Chapter 65 Rules vary from person to person

The housekeeper waits for a while without seeing Charlie get angry, and could not help but remind him, “Master…”

“It’s okay. I ask her to show around casually.”

Karin breaths a sigh of relief. She looks at him with gratitude!

“Master, rules are rules. You are the head of the family, and your rules should not be broken casually.”

“Rules are dead. Is it necessary to sentence the living to death because of a dead rule?”

“But then, someone will not take it seriously in the future.”

“Who dares?”

“Your fiancee, Mia.”

The housekeeper intentionally points out that in the past few years, Mia can come in and out freely, but she was not allowed to enter the room. Of course, it is not just her alone, but to everyone in the family, including Arya.

“Nanny May, you talk a lot today.”

Charlie is already displeased, and only she dares to talk to him in this family.

“Well. I am sorry.”

As soon as the housekeeper leaves, Karin quickly apologizes, “Charlie, I’m sorry, I don’t mean that.”

“It’s okay.”

“No. The housekeeper is right. Rules are rules. If the rules vary from person to person, it will be difficult to convince others.”

“Then what do you think I should do?”

She whispers softly, “It’s okay to just scold me.”

“Aren’t you angry?”

“Might not be.”

“I just looked at you with a bit disappointment just now, and you seemed to want to cry. If I really scold you and kick you out, you will hate me forever.”

“Well… I’m not as stingy as you say.”

She doesn’t want to yell, but she is so to hear this…

“Well, don’t talk about this.”

Charlie picks up red wine, “Cheers”

She drinks half a glass of red wine in one breath, and dares to ask him at the help pf alcohol, “I want to know, why don’t you let others enter your parents’ room?”

“My parents like to be quiet. I don’t want them to be disturbed.”

“Really so simple?”

“How complicated would you be?”

“Oh, well, believe you.”

The cell phone rings in the pocket rings. She looks down and is a little surprised, “I pick up a phone.”

Before he responds, he hurries out…

Charlie signs. Usually, she would avoid it only by answering the phone of her boyfriend.

It is indeed Barry calls her..

Karin will feel surprised because Barry will not call her if there is no important thing.

Find a quiet place, she says, “Barry, what’s up?”

“Karin, where are you?” Barry asks anxiously.


“I just called you in your dormitory. Your roommate said you are out.”

“I eat outside, what happened?”

“I miss you.”

She smiles, “Come on, Barry. Is there anything wrong?”

“Well, then go straight to the point. Are you ready?”

“What?” She feels puzzled.

“Because I will tell you an exciting news!

“What’s the news?”

“You guess first.”

“How can I guess, just say it!”

Barry groans for a moment and solemnly announces, “I will go to Zurich to pick you up and return home in a month!”


Karin takes a deep breath. The news really shocks her!

“I says I am going to pick you up to return home .”

Fearing she couldn’t hear, Barry repeats loudly on the phone.

“No. I can go back by myself…”

“It’s okay, I know you don’t want me to waste money. But I love you. I don’t care that much!”

Karin feels that Barry is weird today.

“You listen to me, it’s really unnecessary, and a trip back and forth to Zurich will cost your three months’ salary. I’m not a kid.”

Before, he always calculated this with her, but now it’s the other way around.

“Don’t mention the money again, okay? It’s so vulgar to mention money between us. Okay, That’s it. I will tighten my belt this month and save money to pick you up, bye!”

Barry takes the lead to hang up and doesn’t give her the opportunity to refuse.

“Well, wait a minute…”

There is only a beep in her ears. Karin is terrified. She really doesn’t understand why Barry will be like this. He usually couldn’t even make an overseas call. Now he goes to Zurich to pick her up.

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