Chapter 144 Why Did Grandma Hit Her

The wealth and power of the Howards had become the biggest disadvantage. The widespread hatred of the rich had made netizens think they were now fighting for justice. In their eyes, Alex and Amy were the poor oppressed by the rich.

The public relations department of the Howard group couldn’t think of a good solution for the time being. The problem was not settled. However, the grandmother who had tried to solve the problem was brainwashed, and thought the stories on the Internet were true.

What the grandmother feared most was that people accused her family of committing incest like they accused the Millers. Those ambiguous rumors of Ryan and Jessica on the Internet were like knives stabbing her in the softest place of her heart.

She rushed to the hospital with a sullen face. After she opened the door of the ward, she gave Jessica a slap without even giving her a chance to explain. “Where did you learn all this shameless way?”

Jessica was slapped on the face before she could greet her grandmother. She felt a burning pain in her face. Her right ear was humming. And she was stunned.

Why did grandma hit her?

“What, what shameless way?” She didn’t even know what grandma was talking about.

The grandmother looked even unhappy because of her denial. She said sharply, “You are denying it? You had a relationship with Alex first, but before you broke up, you played around with your brother, Jeffrey and the grandson who was adopted by Grandma Jones. Is that right?”

Were those the rumors on the Internet? Grandma had said she would find a solution, why she did not say the solution but believed those distorted rumors.

Jessica swallowed the blood in her mouth, covered her swollen face and explained anxiously, “Grandma, I…”

“Don’t call me grandma. I can’t bear it! We care about your grandfather’s friendship, and adopt you, but you seduced your brother and did this kind of incestuous thing!”

“Jessica, you disappoint me! You are the bane of your father, your mother and the whole family. We shouldn’t have adopted…”

The grandmother was so angry that she gasped. She clutched her chest, couldn’t stop coughing, and her face was pale.

What she said was like a knife. Every word she said stabbed in and pulled out in Jessica’s heart, which made Jessica wretched.

But she ignored her wretched feeling. When she saw her Grandma coughing, she hastened to stroke her back. “Grandma, are you OK?”

“Piss off, don’t shed your crocodile tears here!” However, the grandmother did not appreciate it, and pushed her away in disgust.

The grandma was old, but she had great strength.

Pushed by her suddenly, Jessica staggered, and fell out of the door. The moment the tailbone touched the ground, her tears came out because of the pain.

But it was far less than the pain in the heart.

She was the bane of father, mother and the family? Was she such a person in grandma’s eyes?

“What’s going on?” Ryan just went out for a while, but he saw that she was pushed out of the ward when he came back. His face fell immediately.

“No, nothing.”

Jessica fought back the tears, hastened to stand up awkwardly by holding the ground. She had to bend slightly to relieve the pain in her tailbone.

Ryan’s eyes clouded over with anger. He thought it was those crazy fans making trouble again. He pressed his lips together and looked into the ward, only to see the Grandma alone.

“Did you push her?” He asked, frowning.

Grandma was in a huff and probably wouldn’t listen to anything. He only made the situation more awkward by playing hardball.

Jessica hastened to say before the grandma, “I fell down by accident.”

She just wanted to make peace now.

Previous to this, her grandma would only praise her for putting the general interest first. And told her that was good. But now, in the grandma’s eyes, she was just putting on an act.

“I pushed her. So what? Are you going push me for her?” The grandmother said angrily.

Jessica had never seen her grandma like this. Even if her grandmother said some hard things to her, it was for her good. But it was not like now, full of malice.

She looked at her grandma in surprise. There seemed to be a lump in her chest that made her breathless.

Ryan didn’t answer his grandma, but asked in a cold voice, “Why?”

“Don’t you know why?” The grandmother snorted heavily. Her resentful eyes fell on Jessica. “Anyway we raise you so many years. We have a clear conscience.”

“I will not throw you out of the Howards. You’re not ashamed of it, but we are ashamed. Smarten yourself up. I’ll set you up for meeting different guys from tomorrow and marry you off as soon as possible. After that, we’ll never owe each other again!”

What did that mean?

She was abandoned by the Howards?

She had done everything her family wanted her to do, lest they would dislike her and abandon her. But she didn’t expect even if she lived so carefully, she was still abandoned because of those distorted rumors.

Panic and uneasiness took possession of Jessica’s nerves, and she could hardly stand still. “Grandmother, let me explain…”

She tried to reach for her grandma’s arm, but the latter avoided it angrily.

“Grandma, you…” Ryan frowned, but just when he started to speak, he was also interrupted by the grandmother. “Anyway, she or me, which one you choose by yourself?”

The grandmother glared at Jessica fiercely and left with a sullen face.

There were only VIP wards on this floor, so patients and their family were not many. But even so, there were people coming out to watch the fun.

Seeing that the old lady had gone and there were only Jessica and a man, they didn’t have to worry about anything. So they made no secret of looking in the direction of Ryan and Jessica.

“This is Jessica? She’s actually adopted by the Howards. It’s not exactly sibling incest. It’s a good story that the adopted granddaughter falls in love with the grandson.”

“Bah! You don’t know, she dated a third-rate actor and cheated on him many times.”

“That Mr. Howard also has a girlfriend, but he still has an affair with his sister. Neither of them is a good man!”

“What you say is true? But they don’t look like that kind of people.”

“Of course it’s true. As a saying goes, you may know a person’s face, but not his heart. It is impossible to judge a man at a glance. Plus, I don’t have a grudge against the Howards, so there is no point slandering them.”

They were talking about Jessica. Their contemptuous looks and blunt remarks were weighing her down. Clenching her fists, she shouted at them, “Those rumors on the Internet are not true, please be respectful!”

Someone sneered, “If you say it’s not true, it’s not true. I will say that’s true. If you want others to respect you, you’d better not do those dirty things! ”

“Yes. You did it, and you won’t let people talk about it?”

“Do you really think you are the adopted daughter of the Howards and you can control the public opinion and make everyone do what you want? It’s hilarious.”

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