Chapter 145 Why Was Mr. Howard Here?

The patients and their families living on this floor are either powerful or influential. They were so used to be high and mighty that they had never been afraid of anything.

Mr. Howards?

Even if they had a large fortune, were they still regarded as a joke?

Thinking of that, the look in their eyes became more contemptuous and arrogant. But at that moment, they suddenly felt that something was wrong, and that they had a sense of uneasiness about being stalking by the savage beast.

As Ryan turned around and his face appeared completely in their sight, the smiles, sarcasm and disdain on their faces disappeared, leaving only fear and regret.

Why was Mr. Howard here?

But it made sense. The one who could stand together with the grandmother Howard and Jessica and was wearing the hospital gown was only Mr. Howard. Why hadn’t they thought of it before?

Ryan was standing next to Jessica with a frosty look, whose dark eyes filled with anger.

His cold eyes swept over the crowd. A faint sneer of sarcasm appeared on the corner of his mouth. Those several people became uneasy for no reason. They wanted to leave with their friends and family instinctively.

If they had known this person was Mr. Howard, they would have changed a place if they wanted to gossip!

Just as they turned around, they heard Ryan’s cold voice behind them. “If I remember correctly, you are the Cunninghams and the Browns?”

He finished with a chuckle, a deep and pleasant laugh, but several of them all got goose bumps.

They wanted to go now, but his meaningful laugh like a fishbone stuck in their hearts, stopping them from leaving heartily.

Previous to this, if he remembered who they were, they would be happy. But after what they had just said, he said knew who they were. It was impossible for them not to worry.

They looked at each other in speechless despair. One of them frowned and nerved himself to ask angrily, “Mr. Howard, what do you mean?”

Ryan looked at them with indifferent eyes. “Nothing. I just don’t think our company will have long-term development by cooperating with shortsighted people.”

Now everyone took himself seriously and dared to trample on him.

Like these people, they usually could not hold a candle to him!

Listening to that, the Cunninghams panicked immediately. The Howard group was the big client of their company. If their father knew that they screwed up the business, they would kill them!

If only they had known they wouldn’t have said that!

But it was too late to say anything now.

They bit the bullet and threatened, “Mr. Howard, the Howards are in the teeth of the storm. So it will be to your disadvantage if any bullying happened.”

Those words that the grandmother had said still echoed in Jessica’s ear, she hurriedly tugged at Ryan’s sleeve, and said in a low voice imploringly, “Ryan, can we just leave it at that?”

Grandma was already dissatisfied with her and told her to leave the Howards.

If the Cunninghams exposed any bullying of the Howards, even if it had nothing to do with her, but she was on the spot, so grandma probably would be angry with her.

Listening to this, the Cunninghams were looking at Ryan expectantly, just waiting for Ryan to compromise.

Ryan looked down at Jessica. He frowned slightly, but did not want to compromise at all. He glanced at the Cunninghams sneeringly and said coldly, “Fine. You can expose it. But about all the business of the Howard group in the future, you don’t have to think about it anymore.”

His voice was not loud, but it was deafening to the Cunninghams.

The subsidiaries of the Howard group involved in various industries, and they were the leading. It took the Cunninghams a lot of effort to win their cooperation.

If it was really ruined, the Howards wouldn’t let them off, let alone their own family.

Their faces were pale and their foreheads were sweating.

“Mr. Howard, I said I will expose it. It was just a joke. Don’t take it seriously! It’s my fault. I didn’t watch my mouth. If you’re not happy about that, I’ll smack myself in the mouth until you are happy!”

“I hope you don’t mind and forgive us this time. We don’t dare anymore!”

“Yes, yes, you can punish us however you like. Don’t cancel the cooperation with the Cunninghams! Grandpa would kill us if he knew it!”

These groups of people were begging for mercy in an embarrassing manner which was totally different from their arrogant look before.

But their voices just sounded noisy to Ryan. He said sharply with a sullen face, “Shut up!”

He was too aggressive that the noisy crowd was instantly hushed and no one dared to speak again.

When the Browns saw that, they rejoiced inwardly. Their family didn’t do business with the Howards. Ryan Howard couldn’t threaten them even if he wanted.

They looked at each other in secret delight, and one of them stood out and said in a rather complacent sort of way, “Since it’s none of our business here, we’ll take our leave.”

Even if they spoke ill of Ryan in front of him, he could do nothing but nail biting.

“Well.” Ryan sneered, ignoring them, but took out his cell phone in front of them and made a call.

What the hell was he doing?

The Browns looked at each other confusedly. And then they heard Ryan’s cold voice, “Hello, Mr. Williamson? Well, nothing much. It’s just the products of the Browns’ company have quality problems. Just cancel your cooperation with them.”

Mr. Williamson?

Their company’s big customer, Mr. Williamson?

The Browns’ faces fell suddenly, “Wait! Mr. Williamson, don’t listen to him, we…” Before his words were finished, Ryan already hung up the phone.


What if Mr. Williamson believed Ryan’s words and cancelled the cooperation with his company?

One of members of the Browns with bad-tempered shouted at the top of his voice, “Our products have passed the quality test. Why do you say our products have quality problem? What you are saying is not true at all. It is slander!”

Ryan, however, remained indifferent, just looking at him with a blank expression. His mouth curved with mockery, and he repeated everything they had said.

“If you say it’s not true, it’s not true? Do you really think the Browns can control the public opinion and make everyone do what you want? It’s hilarious.”

A few words choked the Browns. They now experienced the Cunninghams’ panic and regret.

How foolish were they to gossip about them and bring this catastrophe upon themselves?

What could they do now?

She was not a pushover who returned good for evil. So when she saw that they did not dare to expose it, she stopped trying to persuade Ryan. And, she had to say, their restrained and nervous looks pleased her to a great extent now.

They didn’t watch their mouth. They deserved it!

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