Chapter 330 Close your eyes and I’ll help you

“Don’t open your eyes. You may have snow blindness now.” Instead of answering, Sean came up with the medicine chest and dry towel and laid me down.

He made me lie on the sofa.

He put a towel on my eyes and said, “I’ll fix the wound for you. Wait a minute.”

I lay there and regretted my impulse.

“Your feet are purple. Don’t be impulsive later. You can plead with me. How can I disagree?” Sean said and grabbed my ankle, “I’ll disinfect you. It will hurt a little.”


I nodded.

After that, I felt my ankle ache!

I took a deep breath.

I grabbed the towel on my eyes.

Sean pressed my foot. “It’ll be over soon.”

I nodded but I couldn’t even speak.

Soon I felt Sean start to bandage me.

“Sean, you’re skilled. Who taught you?” Jack asked.


Sean said lightly.

The villa was quiet and no one spoke.

Soon Sean bandaged me and asked, “how are your eyes?”

I nodded and closed my eyes and didn’t dare to move, because now I would cry as soon as I opened my eyes.

I lay there and reached for Sean’s hand and asked him, “Jack just said you were asked by the board to go.”

He patted me on the forehead. “Don’t worry. I will deal with these things.”

“Let’s go.” I suddenly sat up and opened my eyes. I held back the discomfort in my eyes and went upstairs, “I’m changing now. Let’s solve your problem now.”

Sean held me up and didn’t contradict.

I wanted to dress myself but I felt him reaching out and trying to unbutton my pajamas.

“I can…”

“Close your eyes and I’ll help you.”

As soon as I spoke, I was interrupted by Sean.

His voice was a little cold and serious.

I could only close my eyes and let him take off my pajamas for me.

In the dark, I could clearly feel his big palm with thin cocoon touch me from time to time.

It was a little itchy.

I was dressed in warm winter clothes by him.

After that, I only heard him say, “I’ll carry you downstairs.”

Then he picked me up from bed.


“Put your arms around my neck.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck.

As we went downstairs, I heard him say in my ear, “don’t be afraid. I’ll take care of everything. I’ll help you with everything, including Lester. I will bring him to you.”

Many things were uncertain.

But Sean told me that and I was really relieved.

I thought he would really do it.

I put my head on his shoulder and nodded, “I believe you.”

Jack saw us and couldn’t help sighing.

It seemed that Sean gave him a warning look, and he soon stopped.

“Go and drive.” Sean said.


Jack agreed.

Sean put me in the car and went in to pack things before coming out. He and I sat in the passenger seat and he put a pair of sunglasses on my face.

Jack drove to York. He asked Sean, “Sean, where are we going first?”

“York No. 1 and you call the doctor.” Sean said naturally.

Jack immediately said, “Sean, are you crazy? If you go there now, the reporters will see you. You can go to my house.”

Sean thought about it and said, “OK, let’s go to your house.”

“OK.” Jack agreed.

Maybe because of my sunglasses, my eyes were much better. I looked up at Sean who was holding his cell phone and texting and looking serious.

I thought I did it wrong.

I hesitated and patted him on the leg and asked, “Sean, what harm will we do to you if we go down the mountain early?”

“It’s OK.”

Sean tapped my hand and said.

But Jack, who was driving, was not happy. “Something happened the day before yesterday…”


Sean interrupted Jack directly.

I said, “I want to know.”

“This is the most dangerous time for Sean. The Giant group’s share price has plummeted these days. Ming bought a lot of shares and his shares are almost as much as Sean’s. But because the remaining shareholders belong to Grandpa Jessop, they will not sell shares. They asked Sean to resign as chairman. Sean has three days to wait.”

I didn’t understand Jack.

But I seemed to understand.

“What will happen in three days?” I looked at Sean.

“I’m talking about cooperation with a technical team in R Country. If we succeed and add it to AI research and development, it can be mass produced as soon as this year. But it will take three days for the other party to give me an answer.” Sean said to me.

I understood. This team was Sean’s last chip as chairman.

“Shall we go back?” I looked at Sean and felt sad.

“No.” Sean shook his head. “Your feet need treatment and Lester’s taken away. We should be back.”

In fact, my heart was always thinking about Lester.

But I thought Sean had something to do so I couldn’t keep mentioning Lester.

I asked, “what’s the matter with Lester?”

Sean held me in his arms and said, “I’m sorry. I was negligent. Ming injured my subordinates and cheated Murray and took Lester alone.”

“Is that so?” I looked at Sean.

I didn’t think things would be as bad as I thought.

Even though Ming was cruel, he wouldn’t hurt Lester.

After all, Ming had been very good to Lester in the past few years.

Sean nodded. “I’ve got people looking for him. I’ll bring Lester back when they find him.”

“No,” I said quickly, “Lester will be scared. Let’s get a chance to talk to him. I was wrong, too.”

To some extent, Ming did so much just for me.

Sean listened to me and said seriously, “I’m afraid you don’t understand him.”


“Let’s go back and spend three days. I have to convince the directors. I’ll come up with a solution.”

Sean held me in his arms and didn’t let go.

It seemed that I would disappear at any time.

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