Chapter 321 Our sex life is very harmonious

I shook my head.

I said nothing.

Ming had breakfast and drove me to a jewelry store to choose engagement rings.

When we entered the jewelry store, the manager and several salesmen were waiting at the door. When we entered, they shouted together, “President Jessop, Mrs. Jessop.”

Ming liked the term.

Because engagement rings were different from wedding rings. It had to be practical.

The clerk brought some rings. I chose one of them with Ming, and it was over.

After buying the rings, Ming took me to lunch and chose two sets of clothes for engagement.

Then we went home together.

It was four o’clock in the afternoon when we got home.

When we got home, I sat alone on the sofa and talked to Linda about tomorrow’s design. Suddenly Ming came and sat next to me. He put his hand on my shoulder and held me in his arms.

I couldn’t help getting nervous. I took my cell phone and edited half of the messages and didn’t move again.

He looked at me and leaned over and kissed me on the forehead. “We’re engaged in a week. You will be my wife.”

“Yes.” I held the cell phone and the knuckles of my hands were slightly white.

Although everything we did today was about it.

When Ming said it himself, I felt so sad.

Nothing could change in a week.

Ming looked at me and put his thumb gently on my eyebrows. “Don’t frown. Don’t worry. I won’t do what happened last time after we got married. Last time I was crazy and wrong. I will never do that again.”

“It doesn’t matter. I…”

“No, we are going to be a couple. If I do that, it’s my fault.” Ming hugged me and put his chin on my shoulder and muttered, “I won’t do that next time. I hope you care more about me. Don’t fail to respond to my feelings. I’m really in pain.”

Ming held me tight.

It seemed that he wanted to rub me into his body.

But I didn’t move my hands and couldn’t summon the courage to hold him.

Ming just held me and said over and over again, “Becky, I love you. I will love you for my whole life. You can not love me now, as long as you don’t love him more.”

Who was he?

I knew it clearly.

Finally, I hugged him and nodded softly, “OK, I promise you.”

I knew I couldn’t continue to love Sean.

Because I couldn’t be with him in this life.

Time flied. Linda and I finished the work Pass Through. Brady was very satisfied when he saw it.

And he immediately gave the two of us a bonus.

Linda wanted to invite me to dinner that night, but I refused.

Ming and I were engaged tomorrow. We were having dinner with Jessop Family tonight.

This time we were not in Jessop Family but in Eastwind.

I went home and took a bath and put on the right clothes. I put on light makeup and followed Ming to Eastwind.

When we entered the box, there were already many people sitting in it.

I saw almost everyone in Jessop Family here.

Simon, Michelle, Sean and James.

When we went in, Michelle said with an unhappy face, “you’re so arrogant. The four of us are waiting for the two of you.”

I took a look at my watch.

Ming told me that it would start at 7 o’clock. It was only 6:40 now. I thought we arrived early.

I took a look at Ming.

But he said nothing. He took me to the only two empty seats. He asked me to sit down before he sat down himself.

When we sat down, Ming said slowly, “there’s something wrong with the company, so I’m delayed.”

I knew it was not true.

Ming got home early. I wanted to go out early, but he said we were not in a hurry.

It seemed that he intended to intimidate Jessop Family after making his property public.

James was a peacemaker. “Forget it. It’s not a big deal.”

“Dad!” Michelle looked at James, unhappy.

She wanted to say something but James gave her a warning look and shut her up.

This subtle attitude made me feel that even if the dinner party was seemingly harmonious tonight, we would have conflicts secretly.

Before the meal, the waiter came in and poured drinks for everyone. Because of the last time, James would not let me drink.

He specially prepared juice for me.

Everyone drank but only I drank juice. Michelle snorted, “you’re so arrogant. Last time we advised you and you drank. This time you don’t even drink.”

Last time Michelle didn’t seem to be targeting me.

But this time she satirized me directly.

I would marry Ming later, so I didn’t want to have a conflict with Jessop Family. I wanted to explain, but Ming suddenly reached out.

He put his big hand on my little hand and looked at Michelle and said, “Becky and I have a plan. I’m not supposed to drink either. But engagement is a big deal. We can’t both stop drinking tonight.”

Having a plan was one of the latest buzzwords.

It meant that we wanted to have a child so we couldn’t smoke or drink in a short time.

When he finished, I felt a cold look.

It had a deep chill.

I knew who it was.

I looked down and didn’t talk. I heard James say, “it’s good. I have three children. My eldest grandson is in his thirties, but I don’t have a second grandson!”

James, as an elder, was very happy about the birth of children.

His health had become worse in recent years.

Simon also said, “OK, you don’t have to drink.”

Michelle couldn’t object.

The box quieted down.

I heard Sean’s cold, alienated voice when I thought he would not comment. “”You are old, uncle. The quality of your sperm should have declined. In case the baby is disabled, so…”


As soon as Simon heard his son say that, he slapped the table!

He got angry at once!

I looked up slightly, and there was no expression on Sean’s face and he turned a deaf ear to his father’s rebuke.

He looked at me coldly.

Then I felt Ming move his arm from my hand to my shoulder. He smiled and said, “Sean doesn’t have to worry about this. I’m older, but my sex life with Becky is harmonious.” He paused and asked me, “right?”

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