Chapter 141 Closed Her Eyes Instinctively

“Alex became disabled because of you. Why can’t we touch a hair of this bitch’s head? Go to hell, slut!”

An unopened bottle of mineral water was thrown through the crowd toward Jessica.

The figure of the bottled water which was getting closer to her was reflected in her pupils. Her feet seemed to have taken root and she could not move at all. She opened her mouth slightly and closed her eyes instinctively.


Jessica heard a heavy muffled sound but she did not feel any pain. She opened her eyes blankly and saw Ryan’s tall figure in front of her.

The bottle probably hit him on the back or the back side of his head. She could not see the wound, but she knew from his pale face and the running cold sweat that it was serious.


Didn’t he hate her? Why did he protect her from it?

Ryan did not look at her. He just stood up straight, and looked coldly straight in the direction where the bottled water coming. “Who did that?”

His voice was not loud, but the silence of the place made it distinctly audible.

No one answered, but those people who had been shouting before were much weaker, and no one confronted him. As he went on, the crowd drifted away to both sides like the tidewater.

Only a fat girl with black-rimmed glasses seemed stunned and stood still, her hands and feet shaking.

“Did you throw it?” When Ryan came up to her, he stopped, and his gloomy eyes fell on her.

“Yes, yes. So what? She…she deserved it!”

The fat girl shivered as she looked at him, but she still stiffened her neck and looked stubborn.

Their Alex was the most handsome and the best idol in the world. He was so gentle, handsome and elegant that being his woman was a blessing.

“Jessica that bitch cheated on Alex when she was dating with him. And she dumped Alex later. How did she have the nerve to do that?”

“Now our Alex is lying in the hospital, but why this bitch is still fine? She should die and make amends to our Alex!”

A fan of a player deserved to touch his beloved person?

Ryan’s eyes clouded over with anger, and his face looked cold as he approached the fat girl step by step.

He had an aggressive manner. Especially his eyes, no one dared to have eye contact with him. Even the executives of the Howard group may not be able to withstand, not to mention the girl who was still a student.

Why…why was this guy so horrible?


The fat girl backed away with a pale face, tripped over the two men’s banner and fell to the ground with a thud, her tailbone aching.

The glasses fell to the ground with a crash and broke.

No…Nothing. He was also the boss of a company anyway. He cared about his reputation, so he dared not to hit her!

The girl put her glasses back on with trembling hands, looking at the blurred but aggressive man came to her step by step and got goose bumps all over her body.

In front of so many people, Jessica did not expect that Ryan would confront a juvenile. Even if he did not do anything, but the girl looked so scared.

And then there was the media and over a hundred of people. If any one of them posted a video on the Internet, the netizens would accuse him of treating a girl like this, regardless of whether she had thrown a full bottle of water at them or not.

Wasn’t he worried that what he did would affect his own and the family’s reputation?

Didn’t he care about these things?

Jessica was confused but she had no time to think about it. She hurriedly stopped in front of Ryan, “Ryan, calm down.”

It was full of people, so she dared not speak too plainly, in case others distorted her words deliberately and made use of it.

“Get out of the way.” She didn’t say it, and Ryan knew what she meant, but he waved her away and went over to the fat girl who was already pale with fear.

“You have ugly face, dirty mouth, and dirty heart.” Ryan looked down at the woman who was on the ground with obvious coldness in his eyes. “She’s someone you can touch?”

His ending sound suddenly rose, which made the girl on the ground shudder. She couldn’t help crying out, “How…How can you say that about me?”

She was a girl, and she was not an adult. How could he say those unpleasant things about her?

“Then how can you say something so dirty about another person? And throw a bottle of water at her? You want to kill her? Huh?” Ryan’s lips curved in a cold smile. His face was cruel.

He was handsome, noble and elegant. But people dared not look straight at him.

There was warm blood running down the back side of his head. He felt a stab of pain. Things blurred before his eyes. And he was a little unsteady on her feet.

But he didn’t care. He felt fear and anger. He could not imagine what would happen if the bottle of mineral water fell on Jessica!

The fat girl was too frightened to look up by his aura, and the cold sweat ran down her face. “She, she deserved it, if it wasn’t for her…”

At this time, she still didn’t repent!

Ryan’s face fell completely. He had no patience to listen to her, but just said in a cold voice, “Call the police to attempt the murder for intentional injury.”

“Yes.” The special assistant responded, and took out the phone.

“No, you can’t call the police!” If she got demerit, and if her parents knew that she was an idolater, they would not let her off!

“You were just nasty. I threw the bottled water just to vent Alex’s anger! Besides, you didn’t get hurt. It was me who got kicked. Even if anyone’s going to call the police, it’s going to be me!”

The fat girl got up from the ground, screamed wildly, and tried to reach out to scratch Jessica’s face.

“Bitch, you’ve ruined Alex’s life. You are a vicious woman!”

But before she touched Jessica, Ryan grabbed her back collar. He glared at her and said flatly, “Don’t you dare touch her again!”

The fat girl took several steps back under his gaze, and she didn’t dare to be presumptuous anymore. She just asked people around for help because they were her last hope.

“Many of you are fans of Alex, aren’t you? I did it all for Alex. Are you going to stand by and see me taken away?”

Those fans, who had been insulting at the top of their voices before, were silent and didn’t say anything.

The police came. After hearing the whole story, the police said euphemistically that they would take the fat girl away, but Ryan and Jessica also had to go with them.

Ryan nodded. When he turned around, Jessica saw a large pool of bloodstain on the back side of his head. He…He got hit for protecting her just now.

Her heart seemed to be suddenly gripped by something, which made her feel oppressed.

“Ryan, your back…”

“Shut up.”

Ryan interrupted her, and dragged her into the car. “Close the door.”

“…Yes.” Jessica hurriedly closed the car door, looked round and wanted to tell him about the wound on the back side of his head. However, she looked round and found that he was leaning back in the seat with his eyes closed and unconscious.


Jessica exclaimed and panicked.

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