Chapter 323 Will you be happy if I die?


“Come out!”

I was about to talk when Michelle took me straight out.

Simon said, “Dad wants to talk to them. You are an outsider. How can you stay here?”

They wanted to pull me out directly.

But Ming’s hand held my arm tightly. He looked at his brother and sister and said, “sorry, I don’t want my fiancee to go out with you.”

“Ming, what are you talking about?” Simon was a little upset. “We won’t hurt her.”

“Yes, Dad wants to talk to you. It’s not convenient for her to stay here.”

Michelle said.

In order not to embarrass Ming and James, I put my other hand on Ming’s hand and said with a smile, “I will wait for you outside. Come out when you finish. It’s OK.”

As I spoke, I glanced at Sean.

He looked at me coldly and didn’t speak. But I seemed to see his feelings.

I looked away at once.

When I finished, Ming took back his hand and held my face in both hands. He leaned over and kissed me on the forehead and said in a soft voice, “I’ll be out in a minute. Wait for me.”


I nodded.

Then I went out with Simon and Michelle.

When the three of us got out of the box, Michelle raised her hand and slapped me in the face. “Bitch, you seduced Ming and Sean? You are too greedy!”

Michelle seemed to have endured for a long time!

My ears were buzzing.

I didn’t speak. Michelle wanted to hit me again. I felt it and raised my hand directly to block her movement.

Fortunately, Michelle was a woman and had little strength. I stopped her.

I looked up at Michelle and said calmly, “I’m sorry. I didn’t seduce anyone.”

“No? What’s going on in there now?” Michelle didn’t believe it.

Actually Michelle didn’t like me. She had never had a suitor. I was courted by several men so she was jealous.

She wanted to take the opportunity to teach me a lesson.

I stopped her hand and said, “I don’t know.”

Actually I knew, but I couldn’t say.

People wouldn’t believe such absurd things.

Although Simon was angry with me, he didn’t expect Michelle to hit me. We were in a confrontation, so he immediately said, “Becky, how much do you want? I’ll give it to you. Let go of Jessop Family.”

“OK.” I looked at Simon. “I’ll leave as long as you find a way to get me to a place where they can’t find me. I don’t want money.”

I was going to say Lester.

But if I mentioned Lester now, he would be hurt.

As soon as I said it, neither Simon nor Michelle spoke.

Was there anything in the world that Ming and Sean couldn’t find?

I was afraid it was difficult.

Simon was upset, “tell me what happened to you and my son. Why did my son divorce Cindy for you? Recently, the Giant group’s shares have appreciated. If it is spread, it will get worse!”

“Bitch!” Michelle put her hand down, too.

But she still stared at me.

I couldn’t say what happened to Sean and me.

I looked at Simon and said, “I don’t know. Ask your own son. I’m Ming’s fiancee. I have no contact with him.”

Now I wanted Sean to calm down.

For the staff of the Giant group, he couldn’t be impulsive.

“Really?” Michelle sneered. “I’ve heard a lot about this. That year I went to my ex husband’s company. They told me they were just colleagues! But they talked about work in bed!”

Michelle seemed to hate mistresses.

She now recognized me as a mistress. Her eyes and tone wanted to kill me.

“If you don’t believe it, you can ask him.” I replied calmly.

Simon looked at me and seemed to believe me. He sighed, “Miss Jones, they’ll come out later. Whatever the result, please advise my son not to be stupid and remarry Cindy as soon as possible.”

“I will.”

I nodded.

I would tell him I couldn’t be with him.

When I finished, the box door opened. Ming came out. He looked at me and smiled softly. “You’ve been waiting a long time.”

Then he took my hand and walked forward.

Then Sean came out.

He followed us.

“What happened? What did you talk about?” Simon caught up.

At this point, Ming stopped. He turned to Simon and said, “Sean and I are going to a place now. Just go home and wait for the news.”

“What do you mean?” I looked at them.

At this time, Ming and Sean’s faces were very serious.

It seemed that what would happen next was very important!

At this time, James came out of the box. He looked at them helplessly and did not speak.

Michelle asked James, “Dad, what did they say?”

James sighed, “they grow up. I can’t force them. Let them solve it by themselves.”

“What?” Simon got angry. “Are they going to fight for this woman?”

Michelle sneered. “I didn’t expect Becky to make you two fight!”

Simon came up and stopped Sean. “They’re getting engaged. It has nothing to do with you. Apologize to Cindy and remarry!”

“It’s impossible.” Sean looked at Simon coldly.

At this time, Ming pulled me away.

I heard Simon and Sean arguing behind me.

Because Ming walked so fast, I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I could only ask Ming, “what did you say? Where are we going now? Do you really want to fight? Are you primary school students?”

My mind was in a mess. Were they really going to fight?

Ming didn’t speak. I was anxious, “wait a minute! I’m not an object and I don’t belong to anyone! Whatever the result, you can’t make a decision for me!”

If I could, I would rather not choose them!

Ming still didn’t speak. He pulled me with great strength and walked to the elevator.

When we got on the elevator, Sean seemed to have convinced Simon in the distance and walked towards us.

But then the elevator closed.

Ming first took me to the garage at the door and asked me to take the passenger seat of his car. I was confused.

Ming turned the car key and faced me. He leaned over and kissed me on the forehead and asked, “will you be happy if I die?”

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