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Chapter 145 Flirting With Him

Benjamin’s heart was stagnant. Didn’t Chuck like Alice very much all the time? He hadn’t married her home yet. He just left her alone and arranged all this.

“Let Janice accompany you to choose. Women’s taste will be much better.” He did not dare to have too much contact with her.

Alice tried everything to make him jump into her pit. “Janice doesn’t want me to marry her brother. Only you can help me.”

Benjamin was very angry, his Alice decided to marry, and their family was unwilling to help her. His Alice wasn’t married yet.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that besides him, only Chuck would be good to her, so he had to respond first, as long as his Alice didn’t feel wronged, and he could do anything, “All right. ”

Alice urged a narrow smile, “Okay, that’s it. Where are you tomorrow morning? I’ll drive to pick you up.”

“What are you so anxious for?”

“Sure! The twelfth of this month, that is, next Friday, the day of the wedding.”

Benjamin’s heart throbbed, and his throat swelled away. “… So hurry?”

Alice continued her heartlessness, or, in other words, she just wanted to let him feel the real feeling that he was about to lose his lover, “Yes, of course, marriage must be fast, I’m afraid he will regret not wanting me anymore.”

Benjamin was silent, or hurry up, he was also afraid of repenting, refused to marry her out, and stared at his empty left leg, making his will more firm.

“See you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow.”

Alice quickly ended the call. She was afraid she could not help yelling at him. He really decided not to let her go, otherwise how could he even agree to such a request.

The next day, Alice got up early, carefully dressed her beautifully and called the manager to arrange the company matters, and the godmother kept secretly watching her during breakfast, even the baby boy blinked his eyes and kept looking at her mother.

Alice turned around in front of them, “Isn’t me pretty?”

Joan nodded in agreement. The baby boy didn’t respond, but Joan was still curious, “Are you in love?”

Alice told Joan about her plan. Joan’s face immediately improved, and she gave praise to such daughter-in-law, “I support you.”

Alice and Joan happily clapped, “Happy cooperation.”

Sitting on a baby chair, Pippi anxiously stretched out his little hand to play together. The three hit the palms together, and the happy day began so happily.

From the distance, Alice saw Benjamin standing at the intersection waiting for her. He had a well-dressed smoky gray casual suit, very tall and thin. Any girl passing by could not help but look at him secretly. And he seemed to have long been used to such attention, didn’t care about much.

The warm sun shone on him, as if he was plated with a dazzling halo, the green light was on, Alice stepped on the accelerator, and soon the car stopped in front of him.

Alice opened the window and smiled brightly at him who was standing outside and handsome, “Hi, handsome guy, do you want to take a ride?”

Benjamin frowned, and it was undeniable that he could tell at a glance that she had carefully made up today, especially on the delicate lips, and the honey-colored lip gloss was very attractive.

Benjamin opened the door and got into the car. After getting in the car, she said nothing, as if she was angry, and she seemed to be angry with herself.

Alice turned to look at him. He didn’t mean to wear a seat belt. She had to take the initiative to help with him. Her soft arms surrounded his healthy upper body. Benjamin’s body was obviously stunned, and she subconsciously hid a moment.

Alice was so proud, thinking to herself, wanted to hide from me? No way.

She helped him fasten his seat belt, and helped him to tidy up the collar of his clothes with special care, raised his head, seduced his fragrant lips, and said, “Just ask you for a help. Why are you so stretched? ”

Benjamin felt that he had experienced a purgatory torture as soon as he got on the car. The hot breath from her seductive lips brought a fragrance that disturbed his mind, like a catkin hanging around his neck.

Also, in the early winter season, it is easy to catch cold, isn’t she?

Keep his eyes off her, his throat tightened, “Hurry up, there’s a traffic jam behind you.”

Alice was so upright and sat up straight, observed the traffic conditions, set off, and looked at his forbearance, not to mention how happy she was, to see when he could reveal himself.

On the road, it happened to be the rush hour of work. The traffic jam was severe. It was not much faster than the snail. Alice asked him at will, “Did you have breakfast?”

