Chapter 144 Ex-husband In the Name of Bosom Friend

“I don’t know.” The only thing he regretted was that he had been pampering her from a young age, fearing that no one could bear her little temper anymore, fearing that she couldn’t find a man who would pamper her more than him.

Jim took the information he just found and threw it on Chuck’s desk. His hands were on his hips, and he wandered around in the large office angrily. “This bastard. He want to bear the pain and don’t tell us.”

Chuck carefully looked at the contents of the materials, his eyebrows frowned and tightened, and he threw the thick materials on the table angrily, “Is that true?”

“A friend of mine happened to be the agent of that male star, because President did not agree with the relationship between his daughter and that male star, Benjamin acted as Jane’ s fiance to cover their relationship, and, that Miss Jane is pregnant. ”

Chuck, “Did Alice know?”

“She checked it a few days ago, and she thought it was Benjamin who accompanied her fiancee to the hospital for a pregnancy check.”

Chuck felt that this matter is not so simple. He Benjamin was not a fool. He definitely knew that they will have doubts to investigate. Then this information may be false.

“I remember when he came out of the emergency room, the doctor said at the time that he was very likely to be paralyzed, and the airbag that popped out at that time was just on his back, but the report said that he had amputated … ”

“Anyway, he has something to hide from us.”

The two were silent for a while, and Chuck said, “I’m going to Alice, you can go to Janice.”

Jim asked, “Why do I go to her?”

Chuck gave him a cold look, “She is sick.”

Jim felt strange, “Why does she get sick every day?”

“In order for you to care about her, she takes a cold bath from time to time. Why do you say she’s sick?” Chuck was angry at his sister.

Jim said, “No, she had millions of boyfriends.”

Chuck deliberately said, “That’s OK, I’ll call her new boyfriend later.”

“Hey. Hurry up and get on with the guy of Benjamin, you don’t have to care about my business.”

“I care about my sister.” Chuck.

Jim yelled at Chuck who had already reached the elevator. “Take care of yourself first. You are still a virgin when you are in your thirties. You don’t feel shame when you go out.”

Several female colleagues in the company just happened to pass by. What did they just hear? Their high-profile president was truly different, and he was still a virgin.

Molly took the newly arranged information and came over for Chuck to sign it. She also heard Jim’s words, and there was an intriguing smirk at the corner of her mouth. When she entered the elevator just now, and saw the black face, wondering why he didn’t yell at Jim, ‘I am not a virgin. ‘

Jim glanced at the time. When the hell with Janice?

Alice was at the door of Benjamin’s house with the address and mobile phone number given by Chuck, and she wasn’t sure if he would return, or if he would return alone? After listening to Chuck, she ran here impatiently, but did not know how to face him.

Was she not good enough to him that when he encountered difficulties, he faced it alone?

After waiting for more than two hours, Alice still didn’t wait for Benjamin, whom she wanted to see but did not dare to see, staring at the code lock, she input the secret he used to use, and the door opened.

Alice stood for a while at the open door. She didn’t know how she got in at the end. She turned on the lights, modern and simple decoration style, neat and orderly, but there was no warmth at home. The avant-garde model house just had a little more breath of life.

There were only men’s slippers in the shoe cabinet, food in the refrigerator, all fast food, magazines on the coffee table, cigarettes and lighters, and extinguished cigarette butts in the ashtray.

In the master bedroom, the gray bedding was clean and tidy. The photos on the bedside table hurt her eyes. This idiot, who allowed him to put her picture with him.

After leaving his house, Alice dialed his number, and soon he was connected.

His voice was very low and heavy, and seemed very uncomfortable. “Hey.”

He only said one word, and Alice couldn’t hold back the uncomfortable feeling in her heart. She bit his lips and raised her head, not wanting to make herself cry.

Hadn’t he already decided not to be with her? Why should he answer her phone? Didn’t he miss her if he hided alone?

Benjamin, who had just taken painkillers, was lying alone on the hospital bed. He didn’t hear her voice. After confirming that it was indeed her call, he spoke again, “Alice …”

Alice did not hold back her voice, “Huh?”

