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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 168 Chaos in the Ward

“You can’t close your mouth, right?” He deliberately leans closer, his breath falls on Lily’s face.

“This is hospital, what are you doing, what if we’re seen?”

Rex basically just wants to scare her, but after hugging her, he can’t let her go. The color of his eyes continues to deepen, his body gradually becomes hotter, “Lily….”

The man’s voice is hoarse. It is like a beautiful syllable in Lily’s eyes, which is addictive and charming and keeps on seducing her.

Lily warns herself to be calm, and her hand helplessly rest between them, “Rex, stop messing!”

“No messing.” He speaks indulgently, looking down at her lips, “It’s just that my mouth is a little bit dry.”

As soon as the word fall, the man puts his sexy, thin lips on hers again. Indeed, his lips are a little bit dry. But soon, they is moisturized. They have a crazy kiss. He kisses so gently, patiently yet tenderly.

It has been a while since they hug each other and touch each other. Only a kiss has made them gasp for breath. He supports both of his strong arms on the side, afraid to burden her.

Lily gasps for a while, her eyes are watery, which has blurred her vision, “You…”

Before she could talk, the man above has leans forward once again. As if he has just left time for her to breathe. This time, he is much more aggressive. His body also gives out a strong desire of masculinity around Lily.

He hasn’t been close to her for a month and half. Thus, he is like virgin boy who is not satisfied with a kiss.

Lily’s breath is taken away by him, she could hardly breathe. But fortunately, he is still sensible and releases her before it turns bad.

Turning over and lying down. The two are lying side by side, no one speaks.

Rex raises his hand and rests in on his eyes, blocking his vision. The blood vessels in his body seem to be stirring with the power of the heartbeat.

Lily’s face is blushing, she breathes quietly, fearing that another action would make the man beside her turns into a ‘beast’.

Fortunately, his minds are still there. He still knows that this is hospital and doesn’t continue to mess up.

After a while, when she hears that his breath has gradually calmed down, Lily raises both of her hands and legs, moving a little. She stables her breath for a long time. But when she is about to get out of the bed, the man stretches out and hugs her into his arms again, “Stay still, and don’t move.”

Lily helplessly rolls her eyes. Who the hell is moving?

She randomly picks up an excuse, “I want to go to the bathroom.”

“You went there just now.”

“I want to wash my face.”

“Wash it later.” Rex doesn’t intend to let her off. He is in a good mood and buries half of his face in her neck. The fragrance of the woman drifts into his nasal, which is better than any drug and let him feel relaxed, “Rest for a while, I won’t touch you.”

“The bed is too small, I will squeeze you….”

“You won’t.” As he said, he turns over and hugs her more tightly, trying to narrow the space between the two, “Sleep.”

Lily still wants to say something, but suddenly the man’s warm yet big palm falls on her back. The palm strokes across her clothes with a force of comfort and temptation, which makes her couldn’t say anything more.

He closes his eyes, and Lily peeks at his angular and delicate face. His forehead is saturated, his nose is sharp, his lips are thin and sexy, even his eyelashes are longer than girls, he really has a pleasing eyes and face.

Lily observes it and couldn’t help but smiling. The bright sunshine outside the window shines in the room. She hopes that time could stop at this moment, even if it is just a day.


Rex’s illness comes and goes quickly. In other words, it takes a long time to recuperate, it is not easy to get rid of it in a night, but there is absolutely no major damage. It is enough to stay in the hospital for three or four days.

Karl thinks that this person has left the hospital earlier. For the reason that he is too busy for the lectures recently, he forgets to check about his condition. But he doesn’t expect that after a week, when he just comes back from Linshi, he still meets Rex in the hospital.

He then looks for Sally unconsciously. “Why is he still here?”

Sally is also helpless. She just relaxed herself when he’s not here over the past few days, but she is tense again, “Rex is still here, he is not out yet.”

“He’s still here?” Karl is puzzled, thinking that how can such a workaholic person stay in the hospital for so long?

It doesn’t make sense……

He bursts into the ward, and after a greeting, he takes the medical records on the end of the bed and checks it. Everything is normal. He has been given nutrition and glucose injections since the fourth day.

It happens to be the time for inspection, the doctor in charge comes in and sees Karl. He almost immediately bows while calling respectfully ‘Dean Karl’.

Karl waves his hand off, indicates that he has heard it and hands the records to him, then slightly frowns, “Didn’t you inform him the discharge?”

“I’ve informed him.”

“Then….” Karl looks at the person on the bed and then adds, “Why are you still here?”

Rex looks at him ridiculously, “I think I still need an observation for a few days.”

“Still need?” Karl laughs, “You have had nutrition injection since the fourth day, and it’s useless. You can leave the hospital and eat some medication.”

Unexpectedly, the man still insists on staying, “No, I’m worried.”

Karl is confused.

When did Rex take his body seriously? It’s insane, really insane.

“Did you tell him something?” Karl looks at the doctor aside.

The latter shakes his head hastily. Without waiting for him to speak, Sally stands out, “Doctor Ken doesn’t say anything, and it is Rex who said that he wanted to stay for an observation.”

Karl doesn’t expect that she will stand out and makes an explanation, which makes him think about the scandal between her and Ken. He then turns into a bad mood, “Did I ask you?”

Sally looks at him in consternation. She doesn’t understand why he suddenly gets mad, but she doesn’t dare to talk back and just crumples her mouth with grievance, “No.”

“Then stand aside quietly, don’t make a noise.” As he said, Karl doesn’t look at her anymore, but walks to stand beside Rex. When he is about to speak, he peeks at the fruits that have been cut on the side, and he immediately understands.

A somewhat ridiculous yet possible idea pops up in his mind, making Karl hesitant to say, “Is it because….”

“It’s like what you think.” Karl interrupts him in time, it is really shameful if he says it out loud, and he doesn’t want to hear it.

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