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Eye Turn Off

Chapter142 a trap

Yvonne didn’t stop Vivian from leaving, but looked at her back. She was waiting for Vivian to disappear and didn’t mean to get up and leave.

It’s more like she was waiting for someone.

After a while, a tall and thin man came with a cap, wearing a brown collar windbreaker in hot summer. His whole body was wrapped in it, leaving only a mouth to talk.

He kept on walking and went straight to the place where Vivian had just sat and sat down.

Yvonne looked at the street view outside the glass, but said to the man in front of her, “It’s all done.”

“Make sure there’s no problem.” The man’s low voice was like a chicken pinched by a man, which made people uncomfortable.

Yvonne took her eyes back and saw the man smile smugly. There was a flash of disgust in her eyes, but she covered it up. She raised her chin and said, “I have given you the money. And watch your mouth.”

She had long known that Vivian wouldn’t accept the money, and the money in the envelope was also prepared for the man opposite. If Vivian took the U disk, she wouldn’t use the second method, just because Vivian didn’t know her situation.

“Hey, don’t worry, Yvonne. I promise I won’t say anything.” Seeing the thick envelope in front of him, he didn’t care about Yvonne’s arrogant attitude. He greedily took it up and stuffed it into the pocket of his clothes.

Yvonne was still worried, “Let me have a look at the picture first.”

“No problem. I took more than one hundred pictures.” He put the camera in front of her.

Yvonne opened the photo album, and every picture was basically a picture of her talking with Vivian. When she took the money and pushed it to Vivian, the man purposely zoomed in and magnified the picture to let people see more clearly how much money was in her envelope.

She was satisfied with the last few photos. No matter whether Vivian took the money or not, as long as these photos were publicized, everyone would only think that Vivian took the money.

As for why she did this, it was natural that some people had told her to do so. Vivian had offended the wrong people.

“Well, when I get the news, you can send out the photos.” Yvonne returned the camera to him.

“No problem, remember to ask me if you still need help. I promise to give you a 20% discount.” The man’s mouth was full of fetid smell.

Yvonne frowned several times. She didn’t want to say a word more to such an inferior person. Before she got up and left, she said, “If it fails, you know the consequences.”

“Don’t worry. I understand the rules.” The man’s sharp laughter made the eardrum ache.

Yvonne couldn’t stay for a second and she left.

Vivian, who returned to the office, went back to her desk absently. Layla called her several times, but she didn’t respond.

Layla could only push her, “Vivi, what’s wrong with you?”

“Layla?” Vivian was still thinking about Yvonne’s intention to find her. She couldn’t be at ease.

Layla was thinking carefully but didn’t find out what happened to Vivian. “Yes, I’ve called you several times. What are you doing out at noon? It’s like losing your soul when you come back.”

“I’m fine. I’m just going to meet a friend.” Vivian didn’t want Layla to worry about it, so she found a reason to prevaricate.

Layla acted like an anthomaniac woman. “Your boyfriend? Oh, he is really gentle.”

“No,” Vivian mentioned casually, “by the way, how was Yvonne’s case last time?”

Hearing the case, Layla said with some frustration, “What else can we do? Amy is in charge of the case now. According to Sherry’s words, it should be difficult to deal with it.”

Vivian was very worried and pretended to be curious, “Yvonne doesn’t come to the office. Amy doesn’t seem to care about it.”

Layla thought for a moment and said, “I’m not sure about that, but it is true that Yvonne hasn’t been here. If I were Yvonne, I would go to the office ten times a day.”

Layla’s words also attracted Vivian’s attention. Yvonne really had an ulterior motive. It was likely that it was her or someone in the office behind her. No matter which one, it was the result she did not want to see.

No, she must tell William about it.

“Vivi, you don’t need to care about Yvonne’s case. This morning, I heard Amy call Yvonne.” Layla didn’t understand what Vivian was nervous about.

Vivian immediately grabbed Layla’s hand and asked, “What did she say?”

“It seems that his husband is not going to divorce her. They are negotiating in private.” Layla recalled and said.

“What?!” Vivian sat back in the chair without any spirit. Yvonne asked her to meet her, but she didn’t say that. Why did she choose her?

“Vivi, I have another important thing to tell you…”

Layla had not finished saying that, the voice of Alex had come.

“Vivi, come in for a moment.”

Vivian didn’t hear Layla’s words, she just heard Alex calling her, “Layla, let me go first. Talk about it later.”

“Well, then you can go.” Layla estimated that Alex’s words should be the same as hers.

Vivian tried to cheer herself up, she took a deep breath at the door, then pushed the glass door open, and went in, “Can I help you, Alexander?”

In order to avoid suspicion, she was now called him Alexander in the office.

“Well, if you want to sit down, what would you like to drink?” Alexander said with a smile.

When Vivian saw Alex’s relaxed expression, she also felt relieved. This meant that what Alexander was going to say should not be a big deal. She sat down at the desk obediently, “Thanks. I’m not thirsty. What do you call me?”

“Oh, that’s nothing. It’s not a big deal. It’s that you’re going to a party with William in the evening.” Alexander said.

It was undoubtedly an amazing bomb to Vivian. She immediately responded and said, “Alex, it’s not suitable for me.”

“I know it must be awkward for you to go to such an important occasion, but this time it was required to take a partner. It’s not suitable for a man to follow him either.” Alexander grasped his hair helplessly.

“Doesn’t he have a girlfriend?”

Vivian gently reminded the existence of Angie. She had told Vanessa that she would not have too much to do with William. It would be bad if she was be seen by acquaintances of Angie.

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