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Chapter 63 Fierce quarrel

Before his three sisters come back, Karin hides in Charlie’s room.

She looks left and right, and when she sees the photos of Charlie as a child, she takes out her mobile phone and snaps it.

Thinking of the photos, she suddenly thinks of the last time she goes to London and take a photo with Charlie, so she quickly takes out a wallet from her backpack and copies two of them, one of which is for him.

She hasn’t has a chance to give it to him, so she might leave it in his room.

Looking around, she goes straight to the bed and lifts the pillow and puts it under the pillow.

She doesn’t know if Charlie’s three sisters are here. She suddenly wonders why Charlie calls them. She couldn’t hold back her curiosity. Then she quietly opens the door of the room, and hides at the staircase.

A loud bang shocks her.

What’s happening? Before she can hear anything, she hears the breaking sound. Is this situation that serious?

“How many times have I tells you? Don’t interfere with mu private life!”

“Charlie, how can you talk to me like this? I’m your eldest sister. I care about your relationship, shouldn’t it?”

“I think you are way too much in finding Karin!”

For a long time, the impression he gives her is gentle and elegant. This is the first time that Karin saw Charlie getting angry.

Lily heard the two of them arguing for a long time, but she couldn’t understand a word, “Wait, what are you talking about? I am in confusion.”

Karin glances at the woman sitting on the sofa and drinking tea quietly. Is that the third sister of Charlie? It is a pity that she only sees her back.

“I just went to the University of Zurich to find Karin, and then warned her not to find Charlie. Is that so important that you are angry with me ?!”

Charlie sneers, “Doesn’t you force someone to go on a blind date? I really don’t know when you learn to bully others.”

“Are you talking about Karin?”

Lily thinks of the scene she saw in the cafe in the afternoon, and she seems to understand something.

The two doesn’t deny.

“Milan. It’s your fault. In fact, I have seen that girl. She’s very nice. She;s beautiful and has a good temper…”

“Enough!” Milan interrupts angrily, “Don’t forget our commitment. Mia is the one you should marry. There is a marriage contract before, and we should be honest, because we are from Charlie’s family, we should fulfill our promises, right?”

Milan’s words frighten Lily, but they frighten Charlie.

“If it’s my marriage, it should be I would have to final say on who I should marry.”

“What did you say? You have been engaged for five years, and now you eat your words? How did our parents feel if they know!”

Charlie turns angrily, “I know that I have a marriage contract with her, and you don’t need to remind me every moment! Also, don’t use my parents to force me, otherwise it will only speed up the pace of my dissolution!”

This is the first time that Charlie is so determined, for Karin.

Milan is furious, “Well, you have the final say! I don’t care!”

As soon as the eldest sister leaves, the rest leaves as well, because they all know Charlie well. If he loses his temper, the consequences are hard to imagine.

Charlie stays in place, and calms himself down, and turns towards the stairs.

Karin rushed in his room before he goes upstairs.

The door is pushes open, and he walks in, not looking well.

“Are they all gone?” asks Karin.


“It’s a fierce fight, right?”

Charlie snorts angrily, “Don’t you hear when you hide beside the staircase?”

“Well, you got me…” Karin scratches her head awkwardly.

“You forget this is my house. Nothing can’t escape from my eyes.”

“Sorry, I just can’t help being curious, a little bit, a little curious.” said Karin.

“Then go downstairs. You don’t need to hide!”

“Well, I see.”

“Don’t go on blind dates with those foolish men anymore. You deserve better.”


“If my sisters trouble you, remember to inform me the first time, I will help you solve it.”


“Don’t get in touch with any unfamiliar man, especially the one you think he is your alumni or what, because you don’t know him


No matter what Charlie says, Karin nods nicely.

After a pause, he continues, “In a few days, I will officially break the marriage contract with Mia.”

Raising her head sharply, she is stunned by his words.


“Don’t you dare to persuade me.”

Charlie interrupts coldly. She says, “No, I just want to make a suggestion.”

“Oh, what suggestion?”

“You must have your reasons for this engagement. You must think twice before taking actions.”

“How long do you think I should consider it?”

He already has his own answer when he asks.

“It takes at least a month. After all, marriage is not a child’s play. The longer you think about it, the less likely it will go wrong.”

“And you will graduate by that time. Any decision I make has nothing to do with you, does it?”

A short silence, she doesn’t answer his question directly.

“I can tell you frankly that I will not do it as you wish!”

Charlie leaves such a sentence and walks to the window.

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