Chapter 171 Improving Himself for Her Sake

Rex also freezes for a while, but soon returns to normal, and slowly unbuckles his belt, “What’s wrong, why so panic?”

Lily blushes and looks away from him, clearing her throat, “Well, when did you find a housemaid?”

“Not long ago.” The man responses faintly while changing cloth.

Lily’s ears are hot; she dares not to move her vision, staring deadly at the carpet underneath, “I remember you don’t like someone inside the house. Why do you even find one?”

“Yes, but you keep on busying around if there is no one.” She cooked for him several times before and sent it to the hospital. Even though she doesn’t complain, he is aware of the small wound on her finger, which makes him distressed. Thus, he finds someone to hire a housemaid before leaving the hospital.

Lily of course is willing that someone may help her, but thinking of his childhood experience, knowing that he would have had a resistance to servants and strangers, she doesn’t want to force him, “Actually, I’m okay, I’m a little busy only when you’re in the hospital. For the rest, I can handle it.”

“But I feel sorry.” As he says, he has stood in front of her. His half-untie belt hangs loosely around his waist, which barely shows the edge of his underwear.

Lily takes a step back, and he takes a step forward. Going and back forth, she is cornered.

Her body is attached to the hard wall, and Lily swallows involuntarily. Both of her hands are placed in the narrow space between their body, “If you have something to say, say it clearly, don’t act indecently.”

Rex stretches out his hand to the side of her head, “What did you mean by me acting indecently?”

Lily is too lazy to confront him, “You know what you are thinking, and why ask for it!”

“Oh…” He lengthens the last syllable, and seems to suddenly think of something, “It indeed has a lot of ‘good memories’ here.”

He deliberately stresses those words very hard, which more or less hints her.

Some unspeakable pictures flash in Lily’s mind, which makes her blush quickly and stares at him angrily, “Say it correctly!”

“I’ve hired the housemaid. I will not fire her. It is good to have someone to help you. That’s it.”


“Don’t say it.” He interrupts her, “I don’t like it, but for you, I will tolerate it.”

Lily’s upcoming words have been blocked by his sentence. To say it precisely, it is a little subtle. She thinks for him, but he is also the same. The two have different opinions because they look from different points of view and care the other party more than themselves.

It’s kind of ridiculous, yet kind of heartwarming.

Lily’s tone softens, “I’m just afraid that you might feel uncomfortable…”

“I know.” Rex lowers his head and peeks on a kiss. The sound makes people blush. His hoarse voice is heard on her ear, “Apart from being uncomfortable for not having sex with you, everything is fine.”

“!!!” Lily stares at him incredulously, and stutters in surprise, “You, you, what are you talking about!”

She pushes the man in front of her hardly. Rex also doesn’t stop her and obediently steps back. He watches as she runs away with blushing face and neck, like a little cute elk.

The fragrance of the woman’s body remains on his nose. Rex looks up and gradually sobers up, he helplessly touches his forehead, he is really… Breathing!

Lily runs downstairs right in time when Fanny brings the rice out. She deliberately steams a brown rice, not the white rice for their health.

Lily gets the chopsticks and spoons from the kitchen, but is blocked by Fanny, “Don’t, really don’t. I’ll do these things, Lily, you don’t have to involve in.”

“It’s fine, you’re busy and I simply want to help you.”

“That can’t be. This is what I should do. How can you do it?” Fanny takes the cutlery from her hand and puts it back in order, “Rex will be mad if he sees it.”

Lily perceives Fanny’s teasing sight and scratches her head embarrassedly, “It’s fine. I’ve done all the work at home before. Fanny, don’t be so polite, I don’t have any strict rules here, you can work here is also our fate.”

Rex coincidentally comes downstairs and hears the sentence. He doesn’t feel surprise at all, she indeed is really kind, and thus she will never make trouble for others.

An also because of this kindness, he is deeply attracted to her.

Rex has changed into more comfortable clothes. Fanny helps him pulls the chair, “Rex, the meal is ready, please eat while it’s hot.”

Comparing to Lily, Rex is not approachable to others; he simply nods to indicate that he has heard it.

The two sit down. Rex doesn’t have a habit of talking while eating, whereas Lily almost devours ravenously. Besides the sound of spoon touching the bowl, almost no one speaks.

The dining room is unusually quiet, and Rex is not used to it. He then looks at the petite girl on the side; his brows are full of tenderness. “Does it suit your taste?”

“It not only suits my taste. It is too good! This food, Emm… It tastes better than my mom’s.” Even though Bree is also a good cook, her cooking skills are not as good as Fanny’s.

Rex hooks his lips, “Good then.”

Lily sweeps at the bowl of soup in his hand that is empty, and reaches over to scoop him a carp soup, “Drink some, it’s good for your health.”

With that, she breaks the chicken leg and puts it in his bowl, “One for you.”

Looking at the steamed chicken leg that is placed on his plate, Rex reminds that the last time when he was shared with a chicken leg was when he was six years old. At that time, he was the only child and his parents hadn’t divorced. During the holiday, they always gave him the chicken leg, but unfortunately when everything turned bad, there is no more such a feeling.

Lily looks at him staring at it in a daze. When she is about to speak, she suddenly sees the trace of sadness behind his eyes, which makes her feels uneasy, and then intentionally be more lively and teases him, “Are you touched? I usually don’t share it with others, but since you’ve just recovered, I give it to you.”

Rex recovers and uses the chopsticks to clamp down the meat to put it in his mouth. The whole chicken is very soft, which makes it feel sweet and tender inside the mouth, it is not greasy at all, “Not bad.”

He rarely makes a compliment, and Lily quickly conveys to Fanny, “Fanny, you are the first one who receives his praise in cooking.”

“Really? Then I’m so honored to hear that!” Once Fanny heard that he likes it, her heart is full of accomplishment.

The meal is very delicious. Lily almost doesn’t stop and eats almost half of the four dishes, then drinks another bowl of soup. She is really saturated that can’t even move from the sofa.

Rex takes a cup of warm water and hands it to her, “No, no, I can’t drink anymore.”

“Drink it for digesting your food. You still have to do something later.” He insists on her to drink and places it in front of her.

Lily couldn’t refuse it and takes a sip in perfunctory manner. The food that she has just eaten is almost on her throat, “What to do later?”

It’s almost eight o’clock now. Does he want to go out?

Rex meets her black eyes, the deep black eyes seem to hide countless of stars, it is shining brightly. He only stares at her and says nothing, the emotion in his eyes becomes a little eager.

The cup that Lily holds in her palm suddenly becomes hot; she… seems to understand it.

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