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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 141 Under her custody

The next day, Vivian received an unexpected call.

She had heard no news about Yvonne for several days. Yvonne asked her out to meet her alone.

After thinking about it, Vivian agreed to Yvonne’s request. Since she had been in charge of the matter, there was no reason to give up halfway. Moreover, she was very concerned about the final result of the case.

When the lunch break came, she found an excuse to go out alone.

The place appointed by Yvonne was not far from the building where she worked.

She could see Yvonne was still wearing sunglasses, and she was a little tired, sitting by the window, waiting for her quietly.

Vivian stepped up a bit, pushed open the door and went in and sat opposite Yvonne.

“Vivian, I’m sorry to trouble you.”

Vivian shook her head, “It’s OK. What can I do for you?”

After waiting for a while, Yvonne took out a U-disk from the side bag and put it on the table and pushed it to Vivian. “I know if my case can be a success only by the help of you. This is the recording and photo evidence I got.”

“It’s only my duty. Since you have evidence, it’s better to give it to the lawyer.”

Vivian didn’t take it right away. She didn’t even look at the U disk. Instead, she looked at Yvonne, who was too calm, with her clear eyes.

She was just a recorder. Isn’t it unusual to give her such important evidence? They just met each other. They were not friends. At most, they were two familiar strangers.

Yvonne still said what she knew calmly.

“You’re kind-hearted and can understand my difficulties. Originally, it should be given to the lawyer, but I receive the news that my lawyer has been bought off by someone, and the evidence is nothing to her.”

Is it Amy who was bribed?

She didn’t know why, she thought there were many contradictions in this sentence. Since she found that her lawyer had been bribed, why not change a lawyer? Instead, she went to her for help.

And she didn’t think that Amy would ruin her career for a little benefit. Since Amy could be a gold lawyer, there must be many temptations she had to face. If Amy had any problems, William would have found out for a long time and wouldn’t let her stay until now.

She still remembered William’s meaningful eyes when she asked him to take charge of Yvonne’s divorce case. Now it seemed to remind herself intentionally.

So Yvonne’s behavior was even stranger.

Vivian calmed down and said in a calm voice, “I’m sorry, Yvonne, it’s no use giving the U disk to me. If you think your lawyer has problems, you can ask William. I’m sure William will deal with it for you.”

She was more inclined to believe what William said now.

Yvonne’s eyes flashed behind her sunglasses. Unexpectedly, Vivian would refuse her, and Yvonne’s voice slowed down a lot.

“I know what you’re worried about. I can save a lot of trouble by going to William for trouble, but you should also know that William will not accept my case, and he will only give it to his subordinates.”

Her voice paused, and she said, “Of course, I don’t judge William, but it’s inevitable that there will be new trouble. I mean, I hope you can help me to give this U disk to the lawyer you trust, so we don’t have to bother William, right?”

Vivian simply replied to her, “I’m sorry, Yvonne, I can’t help you, and I believe that every lawyer in our firm has his own professionalism and won’t do such a thing.”

Yvonne sighed sadly, took off her sunglasses, and finally exposed her face to Vivian.

Vivian exclaimed, “Yvonne…”

“That’s the price of getting important evidence.”

Today, Yvonne put on a heavy make-up, but she still couldn’t cover up the purple marks on the corner of her eyes. There were also some puffy marks on her cheekbones. She raised her hand and gently lifted her hair on her forehead, and there was a swallow wound on it, which looked frightening.

After Vivian saw it clearly, she put down her hair as if nothing happened, and put the sunglasses on her face to cover the scars on her face. She laughed at herself and said, “It is sorry to scare you. I really can’t believe other people, so I found you.”

“I didn’t expect it will trouble you.”

Vivian saw Yvonne’s tragic scars, and she didn’t know what she should say. She really sympathized with her, but was it really the reason why she looked for her?

She’s not sure, “Yvonne, I really sympathize with you, but I really can’t answer your request. I can help you to tell to our lawyer.”

This was only what she could do. She believed that if Yvonne was really the victim, William would not really sit back and ignore.

Yvonne held the tip of the spoon and gently stirred the coffee in the cup. The sunlight refracted from the glass to the smooth spoon, reflecting a dazzling radian.

Vivian closed her eyes suddenly. She didn’t know why. She seemed to see a trace of ruthlessness in Yvonne’s sunglasses. When the dazzling sunlight disappeared, she was looking at her again. There were only dark sunglasses left. She couldn’t see anything.

Maybe it was her illusion, Yvonne didn’t have to show her that look.

“Then I won’t bother you.” Finally, Yvonne didn’t force Vivian.

Vivian also followed with a sigh of relief, “Then I will go to work first.”

Her intuition was telling her not to get too close to Yvonne. She hid too deep, not that she could see through.

“Vivian, just wait a moment.” Yvonne stopped Vivian from getting up.

In the suspicious eyes of Vivian, she took an envelope out of her pocket and put it in front of Vivian. She gently said, “Vivian, thank you. I hope you can accept it.”

Vivian looked at the envelope in front of her, and thought that there must have a lot of money in it. She thought it was funny, and she smiled a little.

In less than a month, someone gave her money twice. She was shocked.

Last time Vanessa gave her money. This time Yvonne only gave her money to express her gratitude. She didn’t think she had done much, and it was not worth her bribe.

“What are you laughing at?” Seeing the inexplicable smile on Vivian’s face, Yvonne also asked curiously.

“Nothing. I just thought of some funny things. Besides, I’m sorry. I can’t accept your kindness. Goodbye.” She would not stay any longer. She got up and pulled out her chair, and left without looking back.

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