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Chapter 170 He’s Undressing

“Yeah.” Rex gives an instruction to go back to the Villa to the driver.

Lily is slightly surprised, “You don’t go to the company?”

“Not for now, I’ll go to the company two days later.”

“Won’t this delay your work?” He has been leaving for more than a week. During that time, except for the first three days, Joe has been there to report. The report lasted for a long time; and sometimes, he even reported for the whole morning.

“It’s okay. I can have a video conference at home, it won’t be delayed.” He finally has such a period of time. Since they just reconciled with each other, and he had told her everything about Marina, he is finally relaxed and just wants to be with Lily all day long to compensate his indifference to her a while ago,.

The man’s burning eyes fall on her face, and holds on for a few seconds. After a long time, she feels uncomfortable and raises her hand to touch her face, “Is there something on my face?”

Rex is amused by her sly look and pulls her directly to his thigh, his hot lips sticks on her ears, and an evil smile appears on the corner of his lips, “What do you want to do? Why are you eager to drive me out”

Lily is tickled by his breath and moves aside “I am just concerned with your work, why should I drive you away.”

Rex raises his hand and pinches the soft flesh on her waist. The woman exclaims. He then presses on the button to raise the insolation board in time, “Then tell me what you want to do.”

This gesture…

Lily is aware of what he is thinking and doesn’t reply. She slightly wants to return to her former position, but her shoulders were caught tightly only after a move, “I warned you, don’t move, if there’s something, you will have to blame yourself.”

“….” Who is the victim now?

Seeing her eyes are filled with rush and nervousness, Rex couldn’t bear to scare her again, “Let me hug you, I won’t do anything else.”

With that, he holds up her small hand in his palm and put it on his lips to peck a kiss. His kiss is like a feather that flickers across her hand.

Lily watches his movements and her heartbeat thumps. The skin that he kisses seems to have a fire burning. It is so hot that she loses all strength and fall into his big arms.

The car is driving steadily; he doesn’t make any unexpected moves.

Lily ties up her hair today and puts a loose bun behind her head, exposing a delicate face that is as small as a palm. A few strands of hair flutters around her neck, giving her a unique style.

Rex he has never met various kinds of women before. They are either surprising, or sharp, or cold, or gentle, but none of them can catch his heart and lets him into them with only one glance.

Her beauty is as gentle as the first wind of the spring. She is really beautiful and delicate but is different from others. You can remember her just with a glance.

Especially her big, clear eyes, every time he looks at her, he would be filled with various emotions. This makes his heartbeat accelerate with an excitement.

“You’re beautiful.” He chuckles lightly and raises his hand to tuck her hair.

Lily is slightly uncomfortable with his sudden compliment, her face is blushing. She dares not to stare at him, “Why did you suddenly praise me.”

This sentence makes him a little surprised. In such a good atmosphere, why did she ask this? It looks like he seldom says such a sweet word.

“Lily, I’m sorry for the troubles.” She went to the hospital every day, and she had really taken good care for him. She also worked hard to forgive him regardless of her suspicion.

He speaks so seriously that Lily is a little bit embarrassed. She bows her head and hides her face in his chest, “I’m also wrong, no matter what will happen in the future, we must be honest to each other, shall we?”

“Okay.” Rex hugs her head, letting her hear him heartbeats, “Trust me, my feelings for you are the last thing that you should doubt. My heart will only beat for you like this.”

Rex feels that he is done. After experiencing the pain of almost losing her, at this time, he wishes he could dig out his heart and shows her how much he loves her.

Lily nods her head, “I know. I know everything.”

Love is never a one-sided effort. She can feel that this man loves her. He is so unruly and chic, if he doesn’t love her, he won’t make such an effort.

She knows it.

Rex looks at her in puzzled, “You don’t know something.”


“I won’t tell you.”

Lily is stunned, her head looks up immediately and sees a mysterious looks and a pride, “its fine if you don’t say it.”

However, although she said so, she is really curious. She always feels that this matter should be related to her. After all, for an old man like Rex who has no love experience, he is not very likely to disguise his emotions.

But what will it be?

Lily doesn’t continue to ask, but she is really looking forward to it.

The car drives steadily all the way. When they arrive at the Villa, it is almost dinner time. The two of them have been in the hospital for most time recently, which means that they don’t have a good meal, especially Lily.

At the moment when they arrive, she is bothered by thinking what to cook today. But little did she expect that she will smell a strong scent of rice as soon as she opens the door.

She simply looks at the room inside, hearing a noisy sound from the kitchen.

Lily’s heart tightens; she immediately looks back at Rex behind her, “Is there anyone inside?”

On the other hand, Rex is really calm, “You’ll know when you see it.”

Lily feels ease this time. Going through the dining room, she sees four dishes and a soup on the table – parsley shrimp, boiled cabbage, steamed beef, stewed chicken with cordyceps and crucian carp tofu soup, they look really delicious. Although they are very light, the smell really gives people an appetite.

Lily sighs all the way to the kitchen. As soon as she enters, she sees a short woman. She is wearing an apron and is standing in front of the stove. The back hair above her head is mixed with several white hairs. She is a little bit fat, but she looks kind.

Seeing her coming in, the woman freezes for a second, but she soon greets with a smile, “Are you Lily?”

Lily is absentminded, but she quickly responses, “Ah… it’s me, and you’re?”

“Didn’t Rex tell you?” the woman quickly dries her hand on the apron, “I’m the new housemaid, Fanny, I’m fifty-five years old.”


Didn’t Rex say that he doesn’t like having any other person in his house, why did he suddenly hire a housemaid?

Lily holds out her hand and shakes it politely. Her hand is a bit rough, maybe that’s because of her hard work all around the year. She smiles and greets, “Hello, Fanny, please take care of our house in the future.”

Fanny is flattered. She has worked with many wealthy families and no hostess has been so polite to her. When she first come, her agency told her that this host is a very powerful person, she must be careful and rigorous in her work. Little did she expect that her hostess would be so humble.

Fanny politely says, “It’s nothing. This is my job. The kitchen is so smoky, you can wait outside, and I’ll call you after the meal is ready.”


After leaving the kitchen, Lily goes directly to the master room on the second floor. There is no one in the bedroom, but the cloakroom is opened. She walks over hurriedly without knocking at the door. And that man has just taken off his shirt, revealing his good figure.

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