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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 172 Confusion

As the saying goes, you understand the persons once you live with them. After living with him for quite some time, besides her improvement in work, for some of this ‘hidden hints’, Lily’s understanding ability has also increased a lot.

For example, the sentence that he has just said is obviously more, but Lily could sense the meaning behind it.

Put it before, she must never think of it.

Lily rolls her eyes and asks him intentionally, “What the hell is it?”

She can’t tell a lie. Her expression is also no better. That little thought of her, Rex could sense that she is knowingly asking. His thick eyebrows are slightly raised, putting both of his hand in his chest while leisurely looks at her, “Are you sure you want me to repeat it?”

Lily looks at him innocently, “Rex, what are you talking about, how can I not understand?”

“I said…” He leans closer and touches her small white ears, “I want to ‘do’ something with you.”

Lily grits her teeth. Her heartbeat is about to pop out of her throat. The meal she has just eaten is indigestible, “What…”

Before she even finishes, he interrupts her aloud, pinching her thins skin that is thinner than a paper, “Do… the things you love to do.”

Lily couldn’t act anymore. She throws the TV remote that is beside her phone aside and runs towards the second floor before she could wear the slippers.

Fanny has just finished washing the dishes and comes out to see this scene. She asks in puzzlement, “Lily, what are you…”

“It’s okay.” Rex straightens up, looking good, “She is a coward, refusing to face a problem.”

“Refusing to face a problem?” Fanny is confused.

Rex doesn’t explain further and only chuckles, telling her to take a rest, and goes upstairs, leaving her alone wondering.

Two steps in a time, which makes him reach the bedroom only in a few steps. The man lifts his hand and pushes the door. Sure enough, it is locked, she locks it.

He is not in a hurry and slowly raises his hand to knock twice, “Lily, open the door.”

“No! You can sleep in the guest room!” Lily doesn’t go far, but stands beside the door, staring at the door nervously, afraid that he will suddenly break in.

In fact, it isn’t that bad to do that with him, she really enjoys it. However, the two haven’t been intimate for too long. In addition of him being discharged, even though it is not a serious injury, she is still a little worried.

“I’ll say it again, open the door.” Rex repeats again, his tone is a little heavier than before, making people panic.

Lily shakes her head vigorously, even though he could not see it at all. “I won’t, you have just recovered, you can’t be too intense…”

With a click, there is a noise outside the door in front of her, as though something is inserted into the keyhole.

Lily shuts her mouth, her eyes widen even more, watching as the doorknob is being unscrewed in a slow motion, and watches as the door being opened from the outside….

He… where did he get the key?!

Lily holds her breath and sees him walk in and immediately squeaks, “Ah!”

She is like a little white rabbit that is discovered by a hunter. She jumps up and down around the room. Unfortunately, he is too strong that she is pressed on the bed before she could move further.

“Run then, why don’t you keep running, huh?” After chasing her for a while, Rex also gasps a little. Thinking of the stupid things that she has done, he couldn’t help being angry.

For her, he really does everything. It is also the first time that he chases a person around in a middle of the night.

Lily stares at him, “Let go of me…”

“You always say let go of you, when will you say you want it?” He feels his self-esteem has been hurt and he doesn’t care what he is saying. Even though he is aware that she is caring about him, when thinking of the woman keeping away from him, he still feels unpleasant.

They have done that before. Why did she still run away from him? Is his skill that bad?

As soon as the idea pops in his mind, it is dismissed by Rex. Impossible, it is definitely not because of this.

He doesn’t understand, so he simply doesn’t think of it. Just by looking at the woman that is imprisoned under him, the desire inside him begins to rise again.

It is also strange that after being indifferent for thirty-two years, she breaks it. Any kind of self-control, not being disturbed, all are nonsense.

The crystal chandelier on the ceiling of the bedroom is still on, which makes the room well lit. Even if there is only a small flaw, he can see it. Just like this, he observes Lily’s palm-sized face and can’t tell anything wrong.

It is so pleasing to the eyes. No matter from which angle, she looks beautiful and makes him very happy.

Lily goes through his affectionate eyes, which is as deep as an ink, like a vortex that could swallow everything. It will be easily perturbed as soon as you fall into it.

She couldn’t help trembling with the man’s coarse fingertips. Her white skin seems to be moisturized by milk, which glows with health luster under the light.

Rex guides her patiently, giving all the sense for her to enjoy it. By looking at her losing underneath, his heart seems to be infused with a hot stream of warmth, flowing through the blood vessel to the limb and makes him get horn.

“Lily, Lily…” He calls her name softly; his fingertip falls on every corner of her body, as if a devout believer is doing a sacred worship, which makes Lily unable to move.

She is completely in an erotic wave he created. For a while, it is the suffocation on the verge of drowning. While another second later, it is the aftershocks after the waves. And he is the only one who can hold her tight and gives her the sense of security.

“Rex…” She moans out the words in a sweet voice, which can make people tremble by hearing it.

“I’m here.” The man’s hot sweat drips on her collarbone. The wheat-colored skin and the milk-colored skin are intertwined, clearly contrasting, but unexpectedly harmonious.

As if they are a couple made in heaven, and they are born for each other.

Lily clenches his arm. Under his tender palm, the man’s body is as hard as a soldering iron. She titles her head, twisting her waist to press it, “Turn off the light.”

At this critical moment, she still has the mood to ask him to turn off the light. The man smiles, “You’re so beautiful under the light.”

“No, turn off the…” Lily stops halfway and her body is filled in an instant. She is caught off guard. There is a charming exclamation on her lips.

The kind of rejoicing of fear and frighten experience, and the kind of desperately cherishing each other’s trust, at this moment, turn into a thrilling situation.

The night is long. Everything feeling seems to open the floodgates. The two’s atrium is filled up instantly.

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