She really called him. Leaning on the bedside, Benjamin’s dry lips smiled a bit, not knowing what she was doing now?

“Is there something wrong?” Repressed the inner thoughts of her, asked her pretentiously.

Holding the mobile phone and holding it in her ear, Alice nodded enthusiastically. There was something important, “I miss you.”

She missed him. She missed him very much…

Benjamin, leaning on the bedside, just felt like his heart was being savagely struck by something, and he shouldn’t return, even if he was dying for missing her, he shouldn’t return.

Wiping off the teardrops that slipped from the inner corner of his eyes with his fingertips, he cleared his throat, pretending to say to the crying Alice, “Girl, you made the wrong call.”

Alice clearly felt the pain of tearing her throat. “Benjamin …” She called him, she wanted to tell him that she did not make a mistake, and the next thing was to reassure him, if this was what he wanted, if he can no longer disappear.

“Actually, I want to tell you something.”

Benjamin puzzled, frowned, and asked her with a dumb voice, “What’s the matter?”

Alice sucked her nose and wiped away the tears in her eyes. “That is, I am getting married and want your blessing.”

Benjamin’s heart hurt a lot. She said that she was getting married, but he was powerless. “Who is he?” If he was not satisfied, he would not allow it.

“Chuck.” Alice understood Benjamin. Unless it was Chuck, otherwise he will surely find the man’s all information.

There was a long silence there. He couldn’t tell what he felt in his heart, and didn’t know what to say. The words of blessing were on his lips, but he couldn’t say anything. This should be what he expected. This should be one of the purposes of coming back, but when she really told him that she was getting married, he panicked.

Panic was overwhelmed, and so panicked that he wanted to stand in front of her next second, asking her, was she happy?

“Why don’t you talk?” Alice asked him with a bitter smile.

“Very good.” He really didn’t know what to say.

Alice was grieved to pout, he really said it was quite good, if he was next to her now, she must step on him fiercely.

Now that he said it was good, she would follow him, and let him see how good she could be.

Alice said angrily to him, “You need to help me.”

“You get married, what can I help you with?” He didn’t even dare to see her now, he was afraid he would be desperate.

Alice started her chattering complaining mode, “After you leave, you only care to please your rich fiancee and not even your own company. I help you take care of the company and take care of your mother and your son. Now I am going to get married. As an ex-husband, can you buy a dowry for your ex-wife? Also, even if we are not married, we are still good friends, bosom friends. ”

It doesn’t matter what she said, she really sorted out the relationship between them clearly.

Benjamin closed his eyes and took a deep breath, a long breath, and a low, dumb voice. “What do you want? I’ll buy it for you.”

She wanted him. Did he give him to her?

Alice sat in the small gazebo downstairs of his apartment, rolled her eyes on the side of his mobile phone, and began to show that he had always been flattered by him and proud of himself, “I don’t need you to buy, I only need you to help me choose. ”

“… what to choose?” The future husband had chosen it himself, and what else was needed for him to choose.

Alice thought for a while, and came out one by one heartlessly and said, “For example, choose a wedding dress, choose a diamond ring, choose a wedding room, choose the clothes to wear for a candle night, and choose …”

“You should let Chuck choose with you.” Benjamin couldn’t listen and interrupted her, so he asked him to choose so much, and as a result, she chose someone else as her husband. Is it fair?

Alice knew that he was uncomfortable, so what did he do early? Isn’t this what he wanted? He thought that as long as he arranged everything for her, she can live well without him.

So why didn’t she accept his arrangement, then showed him how happy she was.

Alice answered sharply, “He has no time. He’s too busy.”

Sure enough, Benjamin’s face was not good-looking, and his voice was already angry. “Can it be more important than getting married?”

Alice’s eyebrow was a triumphant pride, and she felt complacent. If he had the ability, don’t get angry, just let him be anxious and see how he ended up with this. “He already said it, and let me take care of it.”

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