Chapter 325 One would live and the other would die

At the door, most of the bodyguards stayed at the door and only four of them followed us.

We went downstairs in an elevator.

We got to the fourth floor underground.

The elevator door opened and Ming and Sean came out.

I got out of the elevator, too.

In front of me was a very large room, which seemed to be a leisure room. There were billiards table, water bar, dart board, football on the table and so on.

There were three very big black sofas in the middle of the room.

There was also a coffee table in the middle.

There were fruit plates on the tea table.

There was an old pistol next to it.

I recalled carefully that this pistol seemed to be called revolver!

When I saw the revolver, I immediately realized what was going to happen next!

I ran straight over and opened my hands and blocked them and shook my head. “No, don’t bet on this!”

At this moment, I had understood what Ward said!

They bet on themselves!

Only Russian roulette could use revolvers!

There was only one bullet in the revolver. After loading, aim the pistol at the gamblers and take turns shooting. The man who was shot lost naturally.

This bet was too cruel and terrible!

Russian roulette was the cruelest if the ways of gambling in the world were classified.

No way!

No way!

But two bodyguards came straight to me and grabbed my hands and took me to one side!

“Let go of me!”

I was a woman. I couldn’t break free of these bodyguards!

I struggled and shouted, “let me go! No! Please!”

Ming looked at Sean. “Sean, just bet on that. If you don’t want to, it’s time to go now.”

It seemed Sean didn’t know that before!

“Go!” I was scared!

But Sean was not afraid at this time. He looked at me and said, “if I go, I will lose. I might as well try my luck.”

“OK.” Ming nodded. “In that case, I don’t need to say the rules for Russian roulette.”

“Of course.”

The two men stood face to face and were not afraid.

But I was scared and I shouted, “no, please, please don’t bet on this. Or you take me as your bet! I will marry whoever wins!”

When I finished, Ming turned to look at me, and his face was still smiling, “yes, the result of this bet is the same.”


The result of this bet was that I had no other choice!

One of them would die!

Ming looked at me and said sadly, “Becky, are you afraid that it’s him, not me, who is dying?”

“No! Please do not die!”

At this time, my tears were out of my eyes uncontrollably.

My heart was broken. I really didn’t know it would be like this!

If I knew, I would never go back to York.

I wouldn’t meet Sean.

I would stay in Sceaux all my life.

Sean looked at me and frowned. After a while he said, “don’t cry. It will soon be over.”


Why would one person die?

At this time, Ward went to the coffee table and took out a tissue. He carefully wiped the revolver in front of him and looked up and asked, “what are your last words? You’d better say it in advance. One second after you get shot, you die and you don’t have a chance to say that.”

Would they die in a second?

They had no chance to be rescued!


But at this time, both men looked at me. I wanted to cover my ears and not listen. I didn’t want them to die.

But my hands were caught by the bodyguards.

I couldn’t move.

Ming looked at me and smiled softly. “If it’s me, take good care of yourself.”

“No, I don’t want to take care of myself. I can’t take care of myself. I can’t do anything…”

I said the irony on purpose.

I kept repeating.

I didn’t want Ming to die.

Sean listened to me and frowned. There was sadness in his black eyes. After a long time, he said, “forget me.”

He made me forget him.

I couldn’t help crying!

I looked at Sean, “how can I forget you! I love you for nearly twenty years. I can’t forget you! I love you more than half of my life! How can I forget you!”

I couldn’t!

How could I forget him!

My heart was broken.

Tears completely covered my eyes and I couldn’t see anything. I could only beg, “please give up. I will leave and I will not marry anyone. I will leave! I’ll never appear in your world again. Please don’t die.”

No matter who died, I couldn’t accept it.

“Come on.” Sean looked at Ward.

Both of them looked at Ward.

No one looked at me at all.

Ward put the bullet into the pistol in front of everyone, and then he turned it around and said, “I think we can have a little fun with this game.”

He came to me.

Sean got nervous. “What are you doing! Don’t hurt her!”

I also looked at Ward and didn’t know what he was going to do.

Ward shook his head. “No, we businessmen are honest.”

With that, he held the revolver in his hand.

“What are you going to do?” I watched him warily.

Ward put his pistol half a meter away from me and said, “Miss Carter, you shoot. You decide who the gun will be aimed at first.”

I would decide who the gun would be aimed at first.

I would shoot them both.

I would decide who would die.

I looked at Ward in horror.

But at the moment Ming and Sean didn’t talk.

They seemed to acquiesce in this behavior.

Maybe they thought it was more acceptable that I decide their life and death.

“It looks like both President Jessop agree.” Ward hands the pistol closer to me.

I looked at the pistol in front of me and despaired.

I really didn’t know why things were like this.

Did I have to decide?


I nodded. “OK, let me go. I’ll do it.”

Ward winked at the two bodyguards next to him and they let me go.

My hands were finally free.

I wanted to rush in front of them, but the bodyguards caught me directly!

They were well trained!

My fluke disappeared in a flash.

Ward smiled. “Miss Carter, don’t do that. There are many people here. If the game is not played today, no one can leave.”

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