Chapter 324 They bet on themselves

I was stunned by Ming’s words.

What did he mean?

I looked at Ming. He looked very serious and he had no other expression at the moment.

I looked at him, confused.

After a while, I said, “what do you mean?”

At this time, there was a harsh sound outside the car. I saw Sean’s car right behind us in the rearview mirror. His high beam flashed like a provocation!

I had a bad premonition.

Ming raised his hand and patted me on the head. “It’s OK. You won’t have to be in a dilemma soon.”

When he said this, there was still no smile on his face.

Then he took off his glasses and slightly turned the steering wheel and drove out of Eastwind.

“What are you going to do? Where are we going?” I kept asking Ming.

But he didn’t speak and just drove.

It was already night, and there was light snow outside.

Snowflakes were scattered in the orange light of the headlights.

I looked at Ming nervously, and I felt very uneasy.

Because I had never seen such a Ming before. He smiled at all times.

Even if he was serious once in a while, he would soon smile again.

Although before I thought Ming’s smile and gentleness were masks!

But at this moment, I felt that even if it was a mask, I didn’t want to see Ming like this.

He scared me.

I was even afraid that the place he took me to would be horrible.

I was afraid there would really be a man dying there.

However, Ming never smiled.

It took about two hours to drive from the brightly lit city to the suburbs where there were no street lights.

There were only two lights in front of the car.

At this time, there was a light in front of me. I looked carefully and found that there was a huge building in front of me. It was very luxurious and colorful. From the outside, it was like a circus.

Where was this?

When I was curious, Ming turned and drove into the courtyard of the building.

The yard was full of cars. I saw a lot of luxury cars.

There were many bodyguards around the building.

Sean’s car came in and stopped.

At this time, a group of people came out of the building gate. I looked carefully and saw a man who was tall and very conspicuous.

Only one person I knew was that tall.

When they approached, I was sure that this person was Ward.

When I saw Ward, I was more anxious!

At this time, several bodyguards came and opened the door for us.

I hesitated and got out of the car.

“I’m very honored to have two President Jessop!”

When Ming and Sean got off, Ward opened his hands and said loudly.

Neither of them responded to him. Only Ming asked him, “is the place ready?”

“Of course, of course.” Ward signed us in.

Ming came to me and wanted to hold my hand. But Sean came straight up and stopped him, “uncle, there’s not a result. Now she doesn’t belong to you.”

I was stunned and asked, “did you bet on me?”

“No.” Sean denied immediately.

I didn’t believe it. “No? Do you think I’m a fool? Why are you betting on me? Am I an item? I’m sorry. I’m a living person! I don’t want to follow anyone!” I went straight out.

But a couple of bodyguards came straight in and stopped me.

I turned and looked at ward. “Let them get out of the way.”

Ward smiled viciously. “Don’t get angry. I testify that they really didn’t bet on you today.”


“Yes, the two of them are betting on themselves today.”

Ward nodded and said.

I didn’t understand what he said. I looked suspiciously at Sean and then at Ming. Finally I looked at Ward. “What does it mean to bet on themselves?”

“Go in and you will know.”

Ward said and asked me in.

Usually he was domineering but now he was respectful to us. It showed that he wanted to see what will happen later.

I saw Ward hit Amanda with my own eyes.

He must not be a good man.

What would he be interested in?

But since they didn’t bet on me, I hesitated and went back.

Ming and Sean turned around when they saw me go.

They were walking in front of me.

They were about the same height. Ming was shorter but it was not obvious.

One was wearing a short gray coat and the other was wearing a long black coat.

They were in perfect shape.

Both men were good. If I met only one of them, I would be very happy, but it was not the case.

I met both of them.

And I met Sean first.

I followed them in and realized it was a casino.

There was a lot of noise in the casino.

As I was about to get in, I thought of the possibility, “will you fight until someone dies?”

The two men in front of me turned around.

“Of course not!” Ward said first, “how could these two President Jessop do such a stupid thing?”

“No?” I looked at Ming and then Sean.

I didn’t know why I was getting more and more anxious.

Ming, who had been serious, finally smiled and said, “no, don’t worry.”


I asked suspiciously.


This time Sean answered me.

Both of them answered, but I was still worried. “Will you bet on your own property and give it all to the other if you lose?”

“I think it’s a good offer.” Sean paused and continued, “it’s a pity that it’s not.”


“Let’s go. You’ll know after you go in.” Ward was in a hurry.

It seemed that he was looking forward to what would happen next.

I thought it was impossible to go back now that they had come here, and they didn’t plan to go back.

I continued to follow them in.

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