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Eye Turn Off

Chapter145 dress in an unchaste way

Vivian felt that she didn’t offend him. Why did he show her such an angry look? So she turned her body to the other side, made the glass down, and let the wind in. She felt better now.

He’s angry, and I’m angry too.

The reason why William was so gloomy was that Vivian wore a short skirt. He never knew that Vivian had such an unchaste skirt.

Half way through, the car suddenly stopped.

Vivian fell forward out of inertia, she stabilized herself in some panic, turned her head angrily, and stared at the man beside her.

Before she complained, a coat covered on her body directly, blocking her voice, “William, why did you brake suddenly?”

William started the car without saying anything, turned the steering wheel, and drove back in. His thin, cold lips turned into a line, and his cool face was about to dribble out of the water.

In the narrow car, the temperature dropped suddenly. Vivian also knew that William was so angry. She held the man’s clothes in her arms, thought about it, and showed a very embarrassed expression.

She also found this dress was showing too much skin. Compared with her conservatism, it was just a normal long skirt. Last time, she remembered the skirt that Angie wore was sexier than this.

Why wasn’t he angry last time?

Of course, Vivian had to admit that she said in a fit of pique, “William, what are you doing? Don’t you want to go to the party?”

William almost gnashed his teeth, “Change your clothes.”

“Why? You have already changed them.” Vivian pretended she didn’t understand his words. They were not even friends with benefits now. He shouldn’t care what clothes she wore.

William glanced at her coldly and said derisively, “I don’t want them to think that my female companion is so indiscreet.”

He actually said it. Vivian was so angry that she screamed, “William, you’re indiscreet. Change another girl and then I’ll go!”

Seeing that Vivian was angry, William calmed down and said in a low voice, “You also admit that you are indiscreet, so go back and change your clothes.”

Vivian felt that her forehead was going to smoke, and she blurted out, “Why should I change it? I’m going to wear it like this. Do you forget that? You bought this dress. Did you hear that?”

The car suddenly quieted down, only left a slight disordered gasp from Vivian. He forced her to say that.

Now it was all right.

Vivian underestimated William’s psychological quality. He refused to admit that it was the skirt he gave to Vivian. His said, “Change it.”

Vivian was quarreling with William today. She had to wear this dress today to do whatever she wanted.

She reached and pulled the skirt on her chest that was a little askew. She put her hands around her chest, which made her bosoms stand. She cleared her throat and said with some complacency, “What if I don’t want to, William?”

–There’s a squeak.

Once again, the car braked beside the road. Unfortunately, the street lamp nearby was broken. If they didn’t look carefully, no one would find that there was still a car parked in the dark.

Vivian once again fell forward because of inertia. This time, unfortunately, she hit her forehead in front of the car. Although it wasn’t very painful, it was enough for her to be angry.

“What’s the wrong with you, William?”

“What’s the wrong with me?”

The cold voice of the man seemed to be covered with a layer of frost. It was so cold that her hair could stand upright with a little sweat on her arm. She looked at the man who was constantly emitting cold air.

All of a sudden, the flame of her body was poured with a basin of cold water.

She suddenly realized what a silly decision she had made. She even tried to provoke a man who was used to controlling everything.

Did she think that what happened today was not exciting enough?

“Ah, William, I didn’t mean it.”

Vivian kept moving backwards until her stiff back touched the door and stopped. She screamed in her heart and asked William to keep away from her.

As her friend said, she was a frightened dog in front of William.

The man was constantly approaching with aggressive breath, she could feel his hot breath spraying on the tip of her nose, he said in a light tone, “Say your words again, I did not hear it clearly.”

Vivian’s nose was itching. She quickly turned her head to one side, put her hands across William’s coat, and touched his strong chest. She swallowed unconsciously.

She tried to change to topic, “William, aren’t you going to the party? We’re going to be late.”

She’s wrong. She’s really wrong. She shouldn’t talk to a man in a rage. It was like talking to the deaf. It’s not only useless, but also possible for her to get involved.

“William, what are you doing…”

Seeing William’s upper body approaching slowly, Vivian dare not even breathe for a moment, her whole face got red, and she didn’t know what William was going to do. She felt like a poor fish with lack of oxygen, and couldn’t breathe.

She could see clearly the smooth chin he shaved, and the thin lip that was perfect for kissing.

Does he want to kiss me?

Her heart was beating fast.

All of a sudden, there was a sound of “tearing” in the chest.

She was about to drown from his oppression all of a sudden, it seemed nothing happened. There was no change on his cold handsome face, his cold voice said with a tinge of imperceptible tease, “Are you still waiting for me to kiss you?”

Vivian listened to the man’s words clearly, and her face was hot. If she beat an egg on her face, it must have been ripe. She said angrily, “Who is waiting for you to kiss?”

She absolutely didn’t think that William really wanted to kiss her.

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