Chapter 332 It was June, not Becky, who loved Sean

“No.” I refused immediately.

“No way.” Sean pushed me to the wall and his handsome face came closer to me.

His extremely beautiful facial features were just a few millimeters away from me.

I had no way to escape.

I thought he was unbuttoning me. He put his thin lips to my ears and said, “I’ll help you.”

Sean and I stayed in this house for two days.

On the third day, Sean finally received a response from the team in R Country.

Jack came with two suits, and Eric drove.

We went to the Giant group together.

At that time, the directors of the Giant group were waiting there.

And Ming was there.

Sean asked me to stay in his office and he went to the meeting room on the 19th floor himself.

I waited in the office.

The morning passed quickly.

At noon, I finally heard someone talking outside. I pushed open the office door and saw several secretaries standing outside.

Sean, Eric and Jack were all heading here.

But the three of them were serious.

Especially when Jack saw me, his eyes seemed to be shooting fire, but he didn’t say anything.

“What’s the matter?” I was stunned.

Eric looked up at me and his eyes were very complicated.

And Sean’s deep black eyes were like the water of the ancient well and had no waves.

For a while, the atmosphere in the corridor became very serious.

Then the elevator door behind them opened again.

A man came out. It was Ming.

We hadn’t seen each other for a few days but he had obviously lost a lot of weight. Fortunately, the gray suit he was wearing set him off.

Beside him stood a man and a woman. They seemed to be his assistant and secretary.

But I hadn’t seen either of them.

Ming looked at me and raised his hand and said, “Becky, come here.”

At this moment, Ming’s voice was not as gentle as usual, but mixed with some cold air.

When I heard Ming say it, all my pores were going to stand up.

“Don’t go there.” Sean raised his hand and put me in his arms.

Ming looked up at the office next to him and said with a smile, “Sean, Becky, come on. Let’s talk.”

With that, he walked into Sean’s office by himself.

Both of the people around him were standing outside.

Sean and I hesitated and went in.

As soon as we went in, Ming took out a mobile phone and pointed it towards me and the screen of the mobile phone was on.

I could probably see that it was a video, but it was not playing.

He handed me the phone, “Becky, look at this. You choose what to do.”

I hesitated and took the cell phone.

I clicked on the video and watched it for a few seconds, but my hands kept shaking!

Lester was sleeping in the video!

Ming, who was filming this video, had a sharp knife in his hand and it moved on Lester’s chubby face.

Suddenly, the blade hit Lester’s face!

A blood red mark appeared immediately!

Because the wound was not deep, a few drops of blood oozed out along the wound.

“Lester…” I was so nervous that I forgot to breathe.

But Lester didn’t respond. His eyes were still closed.

For a moment, I was not sure if Lester was asleep or…

After all, his face was cut. How could he not respond at all?

The video stopped.

I raised my head and looked uneasily at Ming. My hand holding the cell phone kept shaking. “What’s wrong with Lester?”

“I can only tell you that he is still alive.” Ming stood in place.

His hands were in his pocket.

He looked relaxed.

“Don’t hurt him!” I begged him.

Ming nodded, “OK. If you come to me and never leave me, I will promise you.”

“Don’t go.” With Ming finished, Sean pressed my shoulder. “I’ll find a way to save Lester.”

After Sean finished, Ming smiled, “Becky, you haven’t watched the first half of this video.”


The first half?

I was stunned.

I clicked the progress bar and found that there was more than a minute in front of the video.

I dragged the progress bar to the front.

I found Lester still asleep.

But then the camera moved to his arm. A very thin syringe appeared in the video. The needle reached Lester’s arm and inserted into his blood vessels. I could see a person’s fingers pushing everything in the syringe into Lester’s blood vessels.

Then Lester shivered visibly.

Then Ming took the knife.

“What is that?” I watched Ming nervously.

“Come here and never leave me. I’ll make sure Lester is OK.” Ming looked at me and his eyes were still tender.

But his tenderness made me feel terrible at this moment.

I just found out that Ming was the real devil!

He was a devil who ate people with a mask!

When I was a little hesitant, Ming said, “of course, if Sean is willing to give me the technical team of R Country and all his shares, I can give you Lester.”

Ming was not asking for that team and shares!

He was asking for everything Sean had!

After listening to him, I didn’t hesitate for a second. I pushed Sean’s hand off my shoulder and walked directly to Ming’s side.

I put my hand around his neck and kissed him on his thin lips. I looked at him and said, “Ming, I will never leave you. Please don’t hurt Lester. He’s my life.”

“OK.” Ming raised his hand and gently rubbed my hair. He said softly, “I’ve contacted the previous guests. We’ll have another engagement dinner in a week.”

“I’ll give it to you!” Sean did hesitate a moment ago.

Otherwise, I would not be able to walk smoothly from him to Ming.

But now he was reaching out to me and looking at me firmly. I knew he really wanted to give those things to Ming.


I knew I couldn’t let Sean give up everything.

I looked at him and said softly, “President Jessop, I hope you know that June is dead. Now Becky is alive, and Becky doesn’t love Sean.”

It was June who loved Sean.

Becky didn’t love Sean.

I was brainwashing myself.

The last few days were like a dream for me.

Now I woke up. I was still Becky.

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