Chapter 57 Second Stage Evolution

A week later, Glenn was locked in his room, reading a book. He looked skinny and feeble. He even had trouble breathing, and sweats formed and rolled down on his forehead.

Sorcerer Norris was outside of the glass door of the room where Glenn was confined. Glenn’s premature debility had gone beyond his expectation. He said to himself:

“Oral medication seemed to work faster than being infected through the respiratory tract. I didn’t go through these symptoms until three weeks after I breathed the parasites in.” Norris recalled the days when he had cultivated the Intoxication Sorcery under his mentor a really long time ago. He then turned his attention to the vial of transparent potion in his hand.

Norris shook the vial in his hand for several minutes. He stopped when he heard a belching noise and steam spewed out of the vial.

The vial of potion was made for Glenn. After he took it, he could feel his essence was being collected and his spirit was boosted a little bit. He then put his hand on the crystal ball, which indicated a 2 point body constitution.

“My constitution value is down to 2 points.” Glenn forced a smile to Norris, who was surveying him.

Norris was not perturbed by this anomaly, saying: “There is no need to worry. If you’d been infected by the Lymph parasites out of this Black Tower, you certainly wouldn’t survive a three month period when you’re terribly weak. But now, you’re in my care. Nobody dares to touch you. Just think of it as a sickness, and it will pass.”

Glenn nodded a yes and fell asleep on his small bed lying in the corner of the room.

Two months had fleeted by.

Glenn was lying on his bed, dying. His eyes were dim. He struggled to get up several times, but his efforts turned out to be in vain.

Sorcerer Norris frowned.

“It has been only two months. Why has his strength disappeared?” Norris mumbled as he walked into Glenn’s room. He forced Glenn’s eyes open and examined them using a sorcery related to optics.

“His pupils are having little reaction. That’s bad. Letting him take the parasites orally was a mistake! The originally three month adaptation was shortened to two month. So the energy in Glenn’s body required for the reproduction of the parasites was running low. That’s why Glenn is so weakened.” Norris whispered in a very low voice that was only audible to his ears.

Norris walked back and forth in his laboratory. Soon, he had an idea.

“Garfield! Come!” Norris shouted.

The black cat, which was named Garfield, arrived before Norris, its tail swinging.

“Pee on him!” Norris ordered the cat..

Garfield gawked, not quite following his master’s orders.

“Hurry! Do it!” Norris continued.

The cat came to Glenn’s room, jumped onto his bed, lifted his rear leg, and wee-weed on his chest.

Glenn sneezed instinctively.

Norris was around Glenn too. He asked Glenn about the pearl which allowed one to breathe underwater. Glenn murmured something. Norris rummaged Glenn’s coat and found it in his inner pocket.

Norris put the pearl into Glenn’s mouth. The next second, Glenn was lifted off the bed about one foot. It was as if the pearl produced some repulsive force against the ground. Glenn eyes were shut. He was so weak that he appeared to have fainted.

Norris moved Glenn towards the large fish tank and soon arrived at the edge of it. As he was going to push Glenn into it, Garfield yelled:

“The fish will nibble him away!”

“They won’t. Glenn has your body scent. It will scare the fish away.” Norris looked at the cat, which seemed rather timid. The cat turned around and left.

As expected, the fierce-looking puffer fish dispersed the second Glenn broke the water. They swam to the other side of the tank but stared at Glenn greedily.

Three days later, Glenn opened his eyes and found himself floating in a water tank. He wanted to yell yet he couldn’t. He was too weak.

“Rat, rat, rat!” Three loud and sharp knocks hit on the tank.

Glenn tilted his head and saw Garfield, who grunted to him: “You’re fine. Have some more rest.”

Glenn was obedient at the time and closed his eyes.

Glenn had to stay in the tank for two months. The first thing Glenn did after he got out of the tank was to concoct a potion to get rid of the cat’s stinky smell.

Now Glenn had been qualified for learning Intoxication Sorcery. The lymph parasites were in optimal condition in his cells. And he had a constitution of six points, which should have been seven, but one point was lost as a result of the depletion of his energy within a short span of time.

“It seems you’re fully recovered.” Norris led Glenn to his laboratory. “Now we will see how to get you poisoned.”

Glenn listened attentively.

“This is a stone containing a low potency toxin. But this stone could easily kill a human within 50 meters of it. And even if a human stayed a kilometer away, heshe would also be poisoned.” Norris stuck out his hand, and an amber stone was gleaming. “But you have the protection of the lymphs. So you will be fine.”

“How exactly would I benefit from being poisoned by it?” Glenn asked.

“Every time you get infected by this stone, your constitution will grow by one point. But don’t get greedy. The process has to take place once a month. So, a year from now, your constitution will be at 18 points.” Norris continued, “And by then, the stone’s toxin will not affect you. We will then get to the real stuff of Intoxication Sorcery.”

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