Chapter 142 Why Do These People Have Double Standards

Not only on the Internet, even in front of the police station, there were crazy fans carrying banners around.

When Jessica saw the news in the ward, she flushed with anger.

Whenever the media gave the so-called evidence against her and her brother, whether it was true or false, the netizens always believed firmly. And once the media showed any evidence in their favor, it would be regarded as a forgery whether it was true or false.

How could these people have double standards?

Just because the Howards was rich and powerful, they children were sure to be arrogant and throw their weight around? And they must be wrong?

What was the logic?

Ryan was lying on the sickbed with a bandage on his head, which did not affect his beauty.

As soon as he looked round, he saw her puckered face, and he knew, without thinking, that there was something on the Internet that bothered her.

“Put it away.” He sat up and said to her in a cold voice.

Jessica was confused. She didn’t understand his short words. “What?”

“Put the phone away.” Ryan said.

She didn’t know why he asked her to put it away, but he was injured and it was because of her. She didn’t ask anything and put the phone away.

In fact, she wanted to ask him about the accident in the explosion scene. But when this happened, she was shy of talking about that.

“If I were not there, didn’t you know to dodge when the bottle of water came at you?” Ryan looked sullen. Especially when he thought that the bottle of mineral water might fall on her, he was more agitated.

“I…I just, it happened so suddenly that I didn’t have time to react.”

“Oh.” Ryan smile wryly. His face was full of coldness and looked extremely sullen.

Well. If she didn’t dodge, at worst she would just be hit. What was he angry about?

Jessica felt puzzled, but she still forced a smile carefully. “Ryan, are you thirsty? Would you like some water?”

Ryan did not speak, but looked at her coldly.

“I’ll get you some water…” Jessica was nervous under his gaze. She trotted over with her head down, got the water, and took it to him with her head down again.

He looked at her and didn’t take it.

Jessica suddenly felt that the glass of water was hot. She pressed her lips together and tried to put the glass back on the table awkwardly. But as she turned around, he grabbed her suddenly.

“Oh!” She cried, and by the time she knew it, she was sitting on his lap.

The heat on his thighs reached her through the hospital gown. Her face was burning and her heart racing as if it were about to burst out of her chest.

“Ry…Ryan?” What was he doing?

Ryan was holding the cup in one hand and encircled her waist with the other. The tips of his fingers moved out of her sight. There seemed to be a fire burning in his chest, which made him restless.

His eyes darkened, but as he spoke, his voice was still cold and distant. “I’ll spare two bodyguards for you.”

“I…” Don’t have to.

When Jessica met his cold eyes, she stopped refusing abruptly, and held back her words. “Ok.”

If she had had a bodyguard, there wouldn’t have been that incident in the dressing room, and there wouldn’t have been all this shit going on.

Sitting on his lap, the warm feel under Jessica’s buttocks made her squirm. She licked her lip uneasily and stood up quickly.

When there was no pressure on the legs, Ryan frowned imperceptibly. He looked her up and down before he withdrew his eyes.

She stood by and watched as he drank from his glass.

It must be said that he was blessed with his appearance, which was perfect in every aspect. Even in the most ordinary hospital gown, with a bandage on his head, he still looked like a handsome noble.

Jessica peeked at his profile with mixed feelings.

Honestly, she really couldn’t see him now, and couldn’t tell whether he was trying to help her or hurt her…

“Are you addicted to my face?” At this time, Ryan suddenly put down the glass of water, and turned to look at her.

When their eyes met, Jessica was startled. She blushed immediately. It was really embarrassing to be caught peeking at people!

However, when Ryan saw her look, he raised his corners of eyes and mouth almost imperceptibly.

He took a sip of water and asked her, “What are you looking at? I look so good, right?”

“…” What should she say?

The temperature of Jessica’s face was higher. Her eyes flickered and she was stumped for words.

Just then, the door of the ward was suddenly pushed open, and their grandmother and mother came in hurriedly.

“Grandma, mom.”

After the two of them came in, the ward appeared to be cramped a lot immediately. Jessica hastened to step aside to make room for them.

Ryan was sitting on the sickbed, whose temperament was still noble and elegant. It could be seen from his pale face that he was out of condition.

The grandmother looked at Ryan and felt her heart aching as if her flesh was being cut by a knife. “Ryan, I heard you were in the hospital with a concussion. Is that true? What’s going on?”

Were those doctors who examined him reliable? She would ask someone else to examine him again later.

Hearing the word “concussion”, Jessica wrung her hands guiltily but she dared not say anything.

It was because of helping her that her brother had been hit by the bottle of mineral water…

“I just got hit accidentally. Nothing is serious.” Ryan glanced at her lightly, and said coldly.

“Can you be hospitalized if nothing is serious?” The grandmother’s voice rose and she said toughly, “You should take this seriously. Severe concussion will probably turn you into a vegetative being!”

“You are the current president of the Howard Group. If you become vegetative state, do you know how much influence it will have on the Howard group?”

At least, a sharp drop in the Howard group’s shares was likely.

Jessica kept her head lower, and she dared not even breathe.

Grandma usually cared about her, but she was not that important compared with her brothers and the company.

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