Chapter 241 Is there love or not

“It’s too late, I want to take a bath now.” Bella skipped his question.

“Okay.” He got up and took her to the bathroom.

Bella used the bathtub. He used the shower. She didn’t dare to look at him. She was looking at the water in the bathtub, but her thoughts drifted all the way to what he has just said….

“I think it’s good to be with you all my life. I’m not interested in any other women.”

“Bella, you seemed too bored. If you have any requirements, you can tell me. You are the only woman I have made such contact, so I don’t know what women likes? If I don’t do it well, you can try to improve.”

“I know everything, not only about her but also everything about your stay abroad for the last more three years.”

“Anna Wilson and I have ended our engagement. I am single now.”

His each and every word was tantalizing her. It was impossible to not panic. She can’t deceive herself. She was in love.

“James Grayson, do you like me?” Bella looked at him and asked directly.

He was still secretive, and there was no trace on his face that can show his inner feelings, “do you believe what I say or what you see?”

Bella’s heart thumped, and a cool feeling gradually invaded her body.

She remembered, more than three years ago, when James Grayson has not lost his memory. She asked James Grayson the same question.

He said, that he won’t say, he will just show it.

At that time, her heart was particularly touched.

She believed that James Grayson was not a rhetoric person and believed that he will prove his true love with actions.

However, when he lost his memory she came to know that James Grayson didn’t say it because he loved her, he said it and he was good to her because he only took her as a responsibility.

In his heart there was only Scarlett Evan, she was just a responsibility.

This James Grayson is also the same.

Bella raised a charming smile, stood up from the bathtub, calmly picked up the bath towel and wrapped it on her body, “I believe what I feel in my heart.”

She passed by him, went out, and took her clothes out of the suitcase.

The confusion from her eyes disappeared, there was just coldness.

James Grayson came out of the bathroom and Bella was already gone to the police station.

When she arrived at the police station, she was surprised to see Bryan Damon there. “I thought you had gone back.”

“I don’t like to give up halfway. Although I don’t take over directly, it’s good to see you handling the case and knowing the result.” Bryan Damon explained.

Bella smiled.

Although he is spiteful, arrogant and rude to others, it was also true that he was dedicated to his profession.

“Then I’ll go inside.”

“Bella.” Bryan Damon called her.

Bella looked at Bryan Damon.

“I checked Camila Verbeek’s account. There is only 800 yuan. Last year, she began to spend a lot of money. Once in Japan, she bought a Sony hdr-ax2000e, a professional camera.

In addition, her boyfriend, her partner in the video, also bought the latest three-dimensional screen. Moreover, Camila Verbeek majored in psychology.” Bryan Damon shared the information with Bella.

“I understand their killing methods. Isaac Lewis and Wyatt Lewis died due to some fear. They thought that Laura Verbeek wants their lives. Stephan Lewis committed suicide. He may not be able to bear the pressure of this thing.” Bella guessed.

“It’s up to you. I’m in the control room.” Bryan Damon said, took some steps, stopped again and said, “Didn’t I let you buy the fruit?”

“Yes, it’s in my room. I’ll give it to you when I’m finished.” Bella said.

Bryan Damon’s expression was very strange. He wanted to talk but he stopped. He took a deep breath and said. “Bella, do you know why I took this case?”

“You like challenges.” Bella guessed.

“Wyatt Lewis is my friend’s uncle. I was entrusted by my friend, so I participated in this case.” Bryan Damon said in a deep voice, looking straight at Bella.

Bella guessed that David Wilson must be his friend.

“You already know who I am?” Bella asked.

“I didn’t know it earlier. Just now, David called me and asked about you. I know that you are his ex-wife. I always thought his ex-wife is Emma Johnson. What’s the relationship between Emma Johnson and you?” Bryan Damon asked.

No wonder, Bella also noticed Bryan Damon’s attitude towards her has changed a lot. Actually, he just came to know that she is David Wilson’s ex-wife.

“My half-sister, she and I were born on the same day. I am some minutes older than her,” Bella explained indifferently.

“You must have suffered a lot, so you changed your profession from a gynecologist to a psychologist.”

Bella smiled and said, “no matter how hard it is, it’s over. Because of the pain, we start feeling that every day is sweet. As long as we don’t suffer, we can’t learn to cherish.”

“Don’t blame David Wilson. I can tell you that he can put Richard Johnson to death. He just let him go, because of you.” Bryan Damon said meaningfully.

“What does that mean? Why he wants to harm Richard Johnson?” Bella was surprised.

“David Wilson’s biological father was killed by Richard Johnson. He married you for revenge. Specifically, it’s better for you to ask David. Since you are my brother’s woman, I won’t target you again. You can call me whenever you need any help.” Bryan Damon shrugged and said regretfully.

“David Wilson’s biological father was killed by Richard Johnson?” Bella was confused, it was hard to believe.

No wonder, she always felt that David Wilson hated her, deliberately wanted to make her suffer and pushed her to hell step by step. Unexpectedly, there was such a hidden secret in it.

Bryan Damon didn’t say anything else. He went to the monitoring room.

Bella stood in front of the police station and recalled the past bit by bit.

“What are you doing here?” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

Bella was startled. She took a look at James Grayson and walked towards the interrogation room.

James Grayson held her arm and stared at her. “What are you thinking? You looked worried.”

“I got some information about their killing methods. However, Camila Verbeek also majored in psychology. It’s difficult to breakthrough. After all, there is no conclusive evidence.” Bella said ambiguously.

“There is no need for the psychological burden. We have plenty of time. Moreover, I doubt that this murder cannot be done by one person. Camila Verbeek’s psychological defense line is difficult to breakthrough, but it is easy for others.” James Grayson advised her.

Bella nodded. “James Grayson, how Jessica Lewis’s husband died. Do you know?”

“Unfortunately, he died in the execution of a mission. When he died, he was only thirty. What happened?” James Grayson looked at Bella suspiciously.

Bella shook her head. “Just asking casually, I don’t know why, but I think it might have something to do with the case.”

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