Chapter 137 Why Haven’t You Started

Seeing this, Jessica clenched her fists and became angry.

The employees that the Howard group recruited were all from the prestigious universities. Was this the quality of graduates from prestigious university?

Seeing that she did not speak, the receptionist smiled even more brightly. Her chin lifted slightly, and she said proudly, “Are you going to be rude to me? Then why haven’t you started? Are you afraid?”

Jessica didn’t know who recruited the receptionist. She was not as good-looking as her, and didn’t have brains and personal qualities.

Jessica snorted, “Am I afraid? Are you kidding? Tell me what’s your name? People like you who tarnish the company’s image don’t need to stay.”

When she got home, she would ask her father to fire the receptionist.

The receptionist thought Jessica was putting on an act, so she was not afraid. And she became more disdainful of Jessica. “Tracy Brown. T-R-A-C-Y Tracy. Don’t be mistaken. I’m waiting for you.”

Those people who were on good terms with the receptionist hissed at Jessica and laughed at Jessica for being over-confident.

Except Amy, nobody had annoyed her like that. She glanced at them coldly. “Tell me what your names are.”

Just fired them all together.

Such snobs staying in the company would only cause trouble in the future.

Before those people could answer, the receptionist sneered, “Do you really take yourself seriously?”

Women who came to their office to chase Mr. Howard were not a few. She did not say less about them before. Why they were all fine but just this woman was picky?

She shouted to the guard at the door, “Brother Watson, please hasten to take this disorderly woman away, and don’t let this woman come in again, so that she won’t disturb the distinguished guests!”

The two security guards responded with a laugh, came over and said to Jessica impatiently, “Miss, if you’re sensible, you’ll go out yourself. Otherwise, don’t blame us for letting you lose face.”

Damn it. Why are they all not sensible? What was wrong with these people in the company?

Jessica took a deep breath, and was about to speak when a cold and piercing male voice was heard first. “How are you going to make her lose face?”

The smiles on the faces of the receptionist, the security guards and several others disappeared when they heard the voice. They all looked nervously and cautiously in the direction of the voice.

“Mr., Mr.Howard…”

“Mr. Howard.”

Didn’t Mr. Howard just go out with some distinguished guests? Why did he come back? And how could such a little thing disturb him?

They had different thoughts in mind.

Ryan came over with a crowd of people around him. His cold and fine face was emotionless, perfect and inhuman, like the ancient god who could let everyone look up to him without being angry.

Jessica felt reassured instinctively when she saw Ryan all of a sudden. But when she thought of the accident happened in the explosion scene, she could not help feeling sad. For a moment, she had mixed feelings.

Ryan didn’t stop until he stood in front of Jessica. He glanced at her briefly, and then looked coldly at the two security guards. “Didn’t you talk well just now? Why don’t you answer now, dumb?”

He stressed the last word suddenly so the two security guards were startled. Beads of sweat rolled down from their foreheads.

They were proud of working in the Howard group, but usually they could only look at Ryan from a distance through the crowd. How could they be so close to him?

They even stammered when they spoke under the pressure of Ryan.

“We…This lady…She…Well…”

They couldn’t even say the whole sentence, and couldn’t stop shivering.

With this scene in her eyes, the receptionist swallowed hard and suddenly had a bad feeling. She stepped back a little, trying to make herself unnoticeable.

But after two steps, a cold, piercing look fell upon her, as if it were tangible, oppressing her heart.

The receptionist looked up, and just met Ryan’s dark eyes, which made her blood run cold.

“Why do you move back? Do you want to run away?” He said coldly.

The crowd was so frightened by his aggressive manner that they all kept silent. You could imagine how stressful Tracy was under Ryan’s gaze.

“No, no…”

Before she finished speaking, she was interrupted by Ryan’s cold voice, “What’s your name?”

“Tra-Tracy Brown.”

Mr. Howard was young and handsome, promising and rich. It was natural that she had imagined Mr. Howard took a fancy to her. But she didn’t expect she was asked her name by him in this situation.

Tracy bit her lips and her eyes were already red.

She looked so pitiful now, which was very different from her previous arrogant and proud look.

It gave Jessica the satisfaction of seeing this. She nerved herself to add, “T-R-A-C-Y Tracy.”

Listening to this, her whole face was wet with cold sweat. She glared at Jessica secretly.

“Why do you glare at me? Didn’t Miss Brown remind me of this just now? If I don’t remind Mr. Howard, it will be a waste of your kindness.” Jessica put her arms around her chest and looked sidelong at Tracy.

At this point, she was still acting up to her. She wasn’t observant at all?

When Ryan looked at her lightly, her body stiffened. Then she put down her hands and stood still. After that, Ryan withdrew his eyes and said to the personnel manager who was called to come by the special assistant, “Tracy Brown. Remember?”

“Yes.” The personnel manager was a sophisticate. He knew what Ryan meant without his explanation. “I’m going to prepare the procedures for dismissal.”

The receptionist’s face turned pale immediately when she heard that.

The Howard group was one of the top 100 companies in the world. Even if she was just a receptionist, she entered this company because her family pulled a few strings.

If her family knew that she was fired, her parents would be mad at her!

“Mr. Howard!” She was so anxious that she wanted to grab Ryan, but before she could reach him, she was stopped by the special assistant. “Mr. Howard, I’m not to blame for this. It’s this woman…”

Ryan was not going to deign to deal with such things if Jessica were not here.

He frowned and said impatiently, “Noisy, throw her out.”

The special assistant immediately asked two security guards to come. They seized her by the arms separately and carried her towards the door forcibly.

Seeing this, the three or four colleagues had supported Tracy, including two security guards; they went limp and were dripping with cold sweat.

“Who else? Point them out.” Ryan’s dark eyes did not have any temperature. It was only when his eyes passed over Jessica that a touch of faint softness appeared.

Although they were mad at each other, it would not affect that Jessica revenged herself on them with the help of Ryan.

She stepped forward and pointed out the few employees who had helped Tracy, as well as the two security guards.

“Fire them.” Ryan gave the order indifferently.

After all, they were in the lobby of the Howard group, with a lot of staff watching. The personnel manager was worried that if he dealt with it too rashly, it would disappoint the staff and affect the reputation of the Howard group. So he ventured to persuade.

“Mr. Howard, I think it’s hasty to fire staffs without asking them the truth.”

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