Chapter 169 The Old Man is in Love

Karl is surprised, “Wow, you’ve really changed!”

As the saying goes, people will be different after falling in love. He doesn’t believe it, but now he is convinced. Is he still the Rex that he knows?

Comparing with the care that Lily gives every day, what is this face for?

Karl is completely speechless. When he is about to turn and left, he stops in the middle of the way and suggests him, “Don’t stay for too long, the cost is expensive.”

After he said, he lifts up his foot and walks away. Sally, who has not recovered from his blame, is still standing in a daze. She then hears Karl’s voice coming from outside the ward, “Sally.”

She is shocked and hurries out.

Doctor Ken steps forward slightly to stop her “I’m sorry, you’re scolded because of me.”

Sally doesn’t have much time to say and could only form a smile, “It’s fine, talk to you later.”

Doctor Ken looks at the two people who left one after another, he is a little dumbfounded. But since he is here for an inspection, he still has to perform his job and couldn’t be affected by his personal emotions.

He looks at the medical record; it has detailed information about his indicators and medication. The tip of the pen touches the paper, leaving a line of beautiful yet chic notes.

Rex glances at the man closely. He is intellectual, an is not really tall, one could know that he is a doctor by this appearance. Rex lowers his eyes and says faintly, “You can like whoever you want, but not Sally, you dean doesn’t like others to take his stuff.”

Doctor Ken is shocked. He doesn’t know how he knew that he likes Sally. He has restrained his emotions.

However, all of this can’t escape Rex’s eyes. As long as there is an expression or a movement, he can catch things that ordinary people can’t think of.

But what does he mean by saying this sentence?

Don’t take Karl’s stuff, did you just said that… Karl likes Sally?!

Karl’s leg is long, which makes him has a big step. Sally almost trots all the way, but still barely keeps up with his speed. Finally, they enter the office. This man takes off his white coat while walking and throws it to her.

Sally is too late to catch it and her small face is smashed.

The white coat doesn’t have any other scent, except the smell of detergent after being washed.

It’s a bit like lavender, but not really. If you don’t smell it carefully, you won’t be able to feel it.

Karl sits on the sofa and picks up the cup on the table to drink it. In addition to thirst, it is more like trying to extinguish the flames in his heart.

Sally stands aside and dare not to move, afraid that she will provoke him again with an unintentional movement. Her heart has sighed for countless times. Lately, her dean has been really strange and sensitive…..

However, the more she stays silence, the more annoying Karl is. The large room is quiet, making him a little uncomfortable.

For a long time, Sally’s legs are already a little numb, she then asks in a low voice, “Dean Karl, if there is nothing else, I will go out.”

In a sentence, she keeps on mention to go out; did she really want to stay away from him?

Karl doesn’t hit a spot, his eyes cast with a threat, like throwing a bomb in Lily’s heart, “Did I let you go?”

No, but he doesn’t say a word nor orders things for her. She is standing here like a statue; did he intend to use her to block the door?

Sally feels that she is really patient; she doesn’t rush up to squash his face.

Karl is aware of the little flames burning in her eyes, but he doesn’t bother to it. He even smiles contemptuously, “Did you remember that it is forbidden to date between colleagues?”

Of course Sally remembers, but why did he say it now? Did she violate any rules?

After thinking about it, she is still puzzled. Sally couldn’t understand it and couldn’t help but asking him directly, “Karl, what are you trying to say, you might tell me directly.”

What she is afraid of the most is beating around the bush, because she is afraid that she will not understand.

The current situation is such an example.

Karl tilts his head, seems to smile again and stands up to walk to her. His tall height is able to cover her from the top, “What happened to you and Doctor Ken, should I say it?”

“Doctor Ken?” Lily is confused, “What happened to me and him?”

“Recently, the relationship between you two have been exposed in the hospital, the impact is very bad, don’t tell me you don’t know about this.” Obviously, even if she explains, Karl will not believe it.

Sally’s delicate face wrinkles together, “We’re only ordinary colleagues, there’s nothing else.”

Karl looks deep into her eyes; there is no panic or trace of trying to cover up. She should have said the truth, but as the saying goes, the flies don’t sting seamless egg, such a scandal will only come out if they are really close.

Karl grits his teeth; he doesn’t understand why he minds this, and he even gaffes. He then adjusts his emotion and regains the appearance of being warm, quiet yet rejecting it, “Better not.”

Karl is more relived after enjoying three more days of heavenly treatment. At the weekend, Joe comes to help him to go through the discharge procedure. The things in the company has piled up that there is really no way to postpone it.

At half past two in the afternoon, after the discharge procedure is completed, Rex walks out of the hospital with Lily. Karl doesn’t send him out, only the vice dean of the hospital sends him, followed by the experts of various departments behind. It’s really a magnificent scene.

Lily knows that they has something to say, thus she gets in the car in advance and looks at the man on the door through the window. When he entered the hospital, he was unshaved and gaunt. But now, dressing up in a suit, he is really spirited with an extraordinary temperament, exuding the charms of a mature man in his every movement.

There are nurses passing by from time to time. But none of them dares to look at him. This person has a strong momentum and the ordinary people can’t bear it. Many of them run away with a red face and couldn’t help but looking back after a few meters away.

Lily pouts her lips and looks away, and belittles him in mind, “He is so wicked and he attracts people no matter where he is!”

In less than ten minutes, the back door of the car is pulled again, followed by two long, slender legs. Lily sweeps across him, “Is everything done?”

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