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Chapter 166 Feed Me

Besides alcoholism, Rex is hospitalized because of the stomach bleeding. This could be either big or small; it takes time to cure slowly. Karl has kept on checking him; he blames him every time he comes.

“Do you think you’re still a kid that you will recover after a few day of rest? What’s more, you can only eat through the needle, are you happy?”

Rex doesn’t interrupt him, aware that he is caring about him. However, after quite some time, he found that his words are getting more and more exaggerated. He finally couldn’t hold it.

“It’s almost enough.”

“Almost? It’s still far away!” Karl injects the medicine into the hanging liquid, “do you want me to made an appointment for being hospitalized after you leave our hospital this time?”

Sally coughs awkwardly on the side; she hasn’t seen Karl being so venomous to anyone.

“Oh right, did you say something to Lily?”

Karl stops his movement, and soon returns to normal, “Say what?”

Rex twists his eyebrows, his eyes fall on his pretending face, “She is willing to accept me, certainly for some reason. You’ve talked to her, right?”

Hearing his determined tone, Karl laughs and throws the syringe on his hand to the trash can, “I really can’t hide anything to you, are you installing something in my office?”

“Maybe.” Rex also laughs, they really understand each other that they can easily know what the other are thinking.

“I did talk to Lily. She is too emotional at that time. I am afraid that she will think too much, so I chat with her, I thought she will tell you, but I didn’t expect she will keep her mouth shut.” Karl says as he shakes his head, looking at Rex, who is on the bed and is half straighten up, “Don’t blame me for talking too much.”

Rex looks at the man, who is in a white coat and stands by the side of his bed. The bright light from the window comes in and falls on him, making people feel warm inside, “Thank you.”

Between brothers, it is seldom necessary to such a decent thank you. Thus, Karl is startled and raises his hand to cover his own elbow, “I’ll get going, it’s so disgusting…”

He walks out while talking without looking back. Sally raises her hand to cover her mouth and coughs again, then nods to Rex and goes out.

Outside the door, Lily is walking to the ward with a soup. She nods when meeting Karl. But when she is about to ask him about Rex’s condition, unexpectedly, the man greets her and leaves hurriedly.

Behind him, Sally shrugs her shoulders helplessly and follows him hastily.

Lily is puzzled, and still thinks about this even after she enters the ward, “What’s wrong with Karl?”

Rex doesn’t looks up and chuckles, “he is probably flattered.”


“Yes.” Rex cuts her thought and changes the topic, “What’s in your hand?”

“Oh right, this is papaya carp soup, which is good for stomach. I bought it from the store behind.” Lily opens the lunch box; it is time to eat lunch. She then fills a bowl and hands it to him, “Try it.”

Rex lowers his brows and glances at the small bowl in her hand, then tilts his head to the back of his hand, “I just got an injection so I cannot hold the bowl.”

Lily simply puts it aside, “Drink it when you’re done…..”

“It’ll cool down.” Rex looks up at the woman who is standing on the side, his tone is mixed with childishness, “Do you want me to get a stomachache?”

After finished speaking, he lifts his chin, “Feed me.”

“…..” Lily looks at him ridiculously, knowing that he deliberately teases her. But she couldn’t bear to really let him drink cold soup, hence she picks up the bowl helplessly and sits aside, “Are you acting like a spoiled kid?”

The old man is choked for a moment, his complexion changes and quickly looks away, “Forget it, I won’t drink it.”

“Okay.” Lily scopes up a spoon while smiling and carefully blowing it then hands it to his mouth, deliberately coaxing in a childish tone, “Come, and open your mouth. Ah…”

Rex’s face suddenly turns black, knowing that she teases him intentionally; a blade is almost flying out of his eyes, “Huh, is it fair now?”

Lily nods generously, “Yes, you have the ability to beat me…”

“…” Rex shuts up. There is still a needle in his hand, he couldn’t do anything.

The old man feels a pet is playing on the top of his head, he looks at her fiercely, “Wait till I’m done, you will suffer.”

“Then we’ll talk about it later.” Lily is not afraid of him and stuffs the spoon on his mouth rudely.

When Rex is about to speak, he is suddenly choked by the soup, which makes him coughs violently.

Lily doesn’t expect that he will choke and feels panic. She quickly puts down the bowl of the spoon and pulls out a paper to wipe his mouth, “Sorry. I didn’t mean it, are you okay?”

The man looks at her in flames; his handsome face is still blush from coughing, “Are you attempting to murder your husband?”

Lily’s smiling face is slightly reddened, “Who know you would talk so much, and who said you’re my husband….”

“If I’m not, then who is?” The old man leans down his head in a bad mood, “Take away, I don’t want to drink anymore.”

Seeing that he really doesn’t want to drink anymore, Lily could only coax, “Drink a little more, that store really makes a good soup. I’ve queued for nearly an hour.”

No matter what she says, Rex still doesn’t lift his eyelid, “I don’t want!”

Lily is so mad from his attitude. If he isn’t ill, she will definitely ignore him!

However, that madness is softened in her mouth, “If you don’t drink, I will not come anymore in the future. You don’t care about it anyway; it will end up in the trash can….”

Won’t come?

She is threatening him.

The man’s eyes smiles a little but is quickly pressed down by him, he softens his voice, “That’s great then, nobody will force me to eat.”

Lily is really indignant that she stares at him for so long, then she burst outs a harsh sentence, “Eat it!”

The man looks at her angry face, knowing that he will be done if he keeps on teasing her. Seeing her like this, he sits up happily, showing a very childish behavior, “feed me.”

Lily looks at him then looks at the bowl with the spoon on the side. Isn’t it just feeding him? She has fed a dog before, she endures it.

Rex opens his mouth and waits for her to feed him. Even though Lily is mad, she actually is afraid that he will choke again. Her movements are a lot softer. It’s a big bowl of soup, so it becomes cool she doesn’t need to blow it in the end. Fortunately, he finished it.

Lily goes to the bathroom and washes the bowl. After it, she hears a knocking sound of the door and quickly cleans her hand and walks over to open the door.

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