Chapter 327 Bet you love me

I looked up at him and smiled lightly. “OK, I will not die.”

In fact, I still cherished my life.

After all, I had Lester now.

How could I bear to make him a child without a mother?

Sean patted me on the head. “Hungry? Let’s eat.”

He pulled me out and downstairs. I looked around as I walked. This was a very common villa. There were mountains and trees outside. It should be a holiday villa.

But it was winter and there was no beautiful scenery.

“Here is…”

Actually, I wanted to ask Sean why I was here.

If I remembered correctly, I should be engaged today. I was here. What about the engagement party?

“I’ll live here with you for the time being.”

Sean took me to the table and sat down. Then he took out a bowl of porridge and put it in front of me.

I smelt it and I was really hungry.

I picked up the spoon and began to drink.

Then I looked at the lunch box.

Sean was not very good at cooking. This porridge must not have been made by him but sent by others.

All this made me feel weird at the moment.

But I was temporarily confused and didn’t know what to ask.

When I finished my porridge, Sean asked me, “are you full? I’ll serve you another bowl.”

I shook my head and looked up at him. I hesitated for a moment and asked, “what happened after I was in a coma that day? Why am I here?”

In my opinion, no matter what happened, I should be in the hospital.

I shouldn’t be in this strange villa.


“Don’t worry. It’s all over. Stay here for three days. We’ll go back in three days.” Sean looked at me.

He had a kind of magic. There was a thrill last night, but now I looked at him and felt relieved.

But I knew Ming wouldn’t give up.

I looked up and asked him, “tell me what happened. I am here. Ming will never give up. Will he hurt the Giant group?”

Sean’s the Giant group just got better.

Now if it went wrong again and went out of business, I was going to be blamed.

“You want to know?” Sean looked down at me.


I nodded hard.

He pulled me to the sofa.

He sat down first and then put me on his leg. He gently touched my hair with one hand and said, “actually, I knew what he was going to play.”

“You know?”

He nodded. “Yes, Ward is neutral. He deliberately revealed it to me and took my money.”

“What do you mean? What does this gamble have to do with money?”

I looked at Sean in disbelief.

Ward took his money?

Sean smiled helplessly and held me in her arms. He leaned over and kissed my thin lips. “I bet your first shot won’t be aimed at me. But you are always out of my expectation.”

“You won’t die if I don’t aim at you first?”

I didn’t understand.

Sean nodded. “It’s a psychological battle. I bet you love me.”

I was stunned.

“What? What if I don’t love you? You bet your life. Are you crazy? If you die, my heart will break!” I hit him angrily with my hand.

I wanted to get out of his arms and leave.

But Sean kept me in his arms.

No matter how I struggled, I couldn’t move.

Finally, Sean picked me up directly and got up and went to the bedroom!

“Ah! Let go!”

I was startled.

But he didn’t want to let go. He walked step by step to the bedroom and put me directly on the bed. The next second he pressed on me and kissed my lips. He raised his head and looked at me. “If I have to choose how to die, I really don’t want to die under your gun.”


I blushed. I didn’t do anything, but I felt his change.

Sean unbuttoned his shirt with his long fingers and slowly said, “I’d like to die in bed.”

With that, he leaned over. The familiar breath swept through my mouth.

The hot breath took the air that belongs to me.

I was held by him and felt surrounded by a fire. The air was getting thinner and thinner. As the temperature went up, my face was getting redder and redder.

I was afraid of his marriage before.

But at this moment, he and I were unmarried.

Everything seemed to be back to the beginning.

I finally decided to release myself.

I made a decision. My body had long been familiar with Sean’s every move and responded easily.

He kissed my lips and looked up at me. There was doubt in his black eyes, “have you ever had sex with him?”

“No.” I blushed and immediately denied.

After listening to me, he immediately showed a very happy smile.

The next second we merged.

That day we fought from day to night. We were like people who had been walking in the desert for a long time. We finally met the water source and drank it crazily. We seemed to vow to fill up the long-standing dryness.

I took a break and opened my eyes again. It was dark outside the window.

Sean was sleeping beside me.

I was in my pajamas and got up and stood at the window. The moonlight was separated by bare branches.

It was quiet all around.

My mind was very clear and I thought about what happened recently.

I didn’t think everything would end so quietly.

Now I thought Cindy and Sean’s divorce was strange.

I remembered the last time I saw Cindy, she loved Sean.

Now Sean was going to divorce. Even if it was because the Giant group was going bankrupt, Cindy wouldn’t easily agree.

Not to mention…

I looked back at Sean and thought it was weird.

Was he lying to me?

His cell phone was at the head of the bed. I didn’t have any contact with the outside world after I came here.

Looking at his cell phone, I suddenly wanted to have a look.

Maybe there was a text message in it.

I walked by quietly. Before I got close, the screen of his cell phone suddenly lit up.

It received a message.

“Where are you? What happened? Please contact me.”

The sender was Cindy.

When I saw it, my heart pounded.

Sure enough, Sean was lying to me. He didn’t divorce Cindy, otherwise how could Cindy send such a message?

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