Chapter 62 You change woman again

Karin looks at him, and says, “What are you doing?”

She thinks is he a spy sends by Milan?

“No big man, but just like you, being forced to go on a blind date.”

Will there be such a coincidence in the world? She doesn’t believe it.

“Why do you go on a blind date? You are pretty, and don’t worry you can’t find a girl.”

The man signs, “Every family has a difficult scripture. Believe me, compared with women, half of our men are either on a blind date or on their way to a blind date.”

Karin laughs at his funny words. Immediately, she has a good impression of him.

The two are very happily talking. She knows his name is William from England. To her surprise, William also studies at the University of Zurich, two years senior than her, and is hired by a local company with a high salary and currently works as the company’s R & D manager.

The reason for his blind date is because his godmother always want to introduce a girl to him. She is so enthusiastic that he couldn’t refuse her, so he just goes on a blind day.

Lily walks into the cafe with a man, and Karin is chatting with William that she doesn’t notice her.

However, Lily sees her and for a moment, she is so surprised that she couldn’t say a word.

“What happened?”

The man next to her asks in wonder, she smiles awkwardly, “Nothing, I sees an acquaintance.”

After finding a seat, she immediately calls Charlie.

As soon as the phone is connected, she hurriedly asks, “Charlie, have you changed a woman again?”

Charlie doesn’t feel good, “What are you saying?”

“No, I mean, did you break up with that girl named Karin?”

“We haven’t starts a relationship. How comes the breakup?”

She signs, “Well…”

“What happened?”

“It’s okay. I just sees her with a man. They chat so happily that even passers-by would think they are lovers.”

There is a silence on the phone. After a while, he asks lightly, “Where did you see it?”

“Irish coffee shop.”

Hey, the phone hangs up, Lily mutters in a depressed voice, “Don’t even say goodbye? Impolite guy!”

After half an hour, a limo stops in front of the Irish door. A man gets out of the car, and goes straight into the cafe.

Looking around and finds what he wants.

“Miss Karin.” The man calls softly.

Karin looks up in surprise, “Robert? Are you here for coffee too?”

“No, Mr Charlie is waiting for you outside. He asks for you.”

She signs, smiles and turns her eyes to William, “William, let’s talk the other day, I will give you my my number.”

Switching phone numbers, she leaves.

“What’s the matter?”

“Who is that man?”

“Oh, an alumni I know on a blind date.”

“A blind date?”

Charlie thinks that he has heard it wrong, and frowns at her.

She doesn’t want to tell him actually, but since she has said it, there is no need to hide it.

What’s more, she doesn’t think she should hide it from him. It is only during this time that he is busy with work and the two meet very few times, and there is no chance to say about this.

“Well, I am on a blind date today.”

“Give me a reason.” Charlie’s eyes are cold.

“Ask Milan.”


“Yes, otherwise how can I have to time to talk with those foolish men.”

Charlie frowns, and his voice is cold, “Why listen to her?”

“I don’t know what she wants to do. Just ask me to stay away from you. It’s too strange that she even asks me to go on a blind date…”

“Did you figure it out now?”

She raises her cheeks, “Not yet, but I will keep watching.”

“You won’t have another chance to observe.”


Robert starts the engine and drives to Charlie Mansion.

“I won’t let this continue.”

“Don’t you want to go and be angry at Milan, will you?”

Karin doesn’t want to care about other people’s family affairs, but she don’t want to be involved

“In the future, you have to tell me immediately if this thing happens.”

Instead of answering her question directly, he orders her in a commanding tone.


The car stops in front of Charlie’s Mansion, and Karin asks, “Why take me to your house?”

“You’ll know it later.”

Charlie motions her to get out of the car. She finally gets off obediently.

Entering the magnificent living room of Mu Family, she holds her breath and sits on the sofa. The housekeeper brings her a glass of water and she takes it, “Thank you.”

“Call Miss Milan, Miss Lily, and Miss Arya, and let them go home immediately.”

Charlie succinctly orders, the housekeeper answers respectfully, “Yes, master.”

Karin puts down the glass and rushes forward with a swift movement, “Charlie, do you want to have a family meeting? Then I’ll go first, it’s inconvenient for me to be here.”

He holds her, “I never treat you as an outsider.”

She is moved by him a bit, but she is an outsider.

“Don’t be kidding, I really don’t want to stay here, and it’s not

“Well, if you don’t want to stay in the living room, go upstairs and wait for me in my room.”

“Wait for you?”

“I have something to tell you.”

“Can’t you say it another day?”


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