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Eye Turn Off

Chapter143 this is business

“I don’t know about it.” Alex thought Vivian was not easy to explain to her boyfriend, and he said seriously, “Vivi, this is business.”

Hearing that it was public affair, she could not make excuses, and could only accept it, “Ok, I understand.”

When Alexander heard Vivian’s promise, he put on a smile immediately and said comfortingly, “Don’t worry. William will stand beside you this time, you will be OK.”

Vivian said in her heart silently, it was William who let her in danger, but she didn’t dare to say it. She just asked, “Alex, may I ask you who let me go to the party?”

Alexander, with a very prescient expression, said, “William gave me the hard job. Naturally, I want to think about his safety, you know.”

Yes, she knew. She didn’t knew a shit.

Vivian was angered to spit blood. Because she had a “boyfriend”, so she wouldn’t covet William.

“Alex, thank you so much!”

Alexander still couldn’t understand Vivian’s irony. He thought that she was thanking him for giving her such a good chance to see the world. He was embarrassed and answered, “You’re welcome. You should go back earlier today and change your clothes, and William will pick you up.”

“I see.” Vivian came out of Alex’s office.

Several ‘cold arrows’ shot towards her, and Vivian finally knew why she felt the air conditioning was extremely cold when she came back to the office. It turned out that they all knew that the ‘lucky one’ today was her.

So she was unwilling to make air conditioning, she also did not want to go to the party, let them go if they wanted.

Layla ran over and winked and said, “You should also know that, Vivi.”

“Yeah.” She was trolled by Alexander.

Layla slapped Vivian on the back and said solemnly, “Vivi, although William is really charming, I believe you can control it.”

“Oh, come on.” Vivian couldn’t stand Layla’s ‘iron palm’. She was almost beat down. Layla was really lusty.

Layla said sheepishly, “Hey, I’m sorry, Vivi, I’m so excited that I didn’t control my strength.”

“Well, I’m just kidding.” Vivian said with a wave of her hand.

Sherry came up with a pile of documents and said in a jealous voice, “I really envy you that you can accompany William to attend such an important occasion in the evening.”

Why can Vivian go to the party but she can’t? Although she was still an apprentice lawyer now, she could enter the firm as a formal lawyer after graduation. Vivian was still an assistant no matter how hard she tried.

She was not reconciled.

“Sherry, why don’t you tell Alex to let him give you the chance?” Layla curled her mouth and said. She just wanted to go out with William instead of Vivi.

“What are you talking about, Layla?” Sherry took a worried look at Vivian and saw that she was not angry, so she continued, “How can a secretary’s decision be changed by a small apprentice lawyer?”

It had no problem with her words, but it was interesting to think about it carefully. She couldn’t influence Alexander’s decision, while Vivian could push off the party or let her go.

“Sherry, you…” Layla also wanted to say something unpleasant, which was interrupted by Vivian.

“Sherry, this is my job, and I can only listen to my boss’s arrangement.” It meant she couldn’t put off it.

Sherry gave a forced smile, “You’re right, as employees, we still have to abide by our duties, right?”

Listen to her boss? She just wanted to go with William. Vivian was the most hypocritical woman she had ever met.

Vivian smiled and didn’t answer.

Sherry also found that she seemed to say too much, and found an excuse to leave.

Layla said, “Don’t mind her.”

“Well, hurry up and work.” Vivian didn’t take Sherry’s words into her heart. She only thought that she was young and had not really experienced much in the society.

When she understood that, she would know that many things couldn’t be rejected if she wanted to.

When Vivian went back to her desk and looked at the computer desk, her mind was empty and she couldn’t do anything at all. Her mind was full of Yvonne’s words.

After thinking about it for a long time, she still didn’t know her intention.

It’s an hour before she left work.

Vivian glanced at the bottom right corner of the desktop, and there were many new messages of the group. It must be Layla and Selina who were chatting excitedly again. Suddenly, she thought of William’s account number.

Anyway, I’m not in the mood to work now. I’d better tell him about today.

Vivian said that she had already opened the dialog box, hesitated for a few seconds, and she was still typing a few words and sent out.


After that, there was the silence. Vivian wondered whether she was too dependent on William, and whether William was busy and didn’t have time to reply.

Or he didn’t want to reply.

This problem bothered her to get off work, but she didn’t wait for William’s response. Vivian turned off the computer in disappointment.

As soon as she got out of the building, she heard the cell phone in her bag ring. It seemed that someone knew that she was going downstairs and made a phone call deliberately.

Vivian looked at it. It was William. She answered it unwillingly, “Hello?”

William, who was at the other end of the phone, didn’t expect Vivian would be so sad. After a pause, he said lightly, “Come down to the parking lot.”

Vivian was eager to refuse. Thinking of Yvonne, she gave in and said, “I see.”

William must be a devil sent by hell to punish her.

After receiving the call, Vivian looked around like a thief. No one noticed her and then she walked towards the lower floor of the parking lot.

It didn’t take long to find the conspicuous parking space of William.

She walked quickly, opened the door, and quickly got in. She glanced around uneasily and made sure no one saw it before she dared to relax.

William looked at a series of actions of Vivian, which like a guilty thief. His eyelids was twitching and he said in a cold voice, “Are you a thief?”

“No.” Vivian answered in a daze.

William said in a teasing tone, “Then, why are you hiding?”

Vivian wanted to roll her eyes at him, but she dared not. She moved her lips and did not contradict.

William’s tall body suddenly leaned over.

“What are you doing?” Vivian immediately shrank back.

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