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Chapter 64 Cold jest

Karin stares at his back signs helplessly, and steps forward slowly, “Are you in a bad mood?”

He ignores her. His dark black eyebrows tighten.

“You will feel better if you speak it out.”

He still ignores her. Facing his cold face, Karin is helpless, but she is not willing to give up, “I tell you a joke.”

It doesn’t matter whether he wants to listen or not, he looks at her, with expectations in his eyes.

“A polar bear is lonely on the ice. He is really bored and starts pulling his hair. One, two, three, and when the last one is pulled out, he dies of cold.”

After that, she laughs exaggeratedly, and finds that the person in front of her is expressionless. She stops laughing, and says, “Not funny? Then I will tell you another one.”

“The spider falls in love with the butterfly, but the butterfly refuses him. The spider asks, “Why?”. “That is the reason!” The butterfly says, “My mother says, all people who hang on the webs all day are not good ones!”

This time, Charlie finally laughs at her.

He turns around and unbuttons his chest shirt. Karin is startled and asks, “What are you doing?”

“Changing clothes.”

She covers her eyes, “Why change clothes in front of me?”

“Because your joke is too cold, I’m going to dress warmer, so as not to freeze to death like that stupid bear!”

After a short while, she asks inquiringly, “May I go?”

“After dinner.”

“At your house?”


“Do I have to have dinner at your house?”

She doesn’t want to do this, but she is embarrassed to refuse.

“We treat you bad?”

“No.” she hastily explains, “There are classes tonight, I’m afraid I won’t catch it tonight.”

While tying his tie, Charlie says calmly, “You tell me which professor’s class. I’ll ask him to come home and have classed with you alone.”

“Forget it, it’s an elective course. It doesn’t matter if I don’t have it.”

Knowing that he has this ability, Karin has no choice but to lie to him. She doesn’t want to have any special treatment, and she doesn’t want to be a focus on campus.

However, Charlie’s smart suit makes her uneasy, “Aren’t you going out?”


“What do you mean, leave me here to eat alone, and then you go out?”

“No, I just go out for a while.” He looks at the watch on his wrist. “I’ll be back in an hour.”

What else does Karin want to say? Charlie’s cell phone rings. He goes out while answering the phone, walks to the door, and replies, “If you are bored, you can just turn around, but you must return to here before I come back.”

She is alone in the noble and luxurious room, and she opens the door and goes out. Although she has been here several times, she has never known what his home looks like.

Walking along the long corridor, like a labyrinth that has no end. After turning for many times, she exclaims, “Lives in so big a house, wouldn’t he think it cold? ”

She is attracted by a white room door. Of course, it is not the door that attracts her, but the warning sign hanging on the door, “Authorized Personnel Only.”

She walks in doubt, in curiosity. She wants to push the door open to find out what is inside. When Charlie left, he says very clearly that she is allowed to go to every place. So she can come in there as well.

Thinking of it that way, she walks in.

A spacious bedroom comes into view. From the exquisite decoration, it should not be the guest room, but the master bedroom, but the room is too deserted, as if no one has lived for a long time.

Karin rolls up the curtains and lets the long-lost sunlight come in. She looks around and quickly finds a photo frame next to the table. There is a man and a woman in the photo. The man is solemn, and r. The others are kind and beautiful.

With almost no guessing, she determined that this is Charlie’s deceased parents.

After careful consideration for a while, she is wondering whether he is more like his father or more like his mother, and suddenly a cold sound comes from behind, “Did Miss Karin see the warning sign hanging on the door?”

Hurrying to put the frame back to the original position, she turns around and explains awkwardly, “I’m sorry, I did, but I am a little curious, so…”

“Charlie’s Mansion isn’t just a curious place, and our young master doesn’t like women who is supercilious!”

“I see, I’m sorry. I’ll go out.”

Charlie does come back in an hour.

The restaurant is too large. The two sit facing each other, but they can only see each other’s faces. If they speak, the other party cannot hear until they shout.

Karin gets up, looking at Charlie and saying, “Can I sit beside you?”

“What happened?”

“Nothing, it’s the table makes me feel we are distant apart.”

He laughs, “Okay, then you can just sit where you like. Treat hear as your home. You don’t have to be restrained.”

The pampering in the eyes of Charlie makes the housekeeper very disturbed. She spends more than 20 years in Charlie’s house. She has never seen him look at a person so indulging. His affection, his love have rarely been seen since his parents died.

The servants start to serve, and she goes forward without to report, “Master, Miss Karin comes to the place where you have forbidden in the afternoon.”

Karin is tasting the famous French red wine and when she hears it, she almost chokes herself death. What! She is reporting her so quickly.

She turns her head and throws out a murderous gaze at the housekeeper. However, the housekeeper simply ignores her existence.

Annoyingly withdrawing her gaze, she turns her eyes to Charlie, and finds that he is looking at herself with complicated eyes. She starts to regret having dinner here tonight.

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