Chapter 143 Better Than Her Accompanying For Me Alone

In the parking lot, Benjamin held Pippi. Alice simply cleaned the mess in the car. Soon, Alice took Pippi back from his arms and put it on the child seat. Although he can’t sleep comfortably, they can only go home like this.

With four eyes facing each other, he clearly had something to say, and Alice was expecting something from him, but he didn’t say anything about concealing her. He smiled warmly, “Go back on the road carefully and take good care of yourself.”

Alice smiled bitterly, took a step forward, and hugged him standing in front of her. He stood sternly and didn’t turn back to hug her.

It doesn’t matter, she didn’t mind.

Soon, she let go of him and smiled inexplicably, “You cannot marry others without my consent. Have you heard?”

Benjamin stared at her crying for a moment, and he said to her in his heart, ‘Alice, don’t cry. I am distressed. ‘

She really didn’t let the tears fall down, she smiled at him peacefully, “You go ahead with your job. I’m going home, the godmother’s blood pressure is high recently, I take care of your mother, take care of your son, and help you take care of the company. It’s hard work. You take care of it. ”

After speaking, she got in the car and left.

She believed that he had his own choice. As for why he was vacillating at the intersection he chose, she thought, she should investigate into it.

Benjamin watched her car completely disappear before he sadly retracted his eyes, and the hands hanging on his sides were involuntarily placed on his legs. She said that she was tired, so he would become a burden for her life.

At the hospital’s inpatient department, the two nurses saw Benjamin finally returned and complained, “Can you come back later? No wheelchair, no crutches. If all the patients are as disobedient as you are, we must be tired. ”

Benjamin smiled at the enthusiastic little nurse with an apologetic smile, “Don’t dare next time, I will be back on time, I will listen to you.”

“It’s almost the same. Hurry back to rest. Check back tomorrow. Come on.”


After Alice returned home, Joan had not slept, and she went to sleep peacefully after seeing Pippi was all right. Alice did not tell her about seeing Benjamin, and everyone was exhausted during this time.

She also managed to call John Ran until dawn, and some things needed his help.

After the phone was connected, John Ran over there seemed to be still sleeping, “So early?”

“Sorry, but it’s nine o’clock. Have you overslept?” Alice reminded kindly.

John Ran squeezed his eyebrows to keep himself as sober as possible, “I have a hard life, it was a big night last night, and I just lay in bed for half an hour.”

Alice smiled embarrassingly, “I’m sorry to bother you, but I still have to bother you.”

John Ran was really afraid of falling asleep. He just sat up and leaned on the bedside. “Say it.”

“I don’t know if you have any friends at the hospital of Tongeon. I saw Benjamin at that hospital last night. I was surprised at his sudden disappearance. It was even stranger to meet him at the hospital late.”

John Ran didn’t quite understand Alice’s words, “What do you want to say?”

Alice said, “Help me secretly check him up. Does he live in that hospital? Or go to see a friend?”

John Ran was silent for a while, “If he goes to see a friend, it may be difficult to find out. If he lives there … I know, I will help you have a check.”

“Thank you, by the way, he might be called Mike.” John Ran couldn’t help laughing. “He really has the ability to make an idol drama into a reality.”

“…” Alice didn’t know what to say, she could think of just a few, otherwise he didn’t need to disappear for no reason. Since he came back, why not go home?

Can’t a big man be a little responsible? No matter what happened, she should be faced with him, shouldn’t she?

Alice anxiously waited for John Ran’s answer to her. The phone rang and it was John Ran’s call. Her hands holding the phone were shaking. She didn’t know what answer she wanted to wait for.

John Ran was a little hesitant on the cell phone side, but what should be told her still told her, “It is his fiancee who is pregnant. He went to visit his fiancee in the hospital …”

Alice felt that her throat was suddenly blocked by a pile of constantly swollen things, and she had difficulty in breathing, and she made a difficult low voice, “Thank you, Dr. Ran.”

John Ran didn’t know how to comfort her. Regarding the grievances between them, even if he stopped the so-called revenge and got such a result, he should be very happy, but the fact was that he was not happy and remembered the woman from a foreign country.

