Chapter 328 Honey, I love you

Thinking of this, my heart became cold.

If I couldn’t trust Sean, who could I trust?

When I saw this message, I didn’t want to continue browsing his mobile phone.

Maybe I was afraid I would see something I shouldn’t know.

I stood next to his cell phone for a few minutes. Cindy didn’t send another message. I went back to bed and lay down again.

When I lay down, Sean suddenly stretched out his arm and hugged me in his arms.

He muttered, “honey, I love you.”

His voice was a little fuzzy.

It was obviously a dream talk.

But my heart warmed a little.

The next morning.

As soon as I woke up, I saw Sean’s right hand supporting his head. He was squinting and staring at me.

When I opened my eyes, he hugged me directly and said, “good morning, honey.”

Next second he kissed my lips.

I pushed him away and covered my mouth. I said shyly, “I haven’t brushed my teeth yet.”

“All right.” Sean seemed convinced. He reluctantly let me go.

I got up and went to the bathroom.

There was a new set of toothware in the bathroom.

It was pink.

It was matched with the blue toothware which was obviously just used.

I couldn’t help smiling when I saw these two things.

I picked up the toothbrush and started brushing.

When I squeezed out the toothpaste, he came in. He hugged me from behind and leaned slightly and kissed my earlobes. He said in a vague voice, “you know what? I’ve been dreaming for years that you’re by my side when I get up in the morning. Now it has come true.”

“I want to brush my teeth.”

I knew what he was going to do and blushed.

“OK.” Sean nodded. His hot, damp lips kissed my earlobes and body and his fingers touched me.

He was really a master.

I just got up and didn’t want to have sex. But his movements made my body tense.

Sean put his thin lip on my ear and asked, “do you want me?”

At this time, I was a little dazed because of his actions. Although my hand tightly held the toothbrush, my heart…

I couldn’t help nodding.

I could see in the mirror that I blushed and my eyes were full of desire.

It was the first time I had seen my face in the mirror when I was having sex.

I was shy.

He looked at me in the mirror and smiled, “you are beautiful.”

I was more shy and bowed my head and couldn’t say a word.

But he didn’t stop.

As I got more and more tense, he suddenly stopped.

I finally begged him.

“OK, I will satisfy you.” Sean smiled with satisfaction.

We had sex last night. We did it in the bathroom this morning.

Two hours later, I was held by him and put into the bathtub and we took a bath together.

Although it was winter, there was heating in this villa.

We didn’t need to wear too much after taking a bath.

There was still breakfast on the table, and it was richer than yesterday.

We had breakfast. Although there was no tool to communicate with the outside world, there were many books in the villa.

There were all kinds of books.

I took a novel and sat on the sofa. Sean sat next to me and held me.

He didn’t do anything and just looked at me.

But I was absent-minded and thinking about yesterday’s text message. I looked up at Sean. “You and Cindy are really divorced.”

“Yes.” Sean nodded and looked serious.

I hesitated for a moment and said, “I saw her text message to you last night. If you get divorced, why does she…”

“Why does she care about me?”

Sean interrupted me.


“Because I was just going to divorce her and I didn’t say anything else. We’re like partners. In fact, we do not interfere with each other.” Sean paused. “I don’t care that she has two lovers.”

“You know that?”

When Sean talked about it, I was stunned.

I didn’t expect Sean to know about it.

Sean nodded and said, “we’ve already agreed. I won’t touch her after we get married and I won’t interfere with her having a lover.”

“Are you so tolerant?”

I didn’t believe it.

Sean leaned over and pressed me on the sofa again. His black eyes looked at me and he said, “I can’t do this to anyone but you.”


“When I see you, I can…”

He leaned over and wanted to kiss me again.

I felt the danger and pressed the book directly on my face and said, “no, I want to rest today.”

I really couldn’t.

Now my leg hurt.

My walking posture was a little strange.

Sean could only kiss the book and say, “Okay, let you go during the day. Let’s continue at night.”

“How about tomorrow?”

“I’ve been waiting for you for five years.” Sean put his arms around me and his thin lips against my ears, muttering, “I don’t want you to rest. I want to give them all to you.”

I covered my face with the book, “tomorrow.”

I was really tired.

Sean actually made me happy and then released himself several times.

He seemed to take better care of my feelings than he did a few years ago.

I read in his arms.

I didn’t like reading novels before, but I was attracted by the plot of novels.

I read for a long time.

I didn’t look up until the doorbell rang.

Sean stood up beside me and went to open the door.

Was anyone coming?

I stood up immediately.

When the door opened, I saw Jack standing outside!

He had several lunch boxes and some vegetables in his hand.

Sean let him in. As soon as Jack came in, he began to complain, “Sean, if someone else asks me to do these things, I’ll be angry!”

Then he saw me and smiled and said, “Hello, June.”

I thought Jack’s expression was strange and different from usual.

He took many fresh vegetables, eggs and meat.

I offered to say, “I’ll make lunch.”

“OK.” Sean nodded and leaned. He kissed my lips and said, “I’m going to talk to Jack.”

With that, he and Jack went upstairs.

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