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Chapter 58 Sytematic

It was commonly recognized that sorcerers who cultivated skills using elements were the strongest branch in the sorcery system in the sorcerer civilization. However, it didn’t mean that these sorcerers possessed overwhelming power over others. They had created a comprehensive and systematic demarcation of sorceries and energy levels, and sorcerers of different levels had capabilities corresponding to their particular grade. This dynamic system worked to generate a power strong enough to change the world.

As for sorcerers belonging to systems other than elements exploitation or for the creatures on the Foreign Land, a standard grading system of sorceries hadn’t formed. They took element sorcerer’s ability ranking as an object of reference and thus defined their level of power.

For example, at the Krakatoa Harbor, Glenn had met a level four star denizen through the Dark Wells, which came from the Foreign Land. Yet its actual power only equaled to that of a level two sorcerer. There was no watershed dividing two adjacent levels of sorceries.

For the following half year, Glenn stayed at Sorcerer Norris’s laboratory.

During this period, Glenn devoted most of his time absorbing the knowledge of intoxication sorcery–getting poisoned by the stone, and then letting the lymph parasite do its work of detoxification, thus improving his constitution.

Besides, he also worked on element sorcery and had made a considerable progress. Based on the current advancement speed, he believed that he could upgrade the Fire Bird Matrix to the Fire Bat Matrix, and the power would be levered up to ten times of its original raw power, a one point rise.

Apart from the Fire Bird sorcery, Glenn also devoted to the activation of elements, but he was lacking in a motivator. Different sorcerers needed different stimulators because they had different physical qualities, thought patterns, inspirational moments and special opportunities. Occasions like this occurred. For example, the six-star Matrix in a sorcerer’s soul had 1024 signs and symbols, yet they had their differences.

When an element creature was successfully summoned by a sorcerer, then this element would be activated. In the Gory Test, Glenn saw a mouse belonging to Belle and a bear which was the property of a girl. They were both element animals. One thing that was missing for Glenn to have an element animal was a stimulator.

Another important thing Glenn did concerned the rare fire element. Glenn had extracted that fire element from the crystal ball he had obtained from the third mirror drop place. The process was difficult because the element was separated from the split souls in the crystal ball. Now he desired to put this element into his already existing basic Element Matrix, taking place of some minor non-essential symbol or sign while at the same time keeping its power in levering up sorceries. However, there was a barrier hindering further progress. The Element Matrix objected this new, rare element. But Glenn was confident that, within half a year, he would succeed in completing the new matrix, and at that time, Glenn would could produce fire that wouldn’t be extinguished and that could compare to Bionna’s golden eye.

Glenn was alone with the cat in the laboratory. Norris had gone to the Holy Tower of Seven Rings and would be back in months. Glenn had asked him to get some living “humans” for his experiment.

By experimenting with living subjects, Glenn was confident that he could make breakthroughs in studying the mystery of Life code, an area of study belonging to him and only him.

‘Maybe Dickens has got the fancy microscope for me.’ Glenn thought. ‘Lafite and I haven’ t met for like a million years.’

Recalling Lafite, Glenn’s heart quickened. At the time, someone suddenly knocked on the door.

It was a tidy girl with a lunchbox. She was tanned, sporty and sexy.

“It’s yours, Glenn.” With a brilliant smile, the girl held up the lunchbox to Glenn’s chest and looked at him eagerly.

Glenn hurried to accept it, saying, “It smells great! Thank you!”

“Of course it smells great! But why are you keeping such a distance from me? Don’t you think I’m sexy?” A blush suffused Glenn’s cheeks on hearing these words.

The girl skipped towards Glenn and the next second, she laid her hand around Glenn’s neck and pulled him to her chest.

“No!” Glenn pushed her away and said, “I have a girlfriend.”

“I know. So what? Don’t you want something more exciting? That lovely girlfriend of yours won’t know.” The girl tantalized, and put her hand back on Glenn’s shoulder.

“Unless I wanna be dead. Lafite would kill me.”

The girl was Liona, a student who came to Black Isotta earlier than Glenn. She delivered food to the 79th floor of the Black Tower. The reason she did that was because she could, as a result, acquire 20 magic stones every month and could visit Norris’s personal library for free.

On the Sorcerer Continent, knowledge had to be bought with magic stones, unless it was given by one’s mentor or was researched and studied by himselfherself. It was their respect for knowledge, and in this way, knowledge would be cherished.

Glenn left her and headed to the Black Tower.

Glenn had a random chat with Varro for a while, and then he went to Dickens, who led him to his private warehouse.

“Look! This is the microscope you ordered. I bought it in the Holy Tower of Seven Rings. It belonged to a top level sorcerer. I bought it with 20,000 magic stones. And these are your share of profits for the Love Vials for the past half year. The 20,000 has been deducted from it.” Dickens handed a bag of stones to Glenn.

Glenn walked straightly to the microscope, and tried it.

Glenn seemed unsatisfied with it. He frowned. “Is it the best microscope in the Holy Tower?”

“What? Is this still not good enough? Then I guess we’ll have to resort to the Holy Tower of Sky-City.” Dickens was so surprised that he opened his small eyes widely.

In fact, this microscope was merely a little bit advanced than the one Glenn owned now. Considering the current situation, Glenn might have to rely on the Gadflies for further study of the Life Code.

Glenn then left the Black Tower for his dormitory. He tried to contact Lafite through his crystal ball but failed. Attempts at trying to reach Chris and Robinson also failed. The crystal ball couldn’t even detect their rough positions.

“Where have they gone? They must not be in the school!” Glenn wondered.

Being a little disappointed, Glenn walked to the school’s library for a possible answer to the Life Code. It was different from Norris’ library. Books in Norris’ library were collected and arranged according to his personal hobbies, while in here, books were stored systematically.

“Books might give me some ideas to verify my hypotheses about the Life Code.”

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