Chapter 138 Maybe She Has Offended A Lot of People

Ryan didn’t speak anything. He just raised the corner of his eye and looked at Jessica.

Jessica did a good job of ending arguments. “If you don’t fire them, are you waiting for them to cause havoc for the company?”

“I don’t know anything else. I came to see Mr. Howard, but I just didn’t have an appointment. The receptionist didn’t let me go to find him. It was reasonable.”

“But she deliberately said I am a cheap man behind me and said I have no self-knowledge at all. She said that loudly. Why did she do that? Besides, she looks like it’s not the first time she’s done it. Maybe she has offended a lot of people.”

Jessica’s words brought the personnel manager out in a cold sweat. The receptionist was the first impression of a company. If he didn’t fire such an impolite receptionist with low EQ, she might make a big trouble later!

“And those two security guards, when the receptionist asked them to kick me out, they just did it and didn’t even ask what happened. Luckily, it is me today. If it were a low-key big customer, he would put the Howard group on the blacklist!”

The personnel manager didn’t dare to say anything now. He apologized to her repeatedly, hoping that she wouldn’t take it to heart.

Ryan quietly looked at her who looked like a small rooster craning her neck to criticize those people. His lips curved in a smile, almost invisibly. But when she looked over him, the curve had disappeared, only coldness left.

When Jessica looked at his expressionless face, she suppressed her smile. Then she lowered her head, pressed her lips together, and dared not speak.

“Come with me.” Ryan cast a sidelong look at her, and strode toward the president’s dedicated elevator.

“Yes.” Jessica replied in a low voice, regardless of whether he heard her or not, and then followed behind him slowly.

The crowd was surprised to see this scene and followed behind them blankly. But they were stopped by Ryan with a frown when they came to the front of the elevator. “You should do what you have to do. Don’t follow us.”

“It’s time we had a meeting with you, Mr. Howard!!”

They shouted inwardly, but no one dared to utter a word of nonsense. They just said respectfully, “Yes, Mr. Howard.”

Jessica was thinking about how she could be alone with him. When she heard his request now, she was uneasy but relieved.

When the elevator door slowly closed, and the number jumped to 3, the embattled people just straightened and gossiped excitedly.

“He helped her in person firstly, and then sent us away with an excuse to be alone together with the beauty. Is she…Mr. Howard’s date?”

“For sure!”

“Who is this lady? Do you know? Assistant Roberts, you’ve been with the president the longest. You must know who she is, don’t you?”

The employees were watching at a short distance. “…”

These big shots were actually gossipers? These were all the executives of the Howard group!

Inside the elevator.

Silence made the atmosphere become depressed and cramped.

Jessica stood beside Ryan. Her hands wrung together uneasily. After hesitation, she said, “Ryan, thanks for helping me out just now.”

Inside the elevator, the mirror was so clear that they could see each other’s eyelashes.

Ryan coldly withdrew his eyes and said with a spurious smile, “How can a man like me help you? I fired them just for the sake of the company’s long-term development. Don’t get me wrong.”

The irony between his eyebrows made Jessica extremely embarrassed, and the tip of her tongue rough. “Whether you did it for the long-term development of the company, or else, you really helped me, and I should thank you.”


Ryan kept a straight face and remained speechless, but the sarcasm between his brows grew stronger. She paid no heed to the good things he said or did for her, but she took his insinuations seriously.


Jessica looked at him carefully in the mirror of the elevator and watched his face sink.

She just thanked him. Why was he angry again?

Or was he upset to see her?

Jessica pressed her lips together, and her heart ached. “Ry…”

The elevator arrived. Ryan did not listen to her, and got out of the elevator with a cold face. She bit her lip and followed close behind him.

They entered the office.

Jessica thought that what she was going to say was not a good thing and closed the office door behind her.

Ryan glanced at the closed door, sat down behind his desk, and looked at her coldly. “Why do you come and find me in the office? Apologize for not trusting me before?”

His face was the same as usual, but his fist clenched slowly.

Jessica stiffened, and then said in a low voice, “I really misunderstood you about that. I’m sorry.”

She had a humble attitude but it was not difficult to detect her reluctance.

Ryan half narrowed his eyes, got up, and walked over to her. His voice was extremely cold. “Do you feel wronged to apologize? Huh?”

“…No. I sincerely apologize to you.”

How could she be sincere? He wouldn’t have helped her if it hadn’t been for his family’s reputation.

Ryan knew her well. She just opened her mouth and he knew what she was going to say. He knew that she was lying when she was like that.

He sneered, his face sinking. “Sincerely? Well.”

His gaze made her feel a little nervous and frightened. She wanted to back off unconsciously, but when she thought of the accident at the explosion scene, she stood still there finally.

The nervousness and fright turned into anger.

“You don’t need to talk in a nasty tone because I misunderstood you. I happen to have a question for you, too. When we were filming the Spy…”

Knock knock! Knock!

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in.” Ryan looked deeply at Jessica, gave a sniff, and returned to his office chair.

Jessica clenched her fists, pressed her lips together, and looked toward the door. She saw the special assistant open the door and come in hurriedly.

This assistant Roberts had been with her brother for many years, and had seen many big scenes. He was usually very calm when things happened. She had seldom seen him in such a hurry.

Was it because the company ran into trouble?

It was not that the company ran into trouble, it was that she was in big trouble. He frowned at her, hesitating and debating whether to speak in her presence.

When Ryan saw that he was staring at Jessica with all his eyes, the temperature around him dropped. His eyes looked straight at him like a knife.

When he noticed that, he shuddered and withdrew his gaze.

He just looked at Miss Rosen a little longer. Mr. Howard’s jealousy was too strong!

“What happened?” Ryan asked in a cold voice.

Seeing that he was very unhappy, the special assistant had no time to think about it. He said quickly, “It’s about Miss Rosen. You said I must inform you of her matters at once, so I came instantly!”

He must inform her brother of her matters at once? Did he…care about her?

Jessica looked at Ryan in surprise, but if he cared about her, why did he say he hated her? Why did he arrange an accident in the explosion scene?

Her eyes sparkled, and she had mixed feelings.

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