Chapter 140 There Were So Many Fans

“Why?” Ryan turned to look at him and frowned.

“Alex and Amy’s faithful fans are very emotional. I don’t know where they got the news that Miss Rosen is here, but now they are standing in front of the office, demanding justice for their idols.”

“There are also Chris’s fans, saying that Jessica should explain clearly, and don’t involve Chris in it.”

Idolaters were fanatical. When this happened to them, they all looked like crazy. The company’s security guards had all been sent out, but it was difficult to stop them.

There were so many fans that if Miss Rosen went out alone, maybe they dared to beat her up.

Hearing that, Ryan frowned more tightly. His handsome face clouded over with anger. He grimly grabbed Jessica by the forearm and walked out.

“Ry…Ryan?” Jessica struggled in a panic when she was suddenly caught.

Her brother could give up his beloved woman for the sake of family and himself. Naturally, he could also give up her, an annoying sister.

Wasn’t he going to leave her with those crazy fans?

Thinking of that, Jessica struggled harder. But instead of breaking away, she was held more tightly.

“The number of those mindless fans is growing. If you don’t want to be caught by them, just follow me and leave by the back door now!” Ryan warned her in a cold voice.

That explained it. She misunderstood her brother…

Jessica stopped struggling. She said guiltily and hesitantly, “But, but Clara and the driver are still waiting for me at the gate.”

“I’ll ask someone to deal with it. If you go over there, the situation will be out of control.” Even at this time, Ryan just looked a little pale, but he didn’t panic at all.


Jessica felt easy inexplicably as if there were nothing to worry about as long as he was around.

They took the elevator to the first floor and headed for the back door.

Jessica thought the staff would look at her with various eyes because of the breaking news. But she didn’t expect when they saw her and her brother, they just greeted them respectfully, and no one dared to look up at them.

She breathed a sigh of relief.

However, they had just gone to a place about ten meters away from the back door, when Jessica heard a loud and noisy scolding…

“Player and slut, what you did are so shameless. Why do you dare to see people now?”

“Bullying shit, you are a two-timer and you discarded Alex after having made use of him. And you beat him into the disabled. How can you be so cruel?”

“You bitches could just stay together. Why did you get others involved?”

In order to support Alex, Jessica had been in the circle of fans before, so she naturally knew how fightable these fans were.

Moreover, the people who could come here to ‘demand justice’ for Alex were all zealots and faithful fans who had already determined that she was the one at fault.

Even if she explained, they wouldn’t listen to her.

As soon as Ryan looked back, he saw the fear on her face. He felt a prick in his heart. A touch of tenderness flashed across his eyes. But when he spoke, his voice was still cold. “I am with you. What are you afraid of?”

“Ryan, that’s because you don’t know how fightable they are. The employees in the company won’t do or say anything because they are afraid of your identity, but these fans…”

Before she could finish, Ryan grabbed her roughly, put his arm around her shoulder and walked out together. The longer it went on, the more fans would gather outside, so they would have to leave quickly.

But even the back door was full of people, many with banners in their hands.

“Player, bitch, wish you a violent death!”, “Demanding justice for Alex!”, “Bitch Jessica, go to hell!”…

Jessica just glanced at the three banners and then withdrew her eyes palely. But even so, those malevolent, mocking, scornful and angry eyes still stabbed at her like knives, and she just couldn’t ignore them.

As they emerged, the voices of abuse raised several decibels. It was deafening, which hurt her eardrums, and it was so loud she couldn’t hear what they were saying.

Security guards tried their best to maintain order, but those rude and unreasonable fans still broke through the line of defense. Endless hands were pushing and shoving Jessica. They kept pinching and poking her. She could hardly stand.

“Don’t touch me, let go!”

She was squeezed in the middle of the crowd, which made Jessica feel like she returned to the cramped dressing room. Alex’s hand was touching her body. It made her feel sick, but she couldn’t get away.

As it was now, the feeling of countless hands touching her made her stomach churn, but the more she struggled, the more violent they became, and her struggle was of no use.

“Fucking bitch, whore! Since you like to be fucked by man so much, why don’t you be a prostitute?”

“Is illicit love affair more exciting than normal relationship, bitch?”

“Your life is a waste of food and air. Go to hell now!”

Everyone here was making the most vicious attack. But they didn’t dare to provoke Ryan because of his imposing manner. So they were all venting their anger on Jessica as if they would like to eat her alive.

Paparazzi also mingled with the crowd. All kinds of voice recording equipment and video equipment were pressed against Jessica’s face. Fiona was standing in the crowd. She was gloating about it, who looked more excited than she did about her promotion.

Embarrassment, fear and anger were twining around Jessica’s heart, tightening and choking her.

She looked at the huge crowd and cried out in despair, “That report is distorting the truth. It’s not the truth. Don’t be fooled!”

But her words did not calm the crowd at all. They responded with an explosion of abuse, and malicious attempts to pull her hair and scratch her face.

When Ryan looked at those hideous hands hovering around Jessica and her panic-stricken appearance, his eyes darkened. The air pressure around him was getting lower and lower.

“Shut up!” He said through gritted teeth, and there was a wild rush of anger between his eyes and brows.

That kind of look in the eyes was too horrible. He looked like a savage beast with a bloodthirsty and ferocious air hunting the prey in the dark, as if the next second it would come up and rip their bodies.

The people who were closest to Jessica and Ryan lost their voices, unable to utter a word as if something was squeezing their throat tightly. Almost instinctively, they took a step back all together.

The people at the back couldn’t hear what was said, and couldn’t see exactly what was happening. They just backed away and shut up together with the people in front.

The whole noisy field was suddenly so quiet you could have heard a pin drop.

Ryan’s icy eyes swept over the crowd, and wherever they fell on, the people there were chilled to the bone.

“Anyone who dares to touch a hair of Jessica’s head, I’ll send them to jail. If you don’t believe me, you can try!”

He spoke so loudly that even in front of a hundred people, and his face was still cold and showed no fear.

But just as he finished–

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