Chapter 143 Why Are You Thinking About That

Ryan was still indifferent and said lightly, “Am I a vegetative being now?”


“If not, why are you thinking about that?”

The grandmother choked with his words. She looked extremely embarrassed. The mother tried to smooth things over. “Anyway, this is over, as long as Ryan is well now.”

But the grandmother didn’t think so. She turned to look at Jessica and asked sharply, “Since he didn’t say anything, Jessica, tell me what’s going on.”

Jessica gave a shudder because she was called. Every cell of her body was tense. She was struggling.

If she told the truth, she would get a scolding, but when grandma asked, she had to tell her.

“It’s…It’s because…”

Before she finished, she was interrupted by Ryan’s cold voice. “The Howards is targeted by someone. He made an issue of me and Jessica and stirred up the fans’ emotions. So someone hit me with mineral water. Is that clear enough?”

He didn’t lie, but he didn’t say anything about him helping Jessica.

Jessica looked up at him, her eyelashes trembling. Her brother was…vindicating her?

Jessica pressed her lips. She became more confused, unable to tell whether he hated her or not.

The grandmother didn’t ask any more about it as expected. Her attention was focused on the fact that someone was targeting the Howards. After she inquired about the whole story, she hurried away with the mother, saying that she would go home to consult with their grandfather.

There were only two people left in the ward suddenly.

Jessica went to the bedside, saying with a somewhat ingratiating smile, “Ryan, thank you.”

If grandma knew that he sustained an injury because of helping her, it was inevitable that she would get a scolding from grandma, and grandma would keep talking about for days.

“Do you only can say “thank you”?” Ryan looked at her coldly. There was obvious dissatisfaction in his black eyes.

Then what should she do? He had everything she had and everything she didn’t have. What could she give him?

Jessica was stumped by it. She hesitated for a moment and then said, “Well…Why don’t I make you some soup? Make a loving meal?”

Ryan chuckled. “Can you eat what you make?”

“…” No, it was unpalatable.

There was an awkward silence.

“I have nothing to wear.” Ryan broke the silence carelessly. His assistant always showed off his clothes which were bought by his girlfriend in front of him.

“Oh.” Jessica answered blankly, still thinking about how to thank him.

Ryan frowned and his cold voice rose. “I have nothing to wear.”

“If you don’t have any clothes, you’ll need to get clothes made to measure.” Why did he keep telling her?

He usually wore superior handmade custom clothes which were customized by specific designer and she could not buy for him. If she went to the mall to buy clothes for him, he probably wouldn’t even look at it, let alone wear it!

Jessica looked puzzled.

Ryan’s handsome face fell completely. “Jessica Rosen.”

Full name, was he angry?

But she didn’t seem to do anything out of line.

Jessica dared not continue to think about how to thank him. She stood straight, and asked gingerly, “What, what’s wrong, Ryan?”

What’s wrong? She knew nothing?

He gave a grim smile. “Are you a fool?”

The subject jumped so fast. He said he had no clothes to wear. She asked him to customize. He asked her if she was a fool…She suddenly felt that she had understood, and she felt sympathetic to him when she looked at him.

“Ryan, have you put on weight? Do you want me to premeasure you and send your size to the designer?”

He must have put on weight, so he couldn’t wear his old clothes. And he was too embarrassed to tell the designer, so he hinted it to her here.

Otherwise, he was the second son of the Howards and the president of the Howard group, how could he have no clothes to wear?


Ryan stared at her with a gloomy face. How did she get so far with this intelligence?

Was he enraged by her discovery of the truth? For sure.

Jessica looked him up and down and said considerately, “It’s okay if you put on weight, at least I don’t see…”

“Get out!” Ryan interrupted her with an angry face.

Jessica naturally did not dare to go against his intention. Even if she worried about his injury, she still left the room after she told him to take a good rest gingerly.

Looking at the closed door, Ryan’s face became more sullen and unpredictable.

Did she really forget what had happened a year ago, and didn’t understand him, or was she acting dumb with him?

But she couldn’t deceive him because he could see right through her charade.

Ryan stretched out a hand to pinch his painful eyebrows with a sullen face.

As soon as Jessica went out of the room, she met Clara who had just arrived.

Her hair was untidy, her clothes were torn, her white sneakers were covered with footprints, and even there were cuts on her face. She looked terrible.

“Honey, why are you…”

“Shit, stop! Those brainless fans are nuts. They recognized the car is yours and stopped us. I got out of the car and tried to reason with them, but I almost got beaten, and then I became what you see now!”

“I’ve videoed the people who did it to me. If I had a scar on my face, I wouldn’t let them off! They are a bunch of stupid unwitting tools!”

Clara had never experienced that. She flushed with anger.

She had been there for nearly three hours, and she wouldn’t have come back if the Howard group hadn’t added dozens of bodyguards to keep order!

“I’m sorry, honey.” Jessica gently touched the cuts on her face, feeling sorry and guilty.

Clara patted her hand away, and said indifferently, “Why do you say sorry to me? It’s not your fault.”

She frowned. “But you must take your bodyguard with you when you go out. Even in the hospital and at home, you should be careful. You can’t imagine the level of perversion of these mindless fans.”

Jessica nodded solemnly.

The craziness of these fans was truly alarming.

If it had not been for her brother in control of the situation, she, one of the parties, would have come to bad end which was hundreds of times worse than Clara’s.

The director was worried about the safety of Jessica, so he called to ask her to take a vacation. Until the public didn’t concern that anymore, she would continue filming.

But even so, there were countless people going to the set to surround them and demanded to replace Jessica.

Besides, these crazy fans had found all the buildings of the Howard group and all the residences of the Howards and Jessica in this city. Some people even put wreaths in these places, scattered joss paper, and splashed dog blood…

Surrounded by crazy fans in reality and the mass of unspeakable abuse on the Internet stressed Jessica out. Even though Jessica knew that netizens were easily swayed, so she didn’t have to care about the comments, she still felt depressed and uneasy, and was afraid to log on to any social media account.

Clearly the truth was out there, but the netizens insisted that it was false, and it was the slander on Alex and Amy.

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