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Chapter 139 Shameless

“I just asked what happened. Who made you talk so much nonsense?” Ryan’s face looked as indifferent as usual, but if you looked carefully, you could see his ears were reddish.

The special assistant, “…”

He just helped Mr. Howard earn favor in front of Jessica. Why was he criticized?

But he didn’t dare to complain. Instead, he immediately put his laptop on the table and showed them a few pages. “You will understand at a glance.”

“The development of the rape of Jessica”, “Jessica and Alex”, “Jessica and the Howards”, “Amy and Ryan”. These four topics had occupied the top, third, eleventh and twenty-second positions in the list of popular searches respectively. And the first two topics were in heated discussion.

Jessica frowned when she just took a glance. Uneasiness was lingering in her mind. She clenched her fist to continue to read.

According to a person familiar with the matter, the man who was blurred in hospital was Ryan Howard, president of the Howard group. (The following was the raw video) Jessica who was a paparazzo turned actress was an adopted daughter of the Howards. They two are unrelated siblings.

Before entering the entertainment industry, Jessica was Alex’s girlfriend. When she was dating Alex, she was having an affair with Jeffrey, Chris and Mr. Johnson. (Five pictures are attached)

Alex was utterly infatuated with Jessica. Even so, he refused to break up. But Jessica looked down on him because he was just a C-list star from a humble home. Relying on the power and influence of the Howards, Jessica forced him to break up, and beat him into serious injury. (Three pictures are attached)

And Amy is Ryan’s girlfriend. After she found out that Jessica flirted with her boyfriend and behaved improperly, she asked the two people for an explanation, but she was warned by Ryan in return, not to hurt Jessica. Amy felt so humiliated that she requested to break up, but Ryan did not agree.

After Alex poured it out with Amy, they found they were in the same plight. That’s why they tried to rape Jessica on the spur of the moment. Alex wanted to take this opportunity to make up with Jessica, while Amy wanted to be with Mr. Howard heart and soul.

The netizens had already discussed it hotly. Some people were shocked that Jessica was actually the daughter of the Howards. Some people were surprised that Jessica had a relationship with Alex before, and felt that Alex was so infatuated.

But more people were scolding Jessica for being a wanton woman, scolding Ryan for his promiscuous behavior and scolding the Howards for throwing their weight around. The whole comment section was very unfriendly to the Howards.

Jessica’s breathing became fast when she looked at those disgusting comments and pictures. She wished she could kill the writer!

Distorting reality and slinging mud!

Shameless, just shameless!

The crux was that the video, pictures were real, and the whole article was logical, which was irrefutable.

And because of that, many netizens had joined in the condemnation of Jessica and Ryan.

If Jessica were not the party, she almost believed this article.

Next to her, Ryan stared at the laptop. The light of the screen hit on his face, making him look more and more impersonal.

After a while, he withdrew his eyes and looked coldly at the special assistant.

The special assistant said hurriedly without being questioned, “Immediately after these so-called revelations came out, the public relations department let someone to suppress them and removed them from the list of popular searches for several times.”

“But someone controlled the media, and even though we spent a lot of money this time, we can’t remove. It is…as if someone had an unshakable faith in slandering you and Jessica.”


He took a look at Jessica’s pale face and turned off the computer with a frown. “Let them break Amy and Alex’s scandals to the public.”

He was so protective of Amy at the beginning, but now in order to rid himself of it, why was he going to expose Amy’s scandal?

Jessica’s fingers trembled uncontrollably as she looked at his cold look. Her brother was far more ruthless than she had imagined.

The special assistant didn’t know her ideas. He reported to Ryan seriously, “The public relations department has tried what you said.”

“But the public generally have resentment against the rich. Compared with you, they are more willing to believe Amy and Alex who have relatively low social status. We tried to release some of their scandals, but the netizens said this is because the Howards wanted to help you and Miss Rosen get rid of the blame and slandered Amy and Alex deliberately.”

We also asked some well-known senior technicians to help identify those videos and pictures of Amy and Alex taking drugs, accompanying their sugar daddies, promiscuity and violence, but the netizens didn’t believe it, saying that these technicians and the witnesses we found were paid off.”

“In order to avoid the netizens’ reverse psychology became more serious, we did not dare to continue to expose Amy and Alex’s scandals. The public relations department said the best thing to do at this point is not to respond and let the heat run its course.”

They had never suffered such a loss before, but there was no better solution now!

He rested his hands on the desk. His eyes fixed on the closed laptop, which were full of fierce rage.

Amy and Alex were unable to cause such a big problem, someone wanted to harm the Howards by taking advantage of this!


With a wave of his hand, he swung his custom-made laptop to the ground, where it fell apart and crumbled immediately.

The special assistant swallowed hard. He felt pity for the expensive computer, but dared not say anything.

The president looked terrible the way he was!

“Have you found out who controlled it?” Ryan straightened up. His dark eyes fixed on the assistant with a black mass of cloud inside.

“The other side’s whereabouts are still unknown and we don’t have a clue at the moment.” The assistant blushed and his head dropped to the ground.

This thing was in the control of the other side from beginning to end but they did not even know the other side was.

Ryan pulled off his tie gracefully and slowly with a sneer. “Where’s the guy who took the video?”

Only they and the guy had the original video.

“We can’t…we can’t find him. His friends, colleagues and his family said that he had traveled abroad and didn’t know when he would return.”

Every time he said a word, Ryan’s face darkened a bit.

By the time he finished, the office returned to silence which was terribly quiet.

She had never heard of her brother suffering such a loss before. He must be angry now, wasn’t he?

Jessica’s palms were sweating. She was a little afraid, but she still bit the bullet and said guiltily, “So…sorry, Ryan. I’ve got you into trouble.”

“Why do you say sorry? Are you able to offend any big shot as a paparazzo, or are you able to offend any big shot as a third-rate actor? This man is aimed at me, so do I need you to take all the blame for it?”

He was very unpleasant and even kind of aggressive but Jessica felt less guilty. At least the burden of guilt didn’t weigh so heavily in her mind.

When Ryan saw that her sense of blame was relieved, his face softened. He said to Jessica in a cold voice, “You should go home now.”

He would have to go to the public relations department and find the way to handle it next.

But before Jessica answered, the special assistant stammered, “I’m afraid we can’t let Miss Rosen go home alone now.”

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