Chapter 333 I just wanted what you cared about the most

Now I thought it was really good.

I broke my cocoon and became a butterfly.

I was no longer the caterpillar that could only crawl. Now I had Lester, master and ability.

I shouldn’t have been immersed in the past, should I?

Sean didn’t listen to me. Instead, he said to Eric, “Eric, bring everything that Uncle wants and give them to him.”


“Go!” Sean ordered!

Although Eric was very reluctant, he went to get it.

Jack was excited. “No! You can’t give them to him.” He said to Sean, “Sean, these are all the results of so many years. If you give them to him, you will have nothing!”

“Wait for me downstairs.” Sean wanted to get rid of him.

But Jack didn’t leave, “I don’t go. I’m standing here today. If you dare to give them to him, kill me first!”

“Bang!” As soon as Jack finished, Sean raised his arm and punched him!

Jack’s eyes immediately swollen.

For a moment, Jack froze.

He didn’t expect Sean to actually hit him.

Sean looked cold and looked up at Jack. “Do you want to continue to be beaten?”

Jack touched his face with his hand and didn’t want to back down. He stood aside. “Kill me!”

I couldn’t stand it. I grabbed Ming’s arm and smiled and innocently asked him, “do you want me or that team?”

Ming looked down at me and put his hand on my head and smiled, “of course I want you.”

“Then let’s go.”

I said.

Fortunately, Ming chose me.

It was good.

I was really afraid he wanted Sean’s stuff.

As we were about to walk out, Sean directly blocked the door of the office and said coldly, “uncle, aren’t you working hard for the Giant group for so many years? Now I’ll give it to you. Do you want your efforts to be wasted?”

Ming didn’t wear glasses today.

He looked terrible.

He looked at Sean and smiled, “what I want is not the Giant group, but what you care about most. Now your choice has told me what you care about most.”

Ming’s words hurt my heart.

This sentence was really cruel.

Ming chose me not because of feelings but because Sean cared about me most.

The choice I made seemed ridiculous.

I looked down and didn’t dare to let Sean see my frustration.

I pulled Ming. “Let’s go. I’m tired.”

“OK.” Ming smiled and wanted to take me away.

At this time, Eric came over with those things. I heard him say to Sean, “President Jessop, this is what you want.”

Sean took them and said to Ming, “they’re all you want, including the share transfer agreement, which I’ve signed.”

“Oh?” Ming was surprised. “It seems that you already know these things will happen.”

“Of course.” Sean said, “bring the child. If the child is safe, these things are yours.”

Ming smiled and put his hand on my head. He touched my messy hair. “I’m sorry, Sean. I think Becky is important to me now. All of a sudden I don’t want your stuff.”

I stood there and felt like a lifeless chip.

I was helpless.

I couldn’t help Sean or save Lester.

At this time, I regretted that Murray took Lester away.

If Lester was not taken away, would many things become different?

It was a pity that they had happened.

“Really?” Sean sneered and reached out and grabbed my arm, “uncle, don’t forget this is the Giant group. It’s up to me whether you can go out.”

When he held my arm in his warm palm.

My heart quivered.

I looked up at Sean uneasily.

But he wasn’t looking at me. He was looking at Ming.

Although both men didn’t speak, the atmosphere was terrible.

The whole office fell into a strange silence.

After a while Ming smiled and said, “Sean, you forgot Lester was still with me.”

Lester was still with me.

I was completely awake.

I raised my hand and shook off Sean’s hand and said, “President Jessop, you’re not welcome at my engagement dinner with Ming, so you don’t have to come.”

I had made my position fully apparent.

“I have a way…”

“President Jessop, if you give these things to him, you are a pauper. Why should I put Lester’s and my future on a pauper?” I looked up at Ming and smiled and said, “Ming, let’s go.”


Ming took me away.

This time, Sean didn’t stop us.

But when I passed by, I said goodbye in a voice that only we could hear.

When I walked out of the door, I heard my heart dripping with blood.

I really wanted to tell him that I didn’t mind if he was poor.

I could earn money to support him.

But I couldn’t bet on Lester.

I didn’t want him to give up everything for us.

I went out of the elevator with Ming and left.

We got to the side of the car.

Ming’s assistant and secretary sat in the front and I sat in the back with him.

As soon as I was in the car, I said to him, “I want to see Lester. What did you inject Lester with?”

That was what I cared about most.

Even though I used to like Ming a little, I didn’t at this time.

I wanted Lester to be safe.

Ming didn’t answer. He took his glasses out of his pocket and put them on. He said to me, “don’t worry. Lester is fine. He’s your child, and I won’t hurt him.”

“You’re lying.” I stepped back and looked at him warily. “You’ve already scratched his face with a knife. You’ve injected him!”

“The wound has healed. As for the injection.” Ming paused and continued, “as long as you stay with me, I’ll always make sure Lester is OK.”

After listening to Ming’s words, I had a bold guess in my heart, “in fact, what you injected him with is a virus?”

Ming listened to me and smiled. His face was still tender. He asked me, “what do you think?”

I couldn’t guess.

Ming was really unpredictable and I really couldn’t guess.

I dared not guess.

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