At the end of the call, Alice looked at herself in the mirror who hadn’t closed her eyes all night. She was very stunned, but she waited for the answer. Did her Benjamin really change his mind?

Right, when she was worried about him, she neglected that she met him at the pediatric department on the twelfth floor, and the obstetrics and gynecology department was on the eleventh floor.

The regret and helplessness in his eyes was actually a betrayal. He was not missing, he was running away, and he cruelly left her without even saying a word.

And she still lived in the good memories he left every day, every day praying that he was still alive, living well, even if he can never return to her side.

Suddenly, Alice felt that she was ridiculous. Now she saw him well, and her heart was not happy at all. Why should he treat her like this?

She would not let him go, so no matter what means were used, he must be taken back and buried with her in the grave of marriage.

When she found the mobile phone number of Miss Jane, so she her a call. In fact, she didn’t say anything, she just told her that Benjamin was a good man and she cherished it.

She just didn’t expect that their relationship was so close. Within thirty minutes, Alice received the message from Benjamin, which was an unfamiliar number, “After an hour, meet at Room 1206, Louvenue Building.”

She showed her mobile phone information to Chuck and Jim, who ate at Molly’s house. “Please wait, I’ll go home.”

“But …” Before Jim’s words were finished. Alice had already left, and closed the door hard as if it was Benjamin.

He was obviously good. Is that beautiful fiancee the reason for his disappearance? She didn’t force him to marry him. Did he have to avoid her for so long?

Didn’t she just call his fiancee? Did he need to be so nervous? Didn’t he want to see her?

“Alice, just go to see him, I think he should give you an explanation.” Chuck went out to catch up with Alice.

Alice smiled indifferently. “If the home is there, if he wants to explain, there is naturally a way. If he doesn’t think it is necessary to explain, then I will have no such person in my life.”

Alice was so stubborn that she did not see Benjamin. Just a message from him was enough to prove that she was not so important in his heart.

For more than three months, he had no news at all. He could call her and send a message to report he was safe, but he didn’t!

No matter if he had trouble or what, she will not forgive him.

Chuck and Jim didn’t wait long in Room 1206 until the Benjamin who was Mike appeared, Benjamin asked at the door, “Where is Alice?”

Jim teased politely, “Mr. Mike, is there something wrong with our Alice?”

Benjamin frowned, knowing that they must be angry at his disappearance. “I only have two minutes. Help me tell Alice. Don’t call Jane in the future.”

Chuck couldn’t bear such a calm man. He punched out and punched Benjamin’s face in disregard of his brother’s affection. He said coldly, “Why didn’t the accident Hit you dead. ”

Benjamin did not fight back, nor should he fight back. The sadness that his sudden disappearance brought to them could not be dispelled with a single fist.

He sighed and looked calm. “Please help me take good care of her, and my mother, my son.”

“Shameless.” Jim always felt that he himself was shameless. Now it seemed that Benjamin was worse than shameless.

“Mike …” The voice of a woman came from the door, the daughter of the Chairman.

Jim said, “Your fiancee is here for you. Get away.”

Benjamin frowned. He had to leave. He looked at Chuck, who was holding back his anger. “I know that you have Alice in your heart all the time. Please treat her well, please.”

“Is this what you say?” Chuck gave him a fist again. This time, he failed to hit Benjamin because he was stopped by Jim.

Jim said with a disdainful tone, “Stop, bro. Just let him go.”

Jim and Chuck left at the same time, and Jane ran in. “Who are those two people? What happened to your face? Are you injured?”

Benjamin grinned, “I’m fine, let’s go.”

“But …” Jane was worried about him.

“It’s all right. Isn’t your boyfriend still waiting for you, hurry up.”

Jane was still not assured. “After sending me there later, you quickly return to the hospital.”


On the road, Jane drove. Benjamin was sitting beside. Jane could not help but said, “I think you should tell them everything, especially your wife. I could hear it on the phone that day, and she loved you very much. . ”

Benjamin stared at the rushing street view out of the car window, pouting and chuckling, “This is good, it’s better than her accompanying me alone forever.”

“Don’t you regret it?”

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