Chapter 61 I’m definitely grab her man

How mean Milan is. She should threaten Karin with this.

“What? Do you think I don’t have this ability?”

“I know you have this ability, but…”

With a quick though in her mind, Karin says, “I will not leave him! If I can’t pass my graduation, then I will stay here and be with your brother. Let’s wait and see who will laugh to the end.”


Milan doesn’t expect that she would do this, thinking that she is just a naive girl.

“Aren’t you afraid of an abandoned end?”

“It doesn’t matter, anyway. If I cannot live a smooth life, so do you. I promised your future sister-in-law that I would never be with Charlie, but now, I will!”

“Don’t you dare!”

“If you insist.”

A battle without smoke intensifies, and the situation is deadlocked for a while.

“Well, I really underestimated you. You don’t care if you can graduate, do you? How about your friend?”

Karin frowns, “What do you mean?”

“What’s that Billie? Doesn’t she care if she can’t graduate?”

She is so well prepared before she comes, even know Karin’s friend.

“Well, I promise you, I will stay away from Charlie.”

If she is the only one who is involved in this matter, she will not bow to anyone, but it involves her friends, she has to compromise. Billie and her family are not very rich. Her parents save money for her to study abroad, and to look forward to her returning home with promising future. She can drag Billie behind.

“You also have to have a blind date.”

“Why?” She protests, “Is it necessary to do this? I will solve my own problems. Do not need you to worry about me.”

“I have my reasons, you don’t need to know.”

Karin thinks for a moment. It is definitely not as simple as she thinks, and she turns her head and says, “You asks me to go on a blind date, who should I go with? I don’t know anyone in Zurich.”

“You can rest assured, I will arrange it for you.”

“What if that doesn’t work?”

“It’s okay, I will arrange for you until it succeeds.”

It seems that there must be a conspiracy.

She pretends that she can’t do this and says, “But I have a boyfriend.”

“If you really have a boyfriend, will you seduce other’s man?”

“Miss Mia is really worrying.”

“Do you agree or not?” Milan is obviously impatient.

“Well. Call me if you arrange everything.”

If Milan wants to play tricks, then she will play with her!

Only two days later, Karin receives a call from Milan.

According to the address she gives, she finds an Irish cafe.

The quiet and elegant environment, with melodious music, really seems to be suitable for a blind date.

She takes a seat and sits down, staring intently at the revolving door. She is curious what kind of object would Milan introduce to her?

About five or six minutes later, a short and fat man walks in. She is startled, and keeps her head down, and prays silently. No this guy… Not this guy.

“Excuse me, are you Miss Karin?”

Karin suddenly feels half-hearted, slowly raises her head, and nods without smile, “Yes, you are…?”

“Oh, My surname is Pony.”

The fat man sits opposite her, “I heard that you are an overseas student?”


“Will you stay here after graduation? I have to remind you in advance that I am doing a very big business in Zurich, so if you marry me, you must to cooperate with me.”

“‘So you must be rich?” Karin has no mood in dealing with him.

He proudly raises his eyebrows, “Of course, look over there.” He points to a black car outside the window, “See? The latest Audi. ordinary man cannot afford it!”

“Well…” Karin nods meaningfully, “It’s quite rich, but…”

Seeing her hesitating the fat man smiles broadly, “Just tell me how do you think. I won’t mind.”

She smiles indifferently, “Then I say it. It seems that you are not young, and you are so rich. How come you still don’t have a wife? Is there any problem?”

There is a sudden depressed laugh behind her, and she turns back in confusion, a strange man who seems to be on a blind date as well, and a shy German girl sits opposite the man.

Apparently, because of the short distance, their conversation is clearly heard by him.

The fat man’s face is blue. He gets up and says, “I’m going to the airport to pick up a friend. Let’s talk another day.”

After seeing him leave, Karin smiles.

She takes out his mobile phone, and calls Milan, and reports her blind date failure. The other side says calmly, “Don’t hurry t leave, there are another three waiting for you.”

Three? The second man appears…

Karin does not expect that she will meet four men one morning.

After the last man leaves, she signs.

Lifting her eyes weakly, she sees the man who has teased her before. It turns out that he is still there.

“Can I sit down?”

“Sure.” She replies.

“You have met four men. Do you still meet more?”

The man has a good look, handsome eyebrows, a curly hair that doesn’t look like a British man, but with a British accent.

“It’s none of your business.”

“If you don’t mind. How about we being together. I’m in worse situation than you. I’ve met a dozens of girls since yesterday.”

“Do you think a blind date is a joke? You think you can fall in love with someone casually?”

The man smiles briefly, the two dimples on his face look cute, “Aren’t you just playing around?”

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