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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 141 Someone’s Fiance

The driver and assistant followed her, preparing to send her to the party. Alice turned back and smiled at the assistant, “Does it look good?”

The assistant was a woman with a good taste, “You are gorgeous. Tonight you must be a man-killer. ”

The driver was a man, or a single guy, shyly said, “It’s really nice and charming.”

The assistant glared at the driver. “Everyone, in your eyes, as long as she is a woman, you all think beautiful.”

The driver justified himself, “No, at least in my opinion, you are ugly.”

“You … are you sure you are not blind?”

Alice laughed when she saw them quarreling, and she missed that person again in her heart.

“Just stop arguing, I doubt whether you two have affection for each other?”

The driver and assistant said in unison, “Absolutely no!”

“Well, you don’t have to send me there. Chuck waits for me at the door of the company. I can go with him. You can get off work early and go dating.”

The driver felt that his boss had been too close to Chuck recently. “Alice, I’ll take you there. We can’t trouble an ordinary friend every day, right?”

Alice looked down and held the phone to check the messages, “Chuck and I are not ordinary friends, but very good friends.”

“But you say, Chief Ben will definitely come back. You are so close to other man now, Chief Ben would …”

The more the driver said, the more bottomless he was, because no one knew whether Benjamin would return in the end. Perhaps from the beginning, it was to cheat Alice. In fact, Benjamin would never be able to return after the accident.

Alice was standing still in disbelief, not knowing what she was thinking. The assistant stepped on the driver severely. “Why do you talk so much? Alice, I always think Chuck is very good. If you don’t like him, tell me about him. ”

“You …” The driver was threatened back by the assistant’s eyes.

It’s good to be young, and it’s good to be in love.

“Well, I will leave you two alone.” Alice left first. The driver and assistant stood side by side, looking tired of each other.

Chuck, who had been waiting in the car for a long time, watched Alice walk out of the company. Since Benjamin disappeared, she had changed a lot, become strong and fearless, and had become brave.

He got out of the car and helped her open the door. The two looked at each other smilingly. Alice said politely, “Thank you.”

After Chuck got in the car, he smiled at Alice sitting next to him, “It’s beautiful.” Just like even without Benjamin, she still would live beautifully.

Alice smiled embarrassingly, “Thank you.”

On the road, the car was very quiet. Alice usually asked, “What is Janice busy these days? I’m busy, she is also busy, and neither of us has time to meet.”

The two of them were like family, “What can she be busy with? Recently. She has to get married.”

“Ah? With whom?” Didn’t she dump that super-rich and handsome guy days before?

“The new one seems to be a singer who sings in a bar, which is not reliable anyway.”

Alice also felt that even if it was not Jim, Janice could not turn herself into a female version of Jim.

“Then you don’t care about her? What if she has an impulse and get married?”

Chuck, “It’s clearest in her heart that she can’t end it. She’s pretending to be confused. My parents also said that she was not allowed to marry before I was married.”

This trick should also work. After all, this man over 30 is still a golden bachelor.

“It’s time for you to think about life-long events. You can’t just be single all the time.”

Chuck turned his head and gave Alice a meaningful look, and smiled lightly, “I’m fine.”

Alice was always curious about a certain question, and couldn’t help asking, “You and Molly …”

“It doesn’t matter.” Before Alice asked the whole question, he cut it off.

At the banquet scene, Chuck and Alice went in together. Jim with sharp eyes came over with a wine glass, “Where is Janice?”

Chuck told the truth, “Don’t wait, you’re coming, but she’s dating a new boyfriend.”

“New boyfriend?” Jim looked at Chuck and ignored him, and turned his attention to Alice. Alice nodded sincerely.

Jim was in a maze. How could the girl toss him? She couldn’t wait for him to deal with his own affairs.

When Alice appeared, many people were whispering. Since Benjamin disappeared, Alice had listened to this gossip for many times. In fact, sometimes, she would rather be as they said, than never heard news from Benjamin.

“I heard that the accident was her deliberate murder. The two of them had grievances. Mayor George and her mother had an affair. Later, her father committed suicide and jumped off the building …”

“This woman is really terrible. She also worked hard for revenge. I heard she gave birth to Benjamin’s son. What did her son think when he knows that his mother killed his father …”

Alice seemed to listen to gossips, stood in front of the wine tower and pouted and smiled, and it was ridiculous that some people said that she had hidden Benjamin.

Alice thought, if so, it would be great.

Chuck walked to those who whispered, expressionless, “Since you have such a strong investigative ability, it is a pity not to go to the police group. Otherwise, I and the police in charge of this case will provide you with the inside information. Would you like to go to the police station for a chat? ”

The gossip people were scattered, but some people still didn’t let go. “Who doesn’t know, Chuck always likes his good friend’s woman.”

Jim just came over, pretending to carelessly pour his red wine on this woman.

The woman’s dress was nude, and it was ugly when he poured red wine. The woman was instantly angry, “Hey, don’t you have eyes?”

Jim smiled, “I do, so one day I accidentally saw something I shouldn’t see, such as you and your godfather had sex in the car like wild animals.”

“You …” The woman gritted her teeth, but she dared not threaten Jim because of her guilty conscience.

Jim smiled wildly, “The photos are hot and spread to the Internet. It is absolutely not easy to get a notorious overnight. Would you like to try?”

The woman clenched her fists, her face was white.

Jim held the wine glass and touched the woman’s red lips, and pressed a little harder, “Then close your bitch mouth.”

After that, Jim threw the glass into the trash bin beside him.

Chuck asked Alice anxiously, “It’s okay? Those words …” Don’t take it seriously.

With a smile, Alice interrupted what Chuck hadn’t said yet. “It’s okay, I’m used to it. I am fine.”

Chuck looked at Alice, the more she said that it was okay, the easier it was to make people distressed.

“Let’s go back first.” It was because she couldn’t avoid such a party. So when she arrived, she greeted, and no one cared when she left.

Alice thought for a while, “Wait a minute, just now I heard someone say that the president will announce the news of his daughter’s engagement later. Let’s stay and see the president’s future son-in-law.”

Chuck frowned, “When did you gossip like this?”

Jim didn’t know where to come out suddenly, and squeezed between them, “The Chairman’s daughter is a well-known arrogant young lady. No man can stand it.”

Alice said, “See what you said. It seemed like someone was jealous because he wasn’t being chosen.”

Because of Janice’s case, Chuck, who is eager to protect her sister, had put Jim on the blacklist of the bad guys.

Jim was down. In the eyes of others, he was a playboy, even his friends also thought like this. It hurt. “I also have true love for. I will show you one day. ”

Chuck and Alice smiled indifferently, “Let’s wait and see.”

The chairman had announced the news of his daughter’s engagement. In applause, the rumored beautiful lady, holding her fiance’s arm, appeared.

Chuck first looked at the center of the stage, and a nerve in his mind broke instantly. He turned to look at Jim, who was beside him. Jim and his eyes were equally incredible.

Alice lowered the wine glass in her hand, and just about to lift her eyes to look forward, Chuck appeared suddenly, standing in front of Alice, blocking all her sight.

Alice looked up at Chuck. “You are blocking me on purpose. Hurry up and let me see if the fiance of the young lady is handsome.”

Jim stuttered nonsense, “Alice, let’s go back first. Yesterday your baby Pippi called me and said that he missed me very much. How about I live in your house tonight?”

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