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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 165 I Love You

Lily shivers by his voice, but her face pretends to be fierce, “Who is your Lily!”

“Okay, you’re not mine, I’m yours.” He smiles, showing a row of clean teeth. As if he has received an award from all over the world, “It’s the same anyway.”

Lily has never seen him smiles so happy, she is so touched that making her sad. In other’s eyes, her reputation is bad, she is spurned by so many people, and even his family feels that she is a barrier for people like him. However, in his eyes, she is really good, and with her forgiveness, he laughs like a kid.

Thinking this way, the resentment in her heart is better; she couldn’t help but soften her attitude.

“Why do you drink so much wine and hurt your stomach?” Lily thinks of him tormenting his body and couldn’t help but teaching him a lesson, “You’re already thirty-two years old, if you keep on tossing yourself, your body will stop working.”

Rex stares at her in silence. His vision is so fixed like he is going to carve Lily in his heart. Many people don’t want to be taught by their wife, but her words are melodious for him.

The man gently shakes her wrist twice, bringing a tempting feeling, “Are you not angry anymore?”

Lily looks at his chin and his light stubble. He is lying there sickly. There is sourness in her heart, how can she still be angry.

The high wall that has been built up is defeated by his words. Rather than being angry with him, it will be better for blaming herself to be so soft.

“You’re really annoying, bastard!” In the blink of an eye, her eyes redden again, “You’ve hide it for so long. If it wasn’t for me going there, until when are you planning to tell me? Are you not going to tell me forever and look at me like a fool, are you satisfied?”

“You always do things that I didn’t want, namely for my sake, do you know how painful and sad I am?”

“Wait till that day, I will also cheat you for your sake, you will know how it feels like….”

Lily keeps on complaining about his ‘devil action’, her big eyes are wet with tears. Rex, who watches as she weeps, feels his heart soften.

“It’s my fault, I’m a bastard.” The man’s fingertips touch against the skin of her wrist, “Lily, this bastard love you, can you give him a chance to reinvent himself?”

“What are you saying?” Lily’s eyes widen incredulously, she even forgets to cry.

The fierce feelings of the man’s eyes are almost going to swallow her. He speaks word by word, for fear that she couldn’t hear clearly, “I say, this bastard, he loves you.”

Lily is suffocated, her pupils is shaking sharply, “Which bastard?”

“Me.” His eyes are mixed with the most touching feeling. The question that she has asked for countless time in heart has finally spoken out, he gives his answer first.

Lily’s ear rings out a violent heartbeat, which is continuously amplified again and again, like a percussion drum, or like a countdown to stir people’s heart.

Time seems stops for this second. All of the sound and image seem to be disappeared in her eyes, as if only they two exist.

In her sight, the man says very steadily yet clearly, “I love you.”

Lily raises her hand to cover her lips. She has asked him before about this question, but the stubborn man refuses to tell her the most direct answer. Hence, she doesn’t ask anymore, afraid that it will disappoint her again.

Now, he determinedly tells her that he loves her.

Lily has always forced herself to ignore this question. She feels that as long as they care for each other, it should be enough. However, when he says these words, she knows that she still looks forward to it.

This emotion is suppressed by her for too long that every time she expressed it very carefully. In front of him, she will have a low self-esteem. Now, he finally gives her a response.

“Had I heard it right?”

“Yes.” Rex looks at her tearing face, unable to cover his distress. He can’t even take care of his own woman, how can he lose temper with her?

He slightly pulls her to the front and touches her face with his big palm, gently yet softly, afraid of hurting her, “Stop crying, I will tell you everything from now on.”

Lily only feels that the big stone on her heart is finally moved away, she then nods while crying and laughing.

“I have something to ask you.” After the atmosphere is mitigated, the man suddenly says.

Lily’s voice is still thick from her nasal, which sounds cute, “What?”

Rex watches her siting on the chair next to him with a sharp flash in his eyes, “How did you find the North Villa?”

He knows Lily, he knows that she is definitely not a stalker, thus with it, she will never find out about the North Villa alone, someone must has told her. So she was driven out of control and went all the way there.

As expected, Rex indeed is right. But after thinking about it, Lily also feel guilty after doing it, and answers in a low voice, “Jade told me.”

“Jade?” Rex is not surprised with the name, because her name has kept on being mentioned recently.

“She found out my dinner place, saying that she has been following you for a while. It happened that when you didn’t come home that night, so I believed what she said and rushed there….” Lily pauses for a moment, slightly checking his expression. After seeing that nothing is wrong, she continues, “It’s not that I didn’t believe you, but….”

“I didn’t tell you anything, it’s normal for you to distrust me.” Rex interrupts her and raises his brows in a self-depreciating way.

Lily is stopped by him and says nothing.

Rex carefully recalls every time he went to the Villa. Unless driving the car by himself, it is Maxx who is usually there. The chance of being stalked is very small. Jade is a wanted criminal, how can she stalk him and not being found?

Lily looks at his furrowed eyebrows, she feels uneasy, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Rex doesn’t want to involve her, he will take care of it, she should not be entangled with this sinister and dirty things.

Lily doubts, “Really?”

“Yes.” Rex smiles at her lightly, “Don’t worry, let me take care of it, you just have to be with me.”

Lily has heard him saying this again and again. She smiles helplessly, “I know, relax, I won’t go anywhere, I’ll be here with you.”

The man’s eyes are soft like a hot spring, his cool fingers touches her dark hair to comb it. The movement is very gentle. Those wandering yet turbulent feelings have finally settled at this moment.

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