Chapter 239 I think I haven’t satisfied you yet

Bella saw that he fell directly on her bed. She thought it wouldn’t create a good reputation if anyone saw him here, she spoke hurriedly. “Go back to your room.”

James Grayson didn’t pay attention to her at all and didn’t open his eyes.

Bella had no way to deal with him. She just saw him falling asleep.

When she was about to turn on the computer to continue watching the video, Bryan Damon’s voice came in from outside the door, “Bella, open the door.”

Bella heard his voice and felt quite flustered. She cannot let Bryan Damon see James Grayson here. If he found James Grayson here, after that, even if she jumped into the Yellow River she still won’t be able to prove herself innocent.

“James Grayson, get up and hide somewhere.”

James Grayson gave no response.

“James Grayson.” Bella pushed him hard.

James Grayson held her hand, pulled her into his arms, turned over, pressed her under his body and kissed her chattering lips.

“Bella, I know you’re in there. Open the door quickly. I have something important” Bryan Damon knocked on the door again.

Bella looked at the door anxiously, she was worried, but her lips were blocked by him, and she was unable to make a sound. She was afraid that Bryan Damon, just like James Grayson, can ask the room attendant to open the door, and then her game will be finished.

She looked at James Grayson with some requests in her eyes.

He finally left her and looked into her eyes, “ignore him. You have been already expropriated now.”

“James Grayson, can you stop making trouble? Bryan Damon is my team leader. If you keep doing all this, it will be hard for me to deal with.”

“The military region has taken over the case. I talked to the Central Committee, and now I am in charge.” James Grayson explained and sat up.

“Then it means. I can also go back home.” Bella also sat up.

“You are not from the police station, you are from the Psychological Research Institute to help solving this case. Similarly, the military region can also go to the Psychological Research Institute for help. Therefore, your present leader is not Bryan Damon, it’s me.” James Grayson said patiently and walked toward the door.

Bella understood it, and hurriedly hugged James Grayson, “Please don’t open the door, hide somewhere. Let me open it.”

“Why should I hide? Bella, what are you afraid of? For your information, Anna Wilson and I have ended our engagement. I am single now.” James Grayson looked at her and said.

Bella looked at him in a trance, “You and Anna Wilson ended your engagement?”

“Three years ago, I remembered her as a sister. I can’t accept her transformation from a sister to a fiancee, and I have no love with her.” James Grayson explained and observed Bella’s changing expressions.

“George Wilson agreed?” Bella didn’t believe it.

“It’s impossible for him to disagree. Anna Wilson has been hanging around some women’s clubs in recent years, and there are no fewer than five male prostitutes who have had a relationship with her.

If this scandal broke out, George Wilson’s presidential campaign would certainly fail. Not the president’s position, even the vice president’s position can be in danger. Now Anna Wilson has proposed it, and the Wilson family won’t refuse.” James Grayson said definitely.

“You know everything about Anna Wilson?” Bella was shocked.

She hid it from him, but he knew more than anyone.

“I know everything, but I don’t care about her. I even know everything that happened during your stay abroad in these last years.” James Grayson said in a deep voice and looked at her cautiously.

Bella admitted that the waves aroused in her heart were not small.

James Grayson has been following her for the past three years?!!!

She was shocked but she had to deal with Bryan Damon first.

“Please hide somewhere? I don’t want people to gossip.” Bella said in a pleading tone.

“Who dares to gossip about you?” James Grayson asked arrogantly.

Bella was angry. “You are going to hide or not?”

He stared at her, cleared his throat and went to the bathroom quietly.

Bella looked at his back, she didn’t realize but the corners of her mouth rose up slightly.

When she opened the door, she heard Bryan Damon saying to the room attendant, “Please open the door. This is my friend’s room. I am calling her for a long time, but she didn’t open the door. I suspect something has happened to her.”

Bella opened the door and blocked him at the door. “What can I do for you, Mr. Damon?”

“Why you weren’t opening the door? Why is your face so red?” Bryan Damon looked at her face suspiciously.

Bella’s eyes twinkled and she was too guilty. She lowered her head and said, “I was watching that video. I’ve found something different. Later I will report it to you.”

“No need of it, I’m here to tell you that we don’t have to follow up on this case. Now, Mr. Grayson is in charge of it.”

“I know, you don’t have to follow it but I came from the research institute and now I’m working with Mr. Grayson,” Bella explained.

“Don’t you know why the military region intervened?” Bryan Damon twisted his eyebrows and didn’t like Bella’s statement.

“Isaac Lewis and Stephan Lewis are all special military region’s soldiers. Although these things happened before, they joined the army, still, it may have a bad impact because of external speculation by some people. So the army hold the charge and strictly blocked the news.”

“Don’t you think it’s wrong?” Bryan Damon said impatiently.

“I remember what I read in my school politics class: the national honor is higher than the collective interest, the collective interest is higher than the personal interest, and the national interest is higher than everything.

All acts that can damage the national interest should be blocked. The military region did the same, and it’s very right.

Oh, by the way, I almost forgot that Mr. Damon has studied abroad.” Bella smiled, but the last sentence had a different meaning.

“For me, the truth is above anything else.” Bryan Damon said with a livid face.

“I understand it. Mr. Damon thinks that individualism is very important. However, we all live in a collective society. If we have the ability and we use it well. It brings glory. However, if we have the ability and we use it badly. It can bring a disastrous reaction.

Mr. Damon is a very capable person. I hope I can have the opportunity to solve more cases with you in the future.” Bella closed the door.

Bryan Damon leaned on her door and looked at her. “You hope that you can solve more cases with me in the future. Is it true or just false?”

“Mr. Damon is an expert in solving such cases. His collective interests are higher than his personal interests. It is true.” Bella said and a sweet smile appeared on her face she slowly closed the door and turned around. She was shocked to see James Grayson. She did not know when he came out and stood behind her.

Bella thought about something and felt scared. If Bryan Damon had come in and had seen them together, James Grayson would have been exposed.

She was angry and slapped him on the shoulder.

James Grayson took her hand and pushed her against the door forcefully and violently. “Bella, I don’t satisfy you? So you have to flirt with other men?”

“Who flirted with other men?” Bella said in a low voice, she was afraid that Bryan Damon was still at the door and can hear their conversation.

“You should refuse Bryan Damon directly. I don’t want you to have the chance again to work with him. He is interested in you. If you want to flirt, flirt with me.” James Grayson said domineeringly.

Bella, “…”

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