Chapter 322 Cindy and I are divorced

For a moment, I didn’t know how to answer.

It was strange that we didn’t have sex life at this age.

But if I said we had…

Facing Sean, I couldn’t say it.

I felt Ming’s hand on my shoulder exert a little force and pinch my shoulder.

I looked at him.

He suddenly leaned over and kissed me on the forehead. He smiled and said, “I’m sorry. I know you’re shy. I shouldn’t mention it in public.”

I nodded softly as a default.

I thought it was over, but Ming said, “but it’s about the dignity of men. If you don’t say it, people will really think I can’t.”

He looked at me tenderly and expectantly.

He seemed to be waiting for me to confirm him.

I hesitated. I thought I just need to say a few words. When I wanted to talk, I heard Michelle say, “do you have to talk about personal matters at dinner?”

As soon as she spoke, the subject stopped.

As everyone knew, Michelle had been divorced for many years and seemed to have no boyfriend. She certainly had no such life.

Her tone was so bad that no one spoke.

This topic stopped.

Soon the dishes were served.

At the dinner table, everyone talked about business, and they also cared about my marriage with Ming. James, in particular, had been stressing that Ming and I had to have a lot of children after we get married.

After a while.

The waiter poured James the wine. Ming and I toasted James.

James drank it and patted Ming on the arm and said, “Ming, I care about your marriage. Now that you’re engaged, I’m relieved. Let’s fix the date of marriage tomorrow. You’d better get married in half a year or have a baby earlier. You can have your wedding next year after having your baby.”

James just seemed to want us to increase the population for Jessop Family.

He said it many times tonight and I was used to it.

Ming held me in his arms and bowed his head and said softly, “did you hear Dad? Let’s go back to work hard tonight.”

I blushed a little and didn’t respond.

When we finished our toast to James, Sean, who barely spoke, suddenly said, “there’s something I want to tell Grandpa.”

“What?” James looked at him and asked with a smile, “is Cindy pregnant? Do I have a great grandson?”

“No.” Sean denied it directly. He looked at me and said, “Cindy and I divorced this afternoon.”

They were divorced!

These words were shocking!

I looked at Sean in shock and my brain was in a mess!

Why did he do it? What was he going to do?

Everyone here was as surprised as I was!

Simon, in particular, raised his hand and slapped Sean directly, “are you kidding! Can you make fun of it?”

James was surprised, too.

“I’m not kidding.”

Sean took a red document out of his pocket.

It was a divorce certificate!

Sean’s deep black eyes were staring at me as he said this.

Simon grabbed the divorce certificate and opened it. He looked at it roughly and stood up to tear it up. He threw it on the ground and scolded, “what do you want to do! Now the Giant group is going bankrupt, but you and Cindy are divorced! Don’t you want the company?”

Sean looked up at Simon and calmly said, “the Giant group is going bankrupt, so I want to divorce Cindy. I don’t have to rely on women, let alone let the Giant group drag her.”

“What are you talking about!” Simon was furious and shouted, “what do you want to do? Cindy is a good girl! You did a lot of wrong things! Cindy married you regardless of the past. You divorced her!”

Sean stood there and listened to Simon scold him but he didn’t speak.

He didn’t seem to want to contradict.

Simon was more angry but soon his attitude changed. He sneered and looked at him. “Are you going to let us help you? I won’t let anyone help you! If you want Jessop family to die, just do it!”

After Simon finished, he turned to Ming and Michelle and said, “you are not allowed to help him!” Then he said to James, “Dad, don’t help him. He’s been spoiled!”

I stood by and looked at Sean and was upset.

Sean didn’t divorce before.

But the day before Ming and I were engaged, he said he was divorced.

This purpose was obvious to me.

Sean looked around and said, “no one has to help me. As long as you don’t hurt me, I’m very grateful.”

“What?” Michelle looked at him. “Who’s going to hurt you?”

Sean turned and looked at Ming. Before he spoke, Ming said, “Sean, you’re too headstrong. How can you divorce at will?”

“Yes.” Sean walked around the table and up to Ming, “so I want to talk to you tonight. I don’t know if you will agree.”


Ming agreed without even thinking about it.

A man was expressionless and a man was smiling.

It seemed Ming was more leisurely.

“Stop!” James couldn’t stand it at last. He took a look at Simon and Michelle and said, “you two go out.”


Simon was a little surprised.

James nodded. “Yes, you two go out. I have something to say to the three of them!”

Michelle was a woman so she was more sensitive. When she heard James say that, she looked at me jokingly, “are you so charming?”

Simon understood, too.

He looked at me carefully as if to see through me.

After a while, Simon said, “you look a little like Sean’s ex-wife!”

“No wonder.” Michelle sneered, “men don’t treasure what they have, but they start looking for something to make up when they lose it. When I saw Becky for the first time, I thought she was coquettish. Now it seems to be true.”

Simon listened and said, “you can’t be engaged! How can such a woman stay in Jessop family! I don’t agree!”

Simon was most concerned about his son.

I could upset Sean so he hated me.

James listened to them and said, “get out!”

He said and looked at me. “You go out, too.”

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