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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 167 Reconcile

Unexpectedly, it turned out to be Pehry.

“Lily!” Before Lily speaks, Pehry cuts in; his peach-eyes are full of misery, “Is Rex all right? It’s been a few days, nobody tell me he is hospitalized. Today, Karl slips out and I just knew it….”

Lily is almost dumbfounded by the series of his word. It takes half a minute for her to understand that this is an explanation.

She knows that the two were drinking together that night. At first, she has wondered why Pehry hasn’t visit. It turns out that no one has told him, they might afraid that he will blame himself.

Lily interrupts his rapid speech and ushers him inside, “He’s fine, come in.”

Pehry is grateful, “You’re so nice, Lily!”

Rex hears Pehry’s exaggerated tone across the distance. When he sees him coming, his sight fall on his handsome face, then says meaningfully, “You’ve finally come.”

Pehry almost pee on his pants, “Re, Rex, are you okay? When I heard Karl said, I almost worried to death on the way here. In case you have something worng because of me, I can’t be alive.”


Lily, “…”

“…” Rex pouts his lips, “if you keep on talking like this, you don’t have to live.”

Pehry blinks and walks to the bedpost to look at the man on the bed. He feels really guilty, “I’ll fire the manager, he’s not good at dealing things, why didn’t stop you? He always gives me something that I don’t want to see….”

“No, it’s none of his business.” Rex has always differentiated public and personal affairs. Moreover, the manager has stopped him. As an employee, he has no right to force him to do anything.

Pehry lowers his head and stays silence. After pondering for a moment, he raises to scratch his hair, looking very upset.

Rex glances at him, seeing that he is really down, he changes the topic, “What are you doing here?”

“Of course I am here to visit you! You’ve been hospitalized because of me, how can I stay in the company?” Pehry regrets when he remembered that he is drunk and unconscious at that night, which makes Rex comes to this point.

Lily pours him a glass of water and hands him to console, “Relax, the symptom has already occurred before, he only need to pay attention to it, it’s not a big problem.”

“I’ve ask Karl just now, he is hiding from me, which makes me crazy. Fortunately, he said it is not a big problem, it seems that in two days….” When Pehry is about to say that Rex may leave the hospital in two days, he turns around to look at Rex’s eyes – they are already in hail.

He murmurs quickly, wondering what he has done to provoke him. When he sees that Lily is coming over, he understands and cooperates with him.

Moreover… by looking at Lily’s fruit and tea services, he knows that Rex still wants to be hospitalized and doesn’t want to leave.

Seeing that he doesn’t finish his words, Lily asks, “What will happen in two days?”

He quickly changes the topic, “Two days later… he can be treated conservatively!”

Lily looks puzzled, “conservative treatment?”

Why hasn’t she heard Karl mention it before?

Pehry laughs and says quickly, “Yes, isn’t today the last day for the observation period, after this, you can relax!”

“Oh….” Lily looks at the two of them, still feeling a little strange, but doesn’t know how to say it specifically.

Seeing that she doesn’t continue to ask further, Pehry secretly sighs in relief, he almost spill it out. In case he really said it, Rex might slap him out.

When Lily goes to the bathroom, Pehry lowers his voice and says, “It’s so horrible!”

Rex looks at his silly attitude, he doesn’t bother to take care of it, “If there is nothing else, you can go, don’t disturb me.”

“Rex, I come to see you, how can you say this to me!”

“It will be better if you’re not here.”

“…” Pehry scratches his hair innocently, “Are you really fine?”

Rex gives him a ridiculous look, “Yeah, I can take care of myself.”

Hearing this, Pehry laughs and pats on his butt, “Lily is here, why you should take care of yourself?”

After the two chat for a while, Rex thinks about Jade. Now that he can’t leave the hospital and Pehry also has a wide connection of people. He tries to ask for Pehry’s help, “Do me a favor and investigate this person.”


“Jade.” Rex takes the phone and forwards Jade’s personal information that Joe has just send to him. “Now the police are looking for her, but she keeps on escaping. You can try to look for her and inform me as soon as you have the news.”

Pehry glances at the woman on the screen and nods, “No problem.”

“I suspect that someone is secretly helping her, otherwise, she can’t hide for so long.”

“Do you have any clue about who is helping her?” Pehry puts his phone away, “I can investigate it at the same time.”

A few people flash through his mind, one pass another, “I can’t figure it out.”

“Okay then, I’ll look for this Ja… Oh right, Jade.”

When the words falls, Lily opens the door of the bathroom and the two stop talking. Pehry hints Rex through the eyes, “Then I’ll get going, I don’t want to be a third wheeler.”

Pehry comes and goes quickly. Lily looks at the man’s leaving and wants to laugh, “Pehry is not like a thirty-year old man, and he has a twenty something mental.”

“His is as crazy as a young.”

“He is really good just now; he is not rigid at all.” Lily pulls out a wet tissue to wipe the table. After getting no reply for a while, she looks up.

Only to find that Rex is staring blankly at her, she blinks and looks around then looks at him again, “Why are you looking at me?”

The old man puts away the things in his hand and looks straight at her, “Do you like Pehry?”

“What?” Lily is puzzled by his question, what is he talking about?

“You praised him and said you like him. You like him?”

His question is quite ridiculous. Lily smiles, “Why should I like him? I just think that Pehry has a good personality.”

“Is he good? How can I not see it?” Rex thinks about it objectively and fairly. After all, he doesn’t find any distinction, “Comparing with me, who is more mature and steady, he is like a little kid.”

Lily rolls her eyes. After all of this conversation, he is boasting about himself.


Seeing him looking so uncomfortable, she still couldn’t endure but wanting to laugh. She then walks over the bedside, “Wow, are you jealous?”

Rex avoids her sly eyes; his voice is cold, “No.”

Seeing him this way, Lily is more determined, “Obviously, you’re jealous!”

Her chirping voice, which couldn’t concealed her triumphant tone, echoes in his ears. Rex has a headache just by listening to it and pulls out the needle on the hand and presses her under him.

It wasn’t really a spacious bed, but is enough for two people. Lily wants to push him but doesn’t dare to use too much force. The small face is like being cooked, it turns really red instantly. Lily shouts with her pink lips, “What are you doing?”

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