Chapter 142 No Matter Who You Are, You Are Mine

Jim stuttered nonsense, “Alice, let’s go back first. Yesterday your baby Pippi called me and said that he missed me very much. How about I live in your house tonight?”

Chuck nodded, “Yeah, I miss Pippi too, let’s go home.”

The two of them … were suddenly nervous, and the expressions on their faces were very unnatural.

Alice didn’t know what happened to the two of them suddenly. Let’s go. On this occasion, she didn’t want to stay either. “Well, go to my house. You must bring a gift to my son.”

The man on the stage wore an exquisite and fit hand-made suit, which perfectly outlined his figure. Everyone thought that marrying the chairman’s daughter would be a coward. However, this man was a natural fit, and his deterrence made everyone quiet.

He stood there, introducing himself calmly, “Hello everyone, I’m Mike.”

The brief introduction made a wave to the audience, and many people who had met Benjamin recognized him at a glance.

“Isn’t that Benjamin?”

“Right, it’s he.”

Alice, who had already turned around and wanted to leave, was standing in the same place, stunned, ‘Hello everyone, I ‘m Mike. ‘

This voice, she can’t forget it anyway. Who was Mike? Obviously it was her Benjamin.

Listen, even others said that he was Benjamin.

Alice turned around, but was blocked by the meat wall in front of them. The two of them were clearly trying to cover up. Alice pushed them away and looked towards the stage.

He lowered his eyes and smiled warmly at the woman around him, and the woman stood beside him, making people look so dazzling and enviable.

Alice had a terrible feeling in her heart, her eyes were astringent, and she seemed to have something that she couldn’t control, so why was her Benjamin standing there?

“Alice, maybe something happened to him. Let’s leave here first. Now that he has appeared, we will have a chance to meet him. Then we will ask him what happened.”

“Yes, let’s go first.”

Alice looked at the man in the center of the stage. The bright lights illuminated his face. He had deep and stylish features. Even if she blurred her vision, she could see it clearly.

She pushed away Chuck and Jim, who stopped her. They were afraid of her and wanted to stop her, and the three of them bumped into the nearby wine tower.

“Wow …” The fragile goblet shattered, and the red wine inside spread like blood on the off-white floor tiles.

The movement on their side was so loud that everyone in the room looked at them, including the Mike on the stage.

There were a lot of people staring at each other between them. Alice hoped that he could eagerly walk to her and said to her excitedly, “Alice, I am back.”

But he didn’t. He was like looking at a completely stranger, his eyes stopped for a second at her, and it was fleeting.

Alice felt an unprecedented sense of suffocation, and she even wondered, was that person really her Benjamin?

Alice didn’t know how he left the banquet hall. The atmosphere in the car was very depressed. Jim couldn’t sit still. After getting out of the car, he started smoking cigarettes.

Chuck looked at Alice, who looked down without saying a word, through the rearview mirror. She was too calm. He didn’t know what to say when she was calm.

They didn’t know what was happening, and Benjamin, who couldn’t be found even the police, appeared, and he was called Mike.

Jim didn’t think as deeply as Chuck. The more he thought about it, the more he felt the need to go in and ask clearly. When everyone was hard to sleep and eat for him, he gave them a gorgeous appearance.

During this time, he saw Alice’s hardships with his own eyes. This time, what he felt was Alice was strong and waiting for him to return.

He must go in and ask clearly, if it was the result they cannot accept, he would rather believe that Benjamin was dead, rather than such a bad man.

Chuck got off and stopped Jim. “You can’t go in now.”

“He must give us a statement. What is he doing now?” Jim couldn’t calm down.

“When the banquet is over, I think he will give us an explanation.”

However, things were not as easy as they imagined. Until the end of the banquet, they could not see Benjamin. No, it was Mike.

He was mysterious again as the world evaporates.

Later, Jim and Chuck both asked for an acquaintance to ask for lady’s fiance. After they left that day, Mike made a detailed self-introduction, saying that he had been to Switzerland since the age of four, and Chairman’s daughter studied abroad in Switzerland, they met and fell in love in Switzerland.

During this time, Alice cannot take good care of the child. Pippi became ill. Joan may have heard something from her friends, and she did not dare to ask Alice.

At night, Pippi had a high fever, vomiting and diarrhea. Joan also had high blood pressure recently. Alice went to the hospital with Pippi alone.

