Chapter 331 Beauty in arms, higher efficiency

I followed Sean to Jack’s house in the downtown.

When I went in, I found that it was clean and tidy. There was no special furniture. And the most prominent one was a round big water bed.

So the foundation of this house was self-evident.

As soon as Sean came in, he looked disgusted. “When the doctor comes to check her feet, we’ll go.”

“Oh, No.” Jack looked innocent. “It’s been years since it’s been used. I’ve changed my mind for a long time, you know.”

Sean put me on the sofa and sat down.

Soon, a doctor came to check my feet.

He talked about my injuries and precautions. He told me to change my medicine every day and not to touch water and so on.

At the same time, he checked the scalp injury for me and gave me a few instructions.

When the doctor left, Jack said, “I’ll buy you something to eat and drink. Do you want more vegetables and eggs? You can live as long as you want here. I promise that there have been no women in this house for five or six years! And I have my servants clean regularly.”

“Do you want to bring a woman here one day?”

Sean looked at Jack coldly and said.

“No, no!” Jack immediately denied and said, “I’ll go shopping first. You can stay here.”

With that, he went out at full speed.

When Jack left, the room was quiet.

Sean helped me close the curtains.

Jack had a purpose in decorating the room, so the curtains were very dark.

As long as the curtains were closed, the whole room would be as dark as the night.

I took off my sunglasses. My eyes were much better. I watched Sean sit back next to me. I was a little sorry and said, “will I delay you…”

“No.” Sean seemed to guess my mind long ago. He gently hugged me. “Anyway, this team in R City is in my hands, and now the biggest chance for the Giant group to rise again is the AI project, so it’s my trump card. I will not lose to him.”

I was relieved to hear Sean.

Soon Jack brought the vegetables back and put them in the kitchen and left.

But soon he was back. He went to the top of the bedroom closet and took out a big box and threw it on the floor.

“What is this?” Sean and I stood by, confused.

Jack chuckled and opened the box.

There were many brand-new clothes packed inside.

There were all kinds of cards on the clothes.

It was the style of the dress.

My eyes were not very good now, so I couldn’t see what kind of clothes they were.

Jack put the box aside and said with a mysterious smile, “let me first say that all these clothes are new and have not been worn once. You can wear them casually.”

When I heard this, I immediately realized what it was!

I blushed instantly.

Jack didn’t wait for us to comment and left immediately.

I could feel my face is hot.

To prevent Sean from asking me to wear these clothes now, I limped out of the bedroom and said to him, “I’m going to sort the vegetables. If they stay out too long, they will rot.”

Sean stood behind me for a few seconds before he said, “I’ll help you.”

We went to the kitchen together. I sorted out the vegetables. It was evening already.

I made a simple dinner.

After dinner, I set out all the daily necessities I brought from the villa.

I found out that Sean had several novels in his bag.

One of them was the one I read.

Maybe I bled too much in the morning. I was a little tired, so I lay in bed early.

I didn’t know how long I slept.

In the middle of the night, I got up in a daze and went to the bathroom, only to find that there were still dark lights in the living room.

I walked over to find that Sean was still using the computer and his fingers were racing on the keyboard.

“Don’t you sleep?”

I walked up to him and looked at his computer screen subconsciously.

He seemed to be emailing someone.

And it was English.

He saw me and reached for my hand. “I’ll go to sleep after this email.”

I took a look at the watch on the wall. It was over two o’clock in the middle of the night. Because I didn’t want Sean to work too hard, I just sat next to him and said, “I’ll wait for you.”

When I finished, I thought Sean, as the president of the Giant group, must have a lot of things to do.

I seemed to be a bit wayward.

I thought about it and stood up. “Forget it. You’re busy. I’ll go to bed first. Don’t work too late.”

But as soon as I left, he suddenly got up and put his arms around my waist. He sat me directly on his lap and he kissed me on the neck. “I don’t have a secret. You can look at my things.” His thin lips kissed me on the neck. “And, with beauty in my arms, I work more efficiently.”

He held me in his arms and put his hand on the keyboard and continued to edit the email.

I saw that it was supposed to be an email to the team in R Country, which was full of complicated and obscure professional words and I couldn’t understand it at all.

After about twenty minutes, he finished his email.

He moved his mouse over the send button.

The next second, the computer screen showed that the transmission was successful.

When the email was finished, he turned off the computer and pushed the mobile computer desk away. He took me in his arms and went straight to the bedroom.

“I can walk by myself.” I was a little embarrassed.

“You’re hurt.”

Sean started to coax me.

He could say it at any time.

I let him carry me to the bedroom.

I lay in bed and felt his change. I turned and said, “it’s midnight. Don’t think about it.”

“How do you know what I’m thinking?” His kiss fell on my hair.

“Sleep!” I turned my back to him.

His hands were around my waist and his chin was slightly rubbing against my shoulder. His deep and sexy voice came into my ear, “well, I’ll be in a better spirit tomorrow morning.”


I didn’t speak and pretended to sleep.

The next morning, I got up and washed my face and brushed my teeth. As soon as I was going out of my bedroom to make breakfast, Sean brought me back.

He closed the bedroom door and took out a dress and lifted it up and asked me, “honey, can you wear it?”

I squinted and looked at the dress in his hand.

Well, it was just a dress. In fact, it was just a layer of tulle.

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