’t have thought of taking her out from that prison. If it wasn’t for amnesia, he would never let her know that he just loved Scarlett Evan, and she was just a responsibility for him.

He was really a very deep man, and she couldn’t blame him for anything!

Bella turned around.

James Grayson held her hand.

Bella stopped and looked at James Grayson incomprehensibly.

“I have a bad temper. Don’t be angry with me.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

Bella calmly asked, “I won’t get angry, say what you want to say?”

“I have lost my memory, but I still want to declare that you are my woman, so don’t think about your ex-husband.” James Grayson said.

“Who is your woman?” Bella pulled the corners of her mouth to deny, turned around and walked towards the interrogation room.

James Grayson was stunned and stood still. His face had inexplicable expressions, and his heart was pressing down a fire. He can’t let it come out or swallow it.

“I was curious why David is so infatuated with her. It seems that I got the answer.” Bryan Damon stood beside James Grayson, looked at Bella’s back and sighed.

“I slept with her,” James Grayson said coldly

Bryan Damon, “…”

Bryan Damon had never thought that this kind of words would come out of his firm and cold mouth, like a child he was showing off a toy.

James Grayson was satisfied with his expressions. The fire he squeezed in his heart seemed to release somehow. “We almost sleep every day.”

Bryan Damon, “…”

“Dude, you are showing off.” Bryan Damon said rudely.

James Grayson’s eyes sank, and he said quietly, “Even many times in a day.”

“Enough.” Bryan Damon was annoyed.

Women can bear but men can’t!

However, James Grayson was still as serious and domineering as before, “You just convey the three sentences I just said to David Wilson and add one more sentence, ‘he has no chance’.”

“I never spread false rumors.” Bryan Damon raised his chin and passed by James Grayson.

James Grayson’s inner fire that was just about to cool down, became even fierce.

“I was in her room when you spoke ill of me.” James Grayson spoke rudely.

Bryan Damon smiled, “How can a man who is not recognized by the woman herself can come and say that other men have no chance? It’s a joke to me.”

James Grayson pulled at the corners of his mouth. Compared with the cold shade in his eyes, the smile was almost penetrating. “I heard that Mr. Damon holds a black belt in karate. Let’s learn something from each other?”

“Why not, when Bella finishes the examination of Camila Verbeek, let’s fight and see who fears whom? What about the loser?” Bryan Damon said confidently.

“Loser, of course, he goes to the hospital, how can I say anything?” James Grayson said coldly.

“If you agree to bet you must accept to lose.” Bryan Damon wanted to beat James Grayson for a long time.

Let’s see who broke up into pieces!

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