She thought that whether he was dead or alive, she could be as strong as ever, and she found that she was also tired.

Pippi was uncomfortable. He was crying and making noises when he was tied to a child seat. He coughed and vomited again. After arriving at the hospital, Pippi’s clothes were dirty, and there were no changeable clothes in the car. She was afraid that even the doctor did not want to touch Pippi.

Alice had to take off her clothes and change to Pippi. The little gut was completely wrapped in her clothes and was very cute.

There were not many people in the hospital at night, just threes and twos. Alice, who was anxious to go to the pediatrics department on the twelfth floor, just saw that the elevator door was open, and ran with Pippi, “Wait …

Fortunately, the people inside the elevator waited for her and reopened the elevator door. Alice ran in holding Pippi and was breathless. She only looked at Pippi in her arms and did not look at helping her stay in the elevator. Person, but still politely thanked each other, “Thank you.”

Benjamin, who was standing in the elevator, stared at Alice with messy hair and disheveled clothes. It was obvious that Pippi was sick. She held Pippi in the middle of the night to see the doctor.

Alice stretched out her hands and pressed the 12th floor. She came to the hospital so late that she was a little scared. She said thank you to the people behind her, but the people behind her didn’t react at all, which made Alice creepy.

She hugged Pippi tightly, only expecting the twelfth floor to arrive sooner, no matter whether the person behind him was a ghost or not, she had a kind of chilling feeling.

Pippi, who was held in her arms by Alice, saw Benjamin who had not spoken, and yelled, “Daddy …”


The happy name of the child made the hearts of the two adults suddenly stunned. Benjamin pouted a loving smile at Pippi, and Pippi said again, “Daddy …”

This made Alice turn around, so when Ben really appeared in front of her, she wanted to kill him in a while.

Alice gently stroked Pippi’s head and coaxed the child in a low voice, “Good boy, that’s not Dad. Dad hadn’t come back. He was still in alien planet.”

Pippi understood the words of the adults, but he could not speak or express his thoughts. He could only reach out to Benjamin with a small hand and yelled at his father, “Daddy, Dad …”

Benjamin stepped forward and wanted to hug Pippi. The elevator rang and the twelfth floor arrived. Alice hugged Pippi and left.

Pippi cried and kept calling Dad.

The cry of the child made the hearts of both adults painful, Benjamin followed them all the way, trying to help Alice hold Pippi, but also afraid to anger her.

Alice held the child to see the doctor, paid the fees, and had CT. During the whole process, he could only run up and down with her. The test results showed that the child was cold, abdominal lymphadenitis.

After all the inspections were completed, Pippi was tired, and fell asleep directly in Alice’s arms. When Alice thought that her car was in a mess, so she turned her head and glanced at him.

No title, expressionless, calm like a stranger, she asked, “Will you take us home?”

Benjamin’s hands on his legs slowly tightened, and his eyes were deeply fixed on her. Her face was very bad, and she had tired dark circles. He felt sad at this sight.

He moved his lips. “I’ll help you call a cab.”

Yes, the rejection was so abrupt.

Alice looked at him coldly, “No, I can stop myself.”

Alice, who was so disappointed with the man in front of him, got up and left, and it was really a ghost. Why did she meet him in the hospital, and the chance of meeting an acquaintance in the hospital was so small? Why did she meet him?

“Alice …” Benjamin stood up closely, walked in front of her, and looked at her, “I can’t drive because of the accident.”

It was not because he didn’t want to send them home, but because he can’t.

Alice looked at him, “Jerk.” A big man, because of a car accident and being left a shadow in his heart, cannot even drive the car.

Alice tucked Pippi into his arm. “You can hold a baby, right?” After the child was handed over to him, she turned and left.

Benjamin held Pippi behind her, and there were still three of them in the elevator.

“Should I call you Benjamin, or Mike?” Alice’s eyes stared at the elevator door in front of her. She was not an easy one to give up. She believed that he had troubles.

Benjamin wanted to hug her tightly from behind, holding her affectionately and helplessly, “I’m sorry, I can’t fulfill my promise to you.” I can’t accompany you for the rest of my life. I can’t carry you for the rest of my life.

Alice shook her head with her back to him. She didn’t dare to look back at him because she was afraid of him seeing the tears in her eyes. She said with a dumb voice, “No matter who you are, you are mine.”

“Alice …”

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