“Yes.” He turned his head and looked out the window, without looking at her.

Alice blinked her eyes and came up with a fatal method to restrain him, “Benjamin, help me see if there is anything here, uncomfortable, itchy, and a little pain … ”

He bent over and took her hand away. “Drive well.”

Alice said “Oh.” He helped her check her neck, “Nothing. Does it hurt?”

Alice shook her head. “It doesn’t hurt anymore. Maybe it’s hair or something. Just poke me from time to time.”

Therefore, when Benjamin found a short black hair from her collar, he had a pain in his heart. She had long chestnut curly hair, and this hair looked like a man’s hair.

“Alice!” He suddenly roared at her in the quiet carriage.

Alice was taken aback, “My ear is almost deaf, and what are you calling so loudly for, it scares me.”

Benjamin said coldly, “It’s not allowed to wear so little in the winter.”

Alice didn’t follow him. Besides, she was wearing so few things on purpose today.

Chuck, what was his vision to send such exposed clothes, that is to say, this short hair must also be Chuck’s. It really annoyed him.

“Alice, you must know how to be a woman. You shouldn’t do those behaviors before marriage. Have you heard?”

Now that he was furious, she felt very happy. “Anyway, I’m going to get married, isn’t it just a matter of matter? Besides, I even gave birth to your child. It would be nice if people didn’t dislike me.”

“Alice!” Benjamin stared at her with deep eyes, did she treated herself as a discounted product? Obviously it was his priceless treasure.

Alice didn’t care about being perfunctory to him. “Okay, I’m driving. What’s the matter? I’ll pick you up an hour early tomorrow morning and avoid this peak period.”

Benjamin kept his straight eyes on her, but he was really unhappy in his heart. When did she become so powerful? When he was by her side, as long as he didn’t care about her for a little bit, she would be angry and not say a word.

Now that she was getting married for such a big thing, she wanted everything to be taken care of by herself, and still in the case of the other family’s agreement.

He asked her to marry Chuck in order to make Chuck will be like him and to love her as he did.

After arriving at the Jewelry Building, Alice’s parking technology is not bad. She squeezed into a not-so-spacious parking space and said to the first officer Benjamin, “Get off.”

Benjamin followed her all the way, and she walked ahead happily, that is, he always felt that she would be cold, and after she got out of the car, she only wore an extra coat, and not even buckle up.

The stiletto under her feet is pretty good with her, but he still thought that since shopping, she should wear comfortable flat shoes, or she must be tired.

In a special counter, she picked a unique wedding ring at a glance. After asking the salesperson for the price, she couldn’t help groaning, it was too expensive.

Benjamin was jealous. He remembered that he owed her a ring, but …

Alice pulled Benjamin’s hand to the side, stopped at the corner of the counter sneakily, slightly raised her head, and smiled brightly at Benjamin.

She looked like she wanted something.

“What’s wrong?” Benjamin asked her first.

Alice bit her lips, and her small hand pulled his hand before letting go. Benjamin wanted to take it away. She was coquettishly reluctant. Benjamin could not take her and let her pull.

“Benjamin …” She called him coquettishly.

From an early age, what he couldn’t stand was her like this, “What.” He could never refuse.

Alice smiled happily, “Did you not say that you would give me a wedding gift last night?”

That’s what he said, but she said it wasn’t necessary last night.

Alice pointed her finger at the diamond ring in the counter, “I want that, you buy it for me.”

Benjamin frowned, and didn’t discuss it. “Others will be fine, but not that ring.”

Alice shook his hand out angrily, “I don’t need you to buy the rest, I want you to buy that for me.”

Benjamin saw that she was really angry and had to patiently say to her, “That is a wedding ring. It should have been bought by your husband. What am I buying for you?”

If Alice was upset, Benjamin was not her opponent at all. “Then you didn’t buy it for me when you were my husband. It’s all formalism. Whoever buys is the same. I want you to give it for me. You said, did you buy it for your rich fiancee? ”

Why did this get on him again, his fiancee … someone else’s.

“Alice …”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Do you buy it or not?”


He couldn’t refuse. He always wanted to buy it for her.

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