Chapter 238 Occupy someone else’s house

“You have forgotten everything. You don’t know anything and what you are thinking is just your speculation.” Bella raised her eyebrows, spoke and her voice choked.

James Grayson looked at him deeply, and her little face with tears was reflected in his dark eyes.

He didn’t know what happened to them in the past, why she rejected him so much, and why she firmly believed that he didn’t like her.

However, he knew about his feelings. He saw her crying and his heart ached, which was very specific. She said she wanted to give up on him, and he felt the pain.

James Grayson bowed his head and kissed the tears on her face. Salty, bitter and domineering, he said, “Then wait for me to recall it and before it, I won’t let you go.”

“You are wasting your time and mine as well.” Bella pushed him.

James Grayson held her hand. “You also don’t have a boyfriend, right?”

Though she said that, but she knew that she was afraid to fell in love again.

There was a knock at the door.

Bella looked at the door.

“Who is there?” James Grayson asked.

“Mike. Mr. Damon asked you to come to him. He has to discuss something important.” Mike said.

“Hurry up, or Bryan Damon will come here.” Bella reminded him.

James Grayson left Bella, got up, opened the video file, looked at Bella and said, “I’ll go then, you see it first.”

“Okay.” Bella answered.

James Grayson went out.

She saw him going. She didn’t want to stay in his room, so she picked up the fruit and walked to her room.

Bryan Damon’s room-

“The case is about to come to an end. Are you asking the superior to order us to not interfere?” Bryan Damon asked straightforwardly.

“This case involves too many things. Our military region took over and deals with it. Mr. Bryan Damon can have a rest in advance, isn’t it good?” James Grayson said calmly.

“I’m a professional. Don’t you think you are acting on your behalf now? Because both the murderer and the deceased are from the military region, your military region is trying to save their lives. I think we must give a fair explanation to the families of the dead.” Bryan Damon said sternly.

James Grayson raised his mouth and sat down on the sofa. “What is Mr. Damon’s so-called explanation?”

“Let the families of the dead know how their children died!” Bryan Damon said coldly.

“Let them know how they died? Then they will go to find the murderer for revenge!

The main thing is, the murderer has been killed. Where is the revenge for the parents of the dead persons?

Their children have been dead for twenty-five years. Now their parents are gray-haired, and their past pain has been wiped out by time or with another child.

Maybe, because they don’t know how their own children’s situation, they still have hope in their hearts, that their children will be living well, and this cruel reality won’t help them at all.” James Grayson said calmly.

“So you want to hide the facts?” Bryan Damon disagreed.

“The fact has been discovered. I never said that I wanted to hide it. We just choose better ways to express it. For example, we can make up for it in terms of money and career.”

“It’s just because you want to maintain the reputation of the military region. Don’t be so nice. Mr. Grayson is just hypocritical, treacherous and cunning.” Bryan Damon said quickly.

“Twenty-five years ago, these three men hadn’t joined the army. After joining the army, they didn’t do anything wrong.

I don’t think that it is wrong to maintain the honor of the army. If the army of the country cannot be trusted and the people became rebellious, do you think it will help to maintain peace?

In addition, don’t you think this kind of news can affect our country’s image once it reaches abroad?

I may not be fair enough to do things, in the eyes of others, I can be a treacherous person, but in front of national honor and interests, sacrifice of one’s life is nothing!

Mr. Damon, if there is nothing else, I will go back to handle the case.” James Grayson spoke and got up to go.

“You are so high-sounding, Bella knows it? Do you think she will agree with you?” Bryan Damon said coldly.

“I don’t need other’s approval for doing things.” James Grayson said arrogantly, opened the door and walked out. He went back to his room and saw that Bella was gone.

He called Bella.

Bella was nibbling the apple in her room, and checking the video.

She picked up her mobile phone and took a look. It was James Grayson’s phone. She didn’t want to answer it. She muted it and put it beside.

Tick tock tick— The door was opened.

James Grayson came in.

Bella, “…”

From where did he get her room card? What the!

“Why don’t you answer the phone?” James Grayson said, closed the door and walked towards her.

She glanced at her cell phone. It was in front of her eyes. Can she say that she didn’t hear?

“I saw a key point. I was focused so I didn’t pick it up.” Bella explained, biting apple and looked at the screen.

“What is the key point? Tell me.” James Grayson sat next to her quietly.

He said nothing about why she left his room and also didn’t want to bring that topic again.

“You see, there are a lot of people here. I suggest that we should interrogate them one by one. If just a single person’s psychological quality proved to be low we can find a clue.” Bella suggested.

“Um.” James Grayson answered, without any other indication.

Bella continued watching it.

She has seen this kind of film before, Amelia William always forced her to watch it together.

There was a video she was impressed with, in that video, a man got a woman four times or five times in five minutes. She thought it was amazing.

Because the woman’s reactions were very obvious.

She looked at the original video and found out that it was cut and edited. After the first time, the woman rested for a while and then continued, but the rest process from the middle was deleted during the cutting and editing.

No wonder.

It was fake.

However, no matter how fake it was, it still made her embarrassed and James Grayson was also sitting next to her.

She felt his look at her. She turned and looked at James Grayson. He was looking at her and didn’t know for how long.

“Why are you looking at me? Watch the video.” James Grayson spoke.

Bella, “…”

“How do you know that I am looking at you if you are not looking at me?” Bella replied.

“I’ve found the problem. But you don’t know that you have found it or not.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

“You have found it, why don’t you tell me?” Bella felt strange.

“You are professional, I just want to see your ability,” he said.

“My major is psychological research, not watching videos.” Bella closed the laptop. “Now that you have found it, let’s talk about it, chief Grayson.”

“Find by yourself. I didn’t sleep well yesterday. I’ll take a rest and go to the bureau at two o’clock. If you couldn’t find it till two o’clock, I’ll let you know.” He lay down on her bed. His right hand was on his forehead, and he closed his eyes.

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