Chapter 236 Even the thought of our love gives me heartache

James Grayson squinted his eyes. He saw a whiff of resentment in her eyes. He could see that she was sad. He could see that she wanted to laugh at herself or maybe on him, and he could see that she despised him.

“You hate me?” James Grayson asked when he felt.

Bella did not deny it.

“Hatred caused by love! Cannot get back the lost one! Eternal restlessness! ‘Red rose’ this song is very nice.” Bella said meaningfully, shook off his hand and walked away.

James Grayson frowned and looked at her back.

They were fine on the train yesterday. Today, it seemed that she has changed into a completely different person.

Her cold, rude, and strange behavior made him feel very uncomfortable. But there was one thing he decided to deal with immediately.

James Grayson made a call.

Anna Wilson looked at it and couldn’t believe it. James Grayson has never called her and today he took the initiative to call her, “James.”

“Anna Wilson, I’m won’t marry you. You have the freedom to leave the title of my fiancee.” James Grayson said directly.

Anna Wilson was surprised. “What do you mean by that?”

“I have never mentioned but it doesn’t mean that I don’t know what you’ve done.

Raising a little white face and playing with male prostitutes won’t be good for your whole Wilson family’s reputation if you got exposed. After all, your father is the vice president, and the candidate for the presidency.” James Grayson reminded her.

Anna Wilson clenched her fist. “Are you threatening me?”

“I’m just informing you that we’ve been engaged for more than three years. If we can develop feelings, we must be married long ago. It’s better for you to come up with a proposal to end this engagement. That’s it. I have many important things to do.” James Grayson was about to hang up.

“James Grayson, do you know what mistakes you have made?” Anna Wilson said fiercely.

“I am responsible for my actions.” James Grayson said.

“That’s how you think, obstinate and self-opinionated. Let me tell you, do you think you love Scarlett Evan? No. You love another woman.” Anna Wilson has gone crazy with anger. She wanted to use her poisoned tongue like a blade, to stab James Grayson.

James Grayson was silent and held the mobile phone.

“You must be curious now. You want to know about the woman you love. Every day when I see you thinking about Scarlett Evan, I think, fortunately, there is another girl who is more hurt than me, and that girl never cared about her life in your love, so I think you are just a big fool, and my anger cooled down.” Anna Wilson said with hatred.

James Grayson’s cold eyes contracted and dyed with red blood, “What do you mean, speak clearly.”

“I won’t tell you. I will let you miss that Scarlett Evan and hurt the woman you once loved. Do you know how pitiful that woman is? For you, she attempted suicide. I am sure that in this life she will never forgive you! And I will never forgive you too.” Anna Wilson hung up.

James Grayson thought of Bella’s wrist, turned around, and walked quickly towards Bella’s room.

Bella was packing. She heard a knock on the door. She went to the door and saw James Grayson from the door hole. She opened the door.

James Grayson held her hand directly and looked at the scar on her wrist. His eyes were heavy. He was sure that the woman Anna Wilson said he loved was Bella.

James Grayson’s eyes flashed, “I’m sorry, I forgot you.”

Bella was angry and didn’t like being forced. When he took her wrist, she wanted to shake it off angrily. But after hearing his apology, she was stunned.

In her heart, some waves rolled up and hit all her memories. She felt aggrieved, sad, and especially oppressed.

I’m sorry—-She waited for this sentence for a long time. She waited for it from life to death.

But… what is the use of his apology!

He just forgot her.

Bella restrained her emotion. “Leave my hand. You are hurting me.”

James Grayson didn’t leave her hand. He just relaxed his grip a little and looked at her cautiously. “We didn’t break up at all, right? I lost my memory, so I broke all ties, tell me?”

Bella knew that she can’t hide. He was very intelligent and had a keen observation that ordinary people didn’t have.

She was tired, too. She didn’t want to play hide and seek with him anymore.

“Yes.” A single word answer.

James Grayson’s held her wrist a little heavier. His mind connected everything and he judged, “My parents didn’t let me search my past because that they are against our relationship, they kidnapped you and threatened me to marry Anna Wilson for saving you. They cut off your fingers?”

“Yes.” Bella looked at him straight and said.

“We didn’t separate because of their opposition. For some reason, you and I went to solve the case of the massacre of Athens village and before my accident, we were together, right?” James Grayson asked again.

Cruel memories, like onions, were peeled by him layer by layer.

She remembered clearly, he went out for the mission and she heard the sound of the explosion.

Bella who loved James and the James who loved Bella died in that explosion…..

If he hadn’t lost his memory she wouldn’t have known that James Grayson just loved Scarlett Evan, and for him, she was just a responsibility for his mistake that he had made some years ago.

She couldn’t stop her tears, and it rolled down on her cheeks.

She really hoped that she had also died in that explosion, at least, she would not has to face the cruelty after that. At least, she had the happiness that she died together with James Grayson with his love that would be much better than the emptiness that she felt later.

James Grayson saw that she was crying, and his heart was tightened. He wiped her tears with his fingers and promised, “From now on, you are my responsibility.”


Bella wiped her tears and looked at James Grayson. Her eyes showed her anger. She hated the word responsibility.

He was responsible for approaching her, deceiving her feelings and taking her heart.

She loved him with her full heart. What she got back was his responsibility. She didn’t want him to consider her as his responsibility!

“No, I don’t need it, when I woke up from the hospital and decided to go abroad, I decided not to love you again. Bella, who loves you, died in the ignorance and stupidity of the past. Now I am reborn.

If the chief really wants to be responsible for me, let me go and stay away from my life. Please don’t try to contact me in the future.” Bella said coldly.

James Grayson’s eyebrow twisted, and she couldn’t see through at all. “You really want this end?”

“Yes, that’s what I want.” Bella clearly said, “No entanglement, no nostalgia, no memories of the past, no lingering around. I just want to move forward.”

James Grayson looked at her shallow smile and felt as his heart has been stabbed by a sharp knife.

He felt very painful. He had difficulty breathing and could not speak